Changes occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy, and the exact change is also significant in her lifestyle. Have you ever noticed how enthusiastic women about skincare pay little or no attention to it during pregnancy? It is mainly because these women are unsure if the skincare products will negatively affect them and their babies. Half the time, the new bump on your belly tires you out, and you end up struggling with your routine. If any of these have been your problem, it’s time to get your glow back and look even better as a new mom.

Effects of pregnancy on the skin

Pregnancy reacts differently to the body of individuals. Here are some of the changes almost every woman experiences.

1.   Pregnancy Skin Sensitivity: Navigating Hormonal Changes

As a pregnant woman, your hormones are heightened because your body adapts to its new form. When the hormone level of the body increases, it tilts the balance of the skin and makes it more sensitive.

2.   Pregnancy and Dehydration: Nourishing Your Skin From Within

Most pregnant women struggle with dehydration, and this affects the skin. Remember, what you take on the inside reflects outwardly on the body. If you are dehydrated, the skin will look dry and even become itchy.

3.     Pregnancy Itching Woes: Understanding the Causes and Solutions

3.     Pregnancy Itching Woes: Understanding the Causes and Solutions

Itching is common during pregnancy because the body stretches, especially the abdomen. The blood supply of your body increases and you feel even more uncomfortable; the only good feeling comes when you scratch your belly.

4. Stretch Marks in Pregnancy: Understanding Causes and Solutions

At least 70% of pregnant women get stretch marks. The appearance of stretch marks is visible mainly in the belly and breast region.  There are myths about what causes these stretch marks during pregnancy, but we sure know one thing to clear it, we will share as you keep reading.

5.  Pregnancy Complexion Changes: Safe Skincare Practices

If you notice changes in your complexion during pregnancy, have no fear, it is as normal as pregnancy changes come. Most women have pigmentation on their necks, forehead, and cheeks and sometimes on the armpit.

Have you noticed any of these changes recently in your body? These are the safest skincare practices to do while pregnant.

Pregnancy Moisturizing: Shea Butter for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Moisturize: The best skincare advice anyone can give you is to moisturize your skin. Pregnancy is another reason to moisturize. Remember that your body is stretching and expanding; when this happens, your skin becomes tight and sometimes itchy. You will need a moisturizer that contains SPF to protect your skin and also reduce pigmentation. Use Shea butter as a natural and safe moisturizer during pregnancy. It keeps your skin smooth, healthy and glowing while also protecting you from the sun.Shea butter is compatible with breastfeeding.

Hydration for Two: The Importance of Staying Hydrated During Pregnancy

Stay Hydrated: You must have heard this from your doctor too. By staying hydrated, you increase the water content of your skin and make your skin glow. During pregnancy, staying hydrated serves a dual purpose; it keeps you and your skin healthy.  Remember not to replace your water with juice. Think about your skin and take enough water.

Safe Exfoliation: Oat-Based Skincare for Pregnant Women

Exfoliate: As a pregnant woman, you should exfoliate at least twice a week using a gentle exfoliant (oat). By exfoliating, you remove dead cells and also unclog your pores. Remember, our hormonal levels are increased, and therefore your skin’s resistance to dirt is lower. When you exfoliate and eliminate these dead cells, you create a path for other skincare products to penetrate. Exfoliating your face with oat is safe for you and your baby as it is mild on the skin. You can mix the oat with honey or water to make a paste for exfoliation.

Chemical-Free Care: Protecting Your Skin Safely During Pregnancy

Avoid Chemicals: During pregnancy, it is best advised to use natural skin care products, this is because your body is more sensitive and will react efficiently to products. If you use harsh skin care products during pregnancy, it can cause breakouts, skin diseases and might even be harmful to you and your baby.

Sunscreen Essentials: Shea Butter for Natural Sun Protection

Use Sunscreen: Pregnancy should not be an excuse not to use your sunscreen. If you are unsure of the best sunscreen for you right now, use shea butter as it is 100% natural. When you use chemical sunscreen during pregnancy, it affects your mammary gland and causes changes to your lactation.

Chemical sunscreen causes fetal damage and causes neurological conditions for your child.

Antioxidant Focus: Nourishing Your Skin During Pregnancy

Focus on antioxidants: Pregnancy leads to anti-ageing and wrinkles on the skin. It is best to take fruits rich in antioxidants to help boost your immune system and get rid of free radicals. Your skin needs to maintain collagen even during pregnancy. Take more green tea and fruits rich in vitamin c, vitamin k and vitamin B3.

Your skincare game can still be in check during pregnancy. If you practice the right things (listed above) and remain consistent, you will notice positive results. Remember to be kind to your skin, and also, congratulations!


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