Facial Toners
Facial Toners

When people talk about toners as a skincare product, they always make it sound fancy and new. Toners have always been a necessary skincare product and the most omitted skincare product. We often use cleansers and convince them that it’s toner, and other times people misuse the product. Toners come after the cleanser when doing your morning and nighttime routine. Toners are essential in your skincare routine, and everyone needs them on the skincare shelf. Toners help to minimise pores, balance the pH level of your skin, and it does a lot more too. Before you start using a toner, you need to understand its benefits.


DETOXIFICATION: Shielding Your Skin from Everyday Pollutants

Most times, we wonder how our skin comes in contact with toxins. There are factories and industries around us that release industrial chemicals into the air. The air around us carries a lot of germs and pollutants. When we leave our house daily, we contact more germs than the eyes can see. By using a toner, you reduce the effect of these pollutants and toxins from the fact. A facial toner detoxifies the skin and clears the damage of smoke, and soothe the face. It leaves you with clearer and brighter skin.

Pore-Perfect: Tightening Pores with the Magic of Facial Toner

When our pores are not tightened, it is easier to get acne and, worse, skin infections. A clogged pore is one of the reasons why skincare products don’t penetrate the skin. It is best to use a toner after a cleanser because it tightens the pores and reduces the shrinkage after we wash with a cleanser. When the pore is tightened, there is less production of oil and little or no acne breakout. Large facial pores are a pathway for oil and dirt, so why not add our facial toner to your cart today?

Acne-Free Routine: The Power of Facial Toner in Clearing Skin

Using a toner is the same as saying “acne be gone.” The facial toner gets rid of excessive oil on the skin. We know that acne happens when the body produces a lot of oil, and when we pop these pimples, it can lead to skin infections. By using a facial toner, we remove the old buildup of oil on the skin. It also helps with clearing dead skin cells but not as effectively as exfoliation does. Facial toners prevent acne and also helps to fade the scars or dark spots you’ve gotten from popping a pimple.

Balanced Beauty: Optimal Skin pH with Natural Facial Toners

Some facial toners are made with chemicals that ruin the pH level of the skin. By using a natural toner, you keep the potential hydrogen level of your skin in check.  When the skin’s pH level is balanced, it means your skin will appear smoother, and there won’t be any acne breakout. The pH level of the skin is measured from 0 to 14. On the pH scale, 7 is a neutral level. The higher the pH level, the more acidity level on your skin, and this is why it’s best to use a natural facial toner.

Glowing Skin Secret: Elevate Your Routine with Facial Toner

If you need glowing skin, it’s time to add facial toner to your skincare routine. Facial toners make the skin glow because they provide hydration to your skin. Hydration is essential for the skin because it helps to maintain elasticity and give a more youthful look. The ingredients used in making a facial toner gives hydration and nourishment to the skin while keeping it healthy and balanced. Skin hydration reduces ageing. Also, it is safe to note that toners provide a solid base for your makeup.


Toners help to fix any damages on the skin cells, especially on the face. When this is done, it reduces impurities from the skin. It also protects the skin from the traces of oil, dirt, makeup and other build-ups. The skin is the largest organ of the body and a cover for other parts of the body. We need to make sure that it’s always in check at all times. Toners make the pores smaller and reduce the chances of dust and dirt getting into our skin.


When you use a toner to clear debris from your skin, you make a clear canvas for other products to penetrate the skin. By using a toner, you put your skin at the neutral pH level of 7 and increase the efficacy of other products.


Always remember that toners come after the cleanser and before you use the moisturiser or serum. Toners are perfect for your nighttime routine as it clears the dirt and debris on your skin preparing it for other products. Also remember to wait a few seconds after using the toner before the application of other products.

Now that you know the essence of toners, why not add our Mayan Facial Toner to your cart today! Share this post with a friend.

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