Skincare Tips for New Moms

Skincare Tips for New Moms
Skincare Tips for New Moms

Before we get into this article, we are as excited as you are for your baby! Bringing a new baby to the world is such a wonderful thing. It has an aftereffect on the skin of a woman. If you have been consistent with your skincare, becoming a new mum will have you letting go of some products. As a new mum, you will have to breastfeed your child, and some products can be harmful. While you focus on your baby, it is safe to remember that your postpartum body is a priority. No matter how you brought your baby into the world, these skin care tips will help you regain your healthy skin glow as a new mom.

5 Amazing Skincare Tips for New Moms

New Mom Skincare: Combat Chapped Heels with Nourishing Body Butter

1. As a new mom, you will notice how your heels become chapped. The hormonal changes you experience during pregnancy are responsible for the dry and cracked skin on your heels. It’s no reason to panic. The chapped sole on your feet is due to dehydration of the skin. Get a body butter of your choice and ensure to moisturize your skin after taking a shower. Also, eat a nutritious diet and allow yourself to rest. Get a nanny or someone to look after the baby while you get your beauty sleep. Once you start to moisturize again, your leg will regain its glow!

Stretch Mark Care for New Moms: Shea Butter and Essential Oil Mix

2. Another result of hormonal changes during pregnancy is stretch marks. While your little bundle of joy was in the stomach, your body had to stretch a little to make space for him. Stretch marks appear around the breast, arm, stomach, and thighs. As a new mom, you can apply the moisturizer to the areas with the stretch mark. Add a little drop of any essential oil of your choice. By mixing olive oil into your shea butter, it makes it easier to get rid of stretch marks. Apply twice a day and be patient with the results. It is best to avoid skincare products with harsh ingredients that claim to fade stretch marks in days. They can be harmful to you and your baby while you’re in the breastfeeding stage. Stick to the shea butter and essential oil mix for results.

Combat Dark Circles: New Mom Skincare Tips for Tired Eyes

3. As a new mom, you will notice how sleep becomes a treasure. The times you are ready to close your eyes might become when your baby is uneasy. The new pattern and routine will leave you with dark circles and tired eyes. There are other reasons responsible for the dark circles. New moms have nutritional deficiencies as pregnancy makes them picky eaters. Exhaustion and poor blood flow can lead to dark circles and tired eyes. While you can use an eye cream, it is best to massage your moisturizer around the eye region to boost blood circulation. Use sunscreen to avoid dark circles around your eyes. A slice of cucumber contains the right amount of water to keep the dark circles away. Put thick slices of refrigerated cucumbers around your eyes for 30 minutes, wash and moisturize. Repeat this procedure for two weeks and notice visible results.

New Mom Fitness: Exercise for Glowing and Healthy Skin

4. Exercise more as a new mom. To have your skin better, you will have to move your body more. Now not all mons have the chance to be at the gym to add home workouts to your daily routine. You can also go for a walk every day but remember to apply sunscreen. Exercising helps the blood circulation of your body do better. It gives you an even skin tone and balances your complexion. The best way to gain glowing and healthy skin as a new mom is by exercising. Get some fresh air today!

Safe Skincare for New Moms: Choose Natural and Organic Products

5. Use safe body products as a new mom. When you apply harsh products or products with the wrong ingredients, it will get into your baby’s mouth while breastfeeding them. Natural and organic products are the go-to healthy option for new moms. It is best to stay away from topical products with harsh ingredients. If you decide to switch products, always ask your dermatologist for advice.

As a new mom, you need to be patient with your postpartum body. Stay hydrated, and remember to be consistent with your routines,  as that is key.

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As a new mom, what skincare products are your best?

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