When you hear the word serum, your first thought would be a cold-pressed oily substance for the skin, right? Well, you are not entirely wrong or correct. The serum is one of the most ignored skincare routines that do more magic than we know. It has active ingredients and goes as a perfect blend before the moisturiser and after the cleansing of the face. Everyone here adds a face serum to their morning and nighttime skincare routine. This article has been curated as a guide to why you need a face serum. 

What is a face serum

Unlike the toner, the face serum comes in a near oily form. It contains a concentrated amount of natural active ingredients that are healthy for the skin. A serum has a higher concentration, and this causes easier penetration into the skin. It is easier to see the results of the serum on the skin as it helps in the layering of other skincare products. The presence of the active ingredients helps treat a lot of skin problems like discolouration, fine lines and wrinkles. Serum hydrates and nourishes the skin while giving it a healthier glow. 

Benefits of face serum 

Benefits of face serum 
  1. It helps your skin tone balance due to Vitamin C and other skin rejuvenating collagen in it. When you add a face serum to your skincare routine, it improves the skin tone, and you begin to see results in weeks. It has a higher concentration than other products in your skincare routine, and this makes it work better. If you’re wondering the best face serum to use for better results, add our Mayan face serum to your cart today. 
  2. The presence of Vitamin C and E helps the skin fight against radicals and damages. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. The sun rays can cause illnesses like sunburn or even cancer of the skin. By using a serum, you reduce the impact chances of this while also protecting your skin from fine lines and wrinkles. Pollution and light can also damage the skin, and using a serum will help you with this. The serum adds to the active effect of sunscreen on the face. By using a serum in your morning routine, you reduce ageing and double the protection on your skin. 
  3. Did you know that serums help reduce the size of the pores on your skin, thereby reducing Whitehead and blackheads? It also helps to clear the cars caused by pimples and acne. The consistent use of the serum will naturally lighten your skin without peeling it or causing any harmful effects. When you use the face serum under your eyes, it clears the dark circles and helps to balance your skin tone. Dark circles cause dryness on the eye region; adding the face serum to your skincare routine will have your face hydrated, more nourished and looking smoother. 
  4. Our Mayan face serum is made of Vitamin E, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil and other natural ingredients perfect for people with sensitive skin. A natural serum is more effective than an over their counter skin toner. The grapeseed is high in linoleic acid and helps prevent flaking on the skin. The face serum gives effective results to all skin types as long as you are consistent and patient with the process. 
  5. The face serum is every skincare lover’s favourite because of how easily it absorbs on the skin. No one loves a product that leaves a white cast on the skin or feels too heavy. Serums are lighter than moisturisers. It is best to start the layering of your skincare products with a face serum. It has a thinner viscosity and soaks into the skin as soon as you work it in with your fingers. 
  6. Serums are hydrating. Most serums contain hyaluronic acid that binds water into the skin to make it softer and healthier. When you look at a baby’s skin, it looks healthy and glows; this is because they have a lot of hyaluronic acid in their skin. As adults, we begin to age and use products that make us lose collagen. The fun fact about the face serum is that it hydrates the skin and gives us that smooth effect while restoring your collagen. 
  7. Serums help boost your skin texture,  and while rubbing it into the skin, it promotes the circulation of blood which improves the skin complexion. 

It is best to note that a serum is different from a toner. They both serve other purposes to the skin. The serum comes directly before the moisturiser in the skin layering process. 

What do you use in your morning routine? Today is the best day to add a serum to it!

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