Why You Have Acne And What You Can Do About It

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Why You Have Acne And What You Can Do About It

Why You Have Acne And What You Can Do About It

Have you ever had the urge to run your hands over your face and then felt terrible because you kept encountering these tiny, sometimes painful obstacles? It does not feel good. These are acne, and they have to be the most annoying skin issue on the planet. They come in different sizes, big and small. They can cause scarring and sometimes pain. 

Acne happens when dirt or dead skin cells clog your pores. Other times, this blockage could be caused by bacteria. 

Sometimes, these small things can come after a person’s self-esteem; you find yourself unwilling to show off your face because of them. Other times, they can be plain discomforting, putting you in a position where you have to be careful about anything and everything. 

Acne can also attack your face and neck. While they are not contagious, they can pop up in any of these areas, including your upper arms. 

Why do you have acne?

Your body goes through a self-moisturizing process where oil is produced on the inside and transported to the skin through the pores, which house hair follicles. When the outside of these pores is blocked, the oil stays trapped inside, which is when acne happens. Sometimes, the body produces too much fat, which also causes acne. Other times, the pores are blocked by bacteria, dirt, or dead skin cells.

Here are some reasons why you may end up with acne 

You use harsh soaps: When you use harsh soaps and keep washing your face, you strip your body of its natural oil. Now, your skin has to work thrice as hard to get back that oil that is lost. In this process, your skin produces more oil than is needed, so you end up with acne. 

Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal imbalance caused by stress, menstruation, pregnancy, and birth control pills may cause the body to overproduce oils, ergo, triggering acne. 

Medications: Some medications you may be on can cause acne as its side effects. 

Diet: Some of the things you eat in excess can cause acne. Some of these things include sodas, chocolate, dairy, fast foods like burgers and fries, and other foods you may be sensitive to. This is not a prevalent cause of acne, but it happens anyway. 

A change in environment: For some people, when they change their environment, their skin reacts, and sometimes, it comes along with acne.

Your skincare product: Many of the chemical-based skincare products we use have adverse effects on the skin, from eczema to acne to other more severe skin reactions. So if you recently changed a skincare product and you see that you suddenly have acne, that might be the cause. 

Dirty pillowcase: This is weird, but the more your pillowcase accumulates sweat, skin cells, and dust, the more damage it is to your face. You are supposed to change your pillowcases at least twice a week and your sheets once a week. Your face comes in contact with these often; the least you can do is make sure they stay fresh. 

Hard Water: There is hard water and soft water. Hard water contains two minerals, magnesium, and calcium; neither of these minerals has any business on your skin. When you use hard water to do laundry, you notice that the soap does not create foams. Well, the same thing happens when you are washing your body. This leaves soap scums on your body. Hard water can also trigger eczema, as much as it can trigger acne. 

Soap residue: When you shower, you should make sure that all the soap on your body has completely gone off before you leave the shower. Soap residue when leftover time can affect your skin badly. This residue can cause your skin to break out, causing acne. 

Incessant face touching: Your hands are not clean; they should have no business on your skin. Some people cannot go minutes without touching their skins. The dirt on their hands, which has been built up overnight by touching places and things, is then transferred from the hands to the face. 

Looking at all these things listed above, it is not difficult to know the things to stop to reduce acne; however, let us run through them. 

  • Use milder soaps: Mayan magic lavender bar is a great soap that is mild and would not strip your body of its natural oils. It is soothing, healing, and moisturizing. 
  • You cannot do much about hormonal changes, but you can see a doctor to help with the effects. 
  • See your doctor if your medication is causing acne
  • Use a water softener if you are not sure if your water is hard or soft. To test for hard water, put the water in a clean, clear bottle, drop some soap in it, and shake vigorously. See how long it takes to foam. 
  • Use Mayan magic skincare products: There are so many harsh skincare products out there, but Mayan magic does not belong to that category. Our skincare products are sourced from nature and formulated to give your skin the best.
  • Use a toner: A toner will deep clean your pores and tighten them, keeping the dirt out of the pores, so they do not block them. 
  • Keep your hands away from your face. You do not have to touch your face at every turn. Try not to. 
  • Use Mayan magic mud mask: Mayan magic mud mask is infused with ingredients that will not only soothe your skin but relieve you of acne. The ingredients include kaolin clay, MHRB, grape seed, sunflower oil, and oat flour. Your skin will look better when you use a Mayan magic mud mask. 

You deserve to have skin that does not bother you. Your skin deserves to make heads turn, and not in concern. You deserve to walk the streets without someone offering unsolicited advice about your skin. Now you know what may be causing your acne and how to deal with it. 

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