7 Benefits of a Face Toner and Why You Should Use It

Benefits of a Face Toner
7 Benefits of a Face Toner and Why You Should Use It 4

A healthy skin care regime can be too ritual for some people. However, some products are considered a no-brainer even if you decide to adopt a bare bathroom shelf. One of these products is face toner. 

Toners are toning agents that are also referred to as beauty waters. Toners are liquids that penetrate very quickly into your skin. Previously known as Astringent or stringent, toners are water-based skincare product that unlike astringents are not alcohol-based or oil-striping but is now rebranded to be moisturizing, plumping, resurfacing or re-balancing toners.

Depending on the toner, it delivers instant hydration, removes dead skin cells, cleanses your skin of dirt that your cleanser may have missed, or cleanser that your water may have missed off the surface of your skin. It can also restore your pH balance and give you brighter and healthier-looking skin. Try to think of your toner as a prep for your skin pores. Your skin is likened to a dried unfertilized soil that needs moisture to enable all seeds planted in it to thrive. Through the use of face toners, your skin becomes a fertile ground for other products to work effectively.

Toners are of varied types – from those that help fight acne, to those that help dry skin retain more moisture, etc., but our favorite remains the Mayan magic Face toner that helps to balance pH, smoothens your skin, tightens your pores, and gives you an even-toned look. 

When Should I Use A Toner?

When Should I Use A Toner?
7 Benefits of a Face Toner and Why You Should Use It 5

So where does a toner come into your skincare routine? Usually, it is the second step after cleansing your face or a third step if you are exfoliating on that day. However, toning your skin with toner is more ideal immediately after using a cleanser. 

Several persons may beg to differ at the importance of a face toner as a part of one’s beauty regime. Well, not us here at Mayan Magic. Backed by the expertise we have garnered through the years, we fully recommend the infusion of face toners into your skincare routine. The reason is that face toners are amazing. They help the other products in your skincare routine penetrate properly into your skin. From your moisturizers to your serums, toners can enable them to give your skin the feel intended for them to give. Nonetheless, do well to speak to your skin aesthetician before you indulge in any product. 

Benefits Of Using A Face Toner

Benefits Of Using A Face Toner
7 Benefits of a Face Toner and Why You Should Use It 6

Here are reasons why you shouldn’t skip this part of your skincare routine:

1. No more oily skin: Face toners help to seep into your skin pores while eradicating dirt and oil in its wake. If you visit a licensed aesthetician, with concerns for oily skin, you will be recommended to use alcohol-free toners to aid the relief of that. So with face toners, say bye to oily skin. 

2. Yes to healthier skin: Thanks to face toners, you can now enjoy more supple skin. One that is even-toned, blemish-free, and a skin eroded of acne. Thanks to the active ingredients in face toners that help to permeate the skin pores, dirt, and other skin-clogging substance can be cleansed. Thereby allowing your skin to maintain a healthy glow. 

3. Refreshes your skin: The moment you use a face toner after cleansing your face, you certainly will experience the refreshing feel that accompanies its use. As a tip, it can serve as an inflammatory especially after you’ve been awake all night.

4. Cleanses: With toners, be sure to cleanse your skin amidst the work of your facial cleanser. Face toners protect your skin from environmental stressors apart from dirt, oils, and impurities around you. 

5. Minimizes the appearance of pores: Using face toners temporarily reduces the size of your skin pore while giving your face a smoother look, and making it look more radiant. In this state, you are more confident to wear your skin make-up-free.

6. Retains moisture: Routinely, face toners can help your skin retain the accompanying moisture from other products like your moisturizer. This ultimately aids that healthy-looking skin we all aim to have. 

7. Make-up removal: Trust that by using face toners you can be confident to have removed a generous percentage of the make-up on your face. 


In all, do not be phased by the numerous face toners that plague the market. Go for alcohol-free face toners, without substances like Salicylic acid, Phthalates, and parabens, fragrances, Benzoyl peroxide, etc. All known to cause adverse effects on your skin, instead, go for plant-based ingredients. 


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