Beauty Tips for Itchy Skin in Winter

The winter comes with a lot of colds, and it causes harm to our skin sometimes. The temperature in the weather drops, and the same happens to the moisture in our bodies. The winter season plays a hard toll on people with dry skin. It is safe to remember that dry skin is different from dehydrated skin. Itchy skin during the winter is sometimes a result of winter rash. Winter rash can happen to anyone, and even if you have had healthy and glowing skin all year long, the winter can irritate your skin. The chances of the rash lasting all year are possible. Understanding the causes of itchy skin will help with its treatment.

Itchy Skin in Winter
Beauty Tips for Itchy Skin in Winter 2

Causes of itchy skin in winter

Weather: During the winter season, the air is dry, which happens to the skin. The dry air dries out the moisture in our skin, which is more evident in the upper layer of the skin. When the skin is too dry, it gets itchy, which hurts the body over time.

Water: The only other time water is good during the winter is for dehydration. Wearing wet clothes will have your body itchy. The itchiness comes from the dry and cracked skin coming in contact with water. It is best to wear dry clothes to avoid itchy skin during the winter.

Chemical-based products: Naturally, we all know how chemical-based products are harsh on the skin. We stay consistent with our skincare routine during the winter, but the question is, what products do we use for our skin? When the weather dries out our skin and we apply chemical-based skincare products, it will cause irritation and extra damage to the skin. Also, for athletes who come in contact with water that contains chemicals, the chances of having itchy skin during the winter are very high.

Age: For older people, their skin dries out with age, and the dryness of the skin is also sometimes associated with hormonal conditions. When women reach menopause, the chances of their skin being itchy during the winter are very high.

The leading cause of skin itchiness during the winter is dry skin.

Tips to Prevent and Stop Itchy Skin During the Winter

Protect Winter Skin: Opt for Lukewarm Showers, Avoid Dryness

During the winter, it is very tempting to take a hot shower to keep your body warm. Hot showers dry out the skin and lead to skin conditions like eczema. Avoid taking long showers, especially when the water is hot, because the high water temperature causes dryness of the skin. Hot showers will aid in cracking your skin and will have you itchy and uncomfortable all summer long. The best type of water to use is lukewarm or cold water during the winter.

Bath with moisturizing soap

The best type of soap to use during the winter to avoid itchy skin is the mild moisturizing soap. It is highly recommended and does not wash off the natural oils of the body. Using harsh detergent soaps will wash off the natural oil on your skin and leave it cracked and dry, which will cause itchiness. Our triple butter bar soap moisturizes the body and gets rid of impurities. It softens the skin, and the presence of the Kaolin clay removes grime and dirt while protecting your skin the rest of the winter season.

Double Defense: Moisturizer and Body Butter for Hydrated Winter Skin

Using a skin care moisturizing soap is not enough reason not to use a moisturizer. Moisturizers help your skin stay hydrated and also protect it from water loss. A moisturizer helps create a barrier between your skin and the environment, and it helps to retain the natural oil of the skin and reduces irritations caused by cracks on the skin. Body butter is perfect for the winter season. Also, use a moisturizer immediately after taking a shower as it makes the locking of moisture easier.

Winter Exfoliation: Embrace Oatmeal Powder for Healthy, Moisturized Skin

The best exfoliant to use during the winter is oatmeal powder. It is essential to exfoliate the face and body, and Moisturising on dead skill cells will reduce the impact of the moisturizer. When the skin is dry, it means it’s time to exfoliate and promote healthier skin.

Hydrate for Healthy Skin: Water Boosts Rejuvenation and Reduces Wrinkling

For our body to function correctly, we need water. When the inside of the body is hydrated, it is easier for the skin to be healthier on the outside. The skin cell of the body needs water to rejuvenate. Staying hydrated reduces wrinkling during the winter. You can add lemon or cucumber to give your water more flavor.

It is best to use a humidifier to balance the temperature in your house as it is prone to drop during winter nights. Also, take care of your lips and be gentle with your skin even as you notice these changes during the winter. Share this post with someone today.

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