Everything you need to know about the Skinimalism Beauty Trend

Skinimalism is a combination of the words “skin” and “minimalism”. It is a new beauty trend that has everyone excited. Skinimalism promotes less for more, which means using only products that your skin needs. The new beauty rave is simple, clean and pocket friendly. One thing to know before getting into the details of skinimalism is that you need only natural eco-friendly products to achieve it.

Skinimalism Beauty Trend
Everything you need to know about the Skinimalism Beauty Trend 2

When you overload your skin with a lot of products, it only damages the skin barrier. The result of overloading your skin can be dryness, tight skin, or even breakouts.

Skinimalism is the minimalism of skincare routines. It refers to using less products to achieve glowing skin. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank for products. With a few products, you can enjoy the benefits of skinimalism.

Benefits of Skinimalism

1. Skinimalism: Simplify Routine with Essential Products for Healthy Skin

Most times we focus on using products because of how much people talk about them. We forget to remember that our lifestyle and environment affect how our skincare routine works. When you practice skinimalism,  it is easier to know the products you need. Since we all know oat meal powder is perfect for easy exfoliation, this is a necessity in your skincare routine. For a minimalist skincare routine, ensure you have a cleanser, toner, serum, exfoliating or clay mask, moisturiser and sunscreen. Ensure you have one product for all of these in your skincare routine for healthy skin. Using a lot of products will only lead to breakout, irritation and less. Therefore it is best to use the right things and less products.

2. Skinimalism is pocket friendly and saves time

What is minimalism without saving a few extra dollars for your account? When you’re sure of the products you need, it is easier to cut costs. With a specific amount of products, it is easier for your skin to absorb products and you begin to see results in time. Not only does it also save time. Imagine having a meeting in the morning and you need to do your routine? When you practice skinimalism, you will have a quick procedure with the right products.

3. Skinimalism is sustainable

In Mayan Magic Soaps, our products are sustainable and our packing doesn’t cause waste. We are an eco-friendly brand which makes skinimalism easier with our products. When you buy a lot of products and don’t use them, you mostly create waste. But with skinimalism you know the right things to get and while at it you protect our ecosystem.

4. Skinimalism helps to correct a damaged skin barrier

One thing to know about the skin barrier is that it protects us from harmful environmental elements. If your skin barrier is damaged, then your skin will have an uneven tone, poor texture and you also will easily break out. Excessive use of harmful products is responsible for a damaged skin barrier. With minimal skincare routine, your skin begins to get back to normal and there will be a massive repair of the skin barrier.

5. Skinimalism makes your products work better

When you go minimal with the products you use, it increases your consistency and dedication to your selected products. Remember it takes about two to twelve weeks to start seeing results in a skincare product. However, it will be very difficult to spot results when you constantly change your skincare products. Did you know that your skin care needs about 28 days to start its wonder on your skin? If you practice skinimalism with a few products, in about 3 months you will have flawless and healthy skin.

It is safe to note that your minimalist skincare routine doesn’t have to look the same as the next person’s. As long as your products are natural and healthy for your skin then that’s perfect.

Also remember to determine your skin type before you pick any of our products.

If you want to be extra with your skinimalism, you can go for a cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen instead of the seven necessary products required for a good skincare product.

Remember consistency is key and what you eat determines how your skin looks outside. Always stay hydrated.

What products are in your skinimalism routine? Share with us.

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