Life gets better at 30, and so should your skincare game. Being older is not enough reason to give up on your daily routine, and it’s also not too late to start a new habit. As you dive into a new phase of your life, with work, closing deals or maybe enjoying the joys of being a mother, you need all the skincare tips and tricks you can get, right? We have made this article to make your skincare game more exciting. Being 30 something comes with a lot, but skincare troubles should never be a part of it.

Skincare Tips and Tricks To Follow

1. Makeup Removal: A Crucial Step for Healthy Skin in Your 30s

Makeup Removal

If you’re a working mum or a woman in her 30’s, coming home late and tired is a bit normal for you, right? That should not be a reason not to clean your makeup. At 30, we start to use longer-lasting make-up and stubborn eyeliner or mascara. No one likes to wake up to make up residue in the morning. Apart from having us look a mess, makeup causes other damages on the skin if not cleaned properly. Makeup clogs the skin and leads to breakouts and acne.

Ensure to remove your makeup before bedtime with a gentle cleanser. Always remember to be gentle on your skin; use face wipes first before cleansing. Did you know that shea butter makes the perfect makeup cleanser? Due to the saturated fatty acids in it are soft on the skin and allow easy cleaning.

Dab a ball of cotton wool over your shea butter and slowly wipe the makeup off your face. Not only do you successfully take out the makeup, but you also moisturise your skin at the same time.

2. Effective Exfoliation: Key to Youthful Skin in Your 30s

The ’30s is when our metabolism starts to slow down. It is easier for the cells to turnover and rejuvenate in our 20’s than now. The older we get, the more time we spend outside. Our skin comes in contact with germs and pollutants, which clogs it. By exfoliating, you keep your skin young and help it maintain its shine. You need to exfoliate to get rid of dry and dead skin. Exfoliation helps other skincare products get into the body. Exfoliate twice a week using the oat and honey exfoliator.

Mix the oats with a tablespoon of honey, make a paste out of it. If your mixture is too thick, add water. Scrub gently and in a circular motion around the face. Exfoliation gets rid of dead cells and also helps in blood circulation on the face. If you have sensitive skin, be careful with the products you put on your face. Rinse off with warm water after exfoliating, and always remember to moisturise.

3. USE A SUNSCREEN : Protecting Your Youth with Sunscreen

At 30, sunscreen becomes your best friend at all times. Most sunscreens can cause breakouts no matter your age. Always check the ingredients and endure when you are using natural sunscreen. When we expose ourselves to the sun, it leads to premature ageing, wrinkles and The UV rays take the youthful look away from us. The body produces more oil as we get older, reach out for an oil-free SPF and apply two to three times a day. Remember to extend your sunscreen beyond your face. The sunscreen application should get to your neck, ears, midriff, back, hair and chest. Fine lines.

4. USE AN EYE CREAM : Combat Dark Circles

Stress and lack of good sleep are responsible for the dark circles under your eyes. The eye area is the easiest to spot ageing from. When you don’t take care of your skin, you start to have eye bags and dark circles. Your 30’s is the best time to avoid premature ageing around the eye region. Visit your dermatologist and invest in a good eye cream. The eye is very sensitive, and if we use the wrong products on it, damages might occur.

5. Nutrition Tips for Glowing Skin in Your 30s

Nutrition Tips for Glowing Skin

At 30, you will find yourself gulping down a glass of wine at the end of the day. It is also a time to hang out with friends at the bar; other times, we get so caught up with work or playing mum that it’s easy to forget the food. Make a meal plan and infuse more vegetables and fruits into it. The vegetables get rid of toxins in the body. When the body is toxin-free, it starts to look healthier and glows too. Always eat food rich in vitamin C as it helps your skin game inside and outside. Also, include healthy fat in your diet. Avocados and nuts will instantly replenish your skin and help in cell rejuvenation. Add more healthy fat like whole eggs, olive oil, chia seeds for glowing skin.

6. Stay Hydrated: The Key to Youthful and Glowing Skin

Drink more water every day to keep the skin hydrated. You will need about ten glasses of water in a day. Water is a great detoxifier. For a better effect, add lime or lemon to every glass you drink. Water keeps the skin moisturised, healthy and glowing.

Did you know that the water you use on your skin is responsible for a youthful look? When you take a hot bath or soak yourself in the hot tub for too long, it makes the skin shrink. Always take a shower with lukewarm water, and don’t forget to moisturise.

7. Exercise for Radiant Skin: Boost Your Glow Naturally

Exercise for Radiant Skin

Exercising nourishes the skin and also cleanses it while keeping you fit and healthy. It also increases blood flow providing the body with the essential nutrients it needs (oxygen and minerals). In our 30’s we do more sitting down than anything else. Exercising helps the skin get rid of waste products. It also helps to reduce stress, acne breakout and other skin conditions. Exercising does not mean you have to be at the gym at all times and every day of the weak. Take 2 or 3 days in a week and spend 30 minutes moving your body by walking, jogging or skipping. The most crucial part is that you get to sweat it out. Exercising gives you naturally glowing and healthy skin.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body. Take care of it with the right products while following our tips and tricks.

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