Skincare Myths

15 Skincare Myths You Probably Believe

Skincare Myths
15 Skincare Myths You Probably Believe 6

Do you know why myths are very popular? Because people believe them, and then spread them. Before you know it, everyone believes a certain myth. Myths about skincare are a tad dangerous because they tend to force people into doing things they should not do. 

This is why we would be debunking skincare myths today. We care about your skin health, and we want you to do only things that are right for your skin. We may not be able to debunk all the myths that exist, but for a start, here are 15 skincare myths you probably believe.

Skin Care Myths Debunked: Unraveling Common Misconceptions

Skin Care Myths Debunked: Unraveling Common Misconceptions
15 Skincare Myths You Probably Believe 7
  1. You are wearing makeup with SPF? No need for sunscreen: We love that they are now making makeup with SPF, but that is for extra production. The UV rays from the sun are so harmful that you need an extra layer of protection. This is why makeup with SPF was made, to give you that extra layer. This does not however negate the importance of sunscreen, if anything it reminds you why you should use it. Please do not leave out your sunscreen from your routine because your makeup producer was kind enough to add SPF to their ingredients.
  2. Your body must be squeaky clean: No, ma’am, it must not feel squeaky clean. If your body feels that way, you are heading to acne-ville. It usually means that your body has been stripped of its natural oils, so it will go into the production of oils and it could be too much. Your skin should feel a little slide-ish when you are done. 
  3. There is a specific skincare routine: There are tons of youtube videos swearing that their way is the right way to do skin care. Do you know what that means? There is no one way to do it, there is always another way. The most important thing is that you are doing the basics. 
  4. Results come immediately: With skincare, the only thing that works is patience and consistency. Your skin takes a gradual healing and growth process that does not happen immediately. If someone promises you a fast action product, be wary of them, especially if this product is a skin-lightening product. 
  5. What you use outside is what matters: This is a lie. What you take in is just as important as what you pour out, that is why ‘drink water and mind your business for a glowing skin’ is an actual thing. Drink water, avoid sugary drinks and processed food and your skin will look great. If you do not watch what you take in, what you use outside would not do much to help. 
  6. People with oily skin age faster: Whoever came up with this did not do enough research. There are three types of skin; dry skin, oily skin, and normal skin. All of them will age fast if they are not well taken care of. The aging factor does not at all depend on the skin type, it depends on the skincare. 
  7. You should only bother about your face: While your face is the most sensitive, it does not mean your body does not deserve some loving. When you scrub your face, scrub your entire body too, especially back, chest, arms, and legs. Every part of your body deserves that glow. 
  8. You need to use a lot of the product for effectiveness: Just like toothpaste, you do not need to fill the whole brush for it to work fine. You need just as much as is enough for your skin for the product to work. You do not need to use way too much cream on your face for effectiveness, you just need little. It works. 
  9. You need to scrub every day for good skin: If you scrub every day, you will ruin your skin, and that is all there is to say about that. 
  10. Acne only happens to teenagers: Acne starts with the hormonal changes that hit teenagers as they reach the age of puberty, and it continues till you are old and grey unless something is done about it. 
  11. A sun-tan is healthy: When the sun hits the skin, and it burns it, it gets dark. So, that tan you are looking at is a huge scar from sun damage. So when you say ‘I am going to get a tan’, it is ‘I am going to damage my skin’. Continuous repetition of this habit will cause your skin more damage than you may be able to fix. Self-tanning is best if you want that dark shade. 
  12. You do not need to moisturize if your skin is oily: No matter what kind of skin you have, you need to moisturize. It is the only way your skin will stay healthy. What you could do is settle for water-based moisturizers. 


15 Skincare Myths You Probably Believe 8
  1. Lips do not get sunburned: Your lips will get sunburned because they are covered by the skin as well. Use lip balms that have SPF, and keep your lips protected. 
  2. Makeup will fasten aging: This myth was most likely created by judgmental anti-makeup people. Slap on that foundation, concealer, and long-winged eyeliner. Doll up, and look good. Do not even think for one second that you will age faster. Just remember to let your face breathe sometimes, and also never go to bed in makeup.
  3. Indoor tanning with UV rays is healthy: As long as your skin is exposed to UV rays, it is heading for destruction. The indoor UV tans are even worse because now, you are directly under the UV that is very far from you when you are under the sun.  

Do not let anyone tell you lies about your skin, never let that happen. Always research and ask a professional if they are saying the truth. 

Now that we have dealt with the lies, here is one truth. Mayan magic soaps are the best things that your skin could ever come in contact with, and this statement comes with a large period! Do not 

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