Here’s Why You Need a Charcoal Mask in Your Skincare Regimen

Skincare Regimen
Add Charcoal Mask to Your Skincare Regimen

Charcoal masks have recently become trendy in the beauty community but what exactly are its benefits?  Having a good skin care regimen is one of the most important ways to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and youthful. Every component you put on your face can either hurt or enhance your skin and so it’s important to be mindful of what you use. One of the ingredients included in soaps and masks that have become very popular is activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is included in both face and body washes as well as masks and has incredible benefits for the skin. In this article, we will be explaining the advantages of including charcoal masks in your skincare regimen. Before we delve into the amazing reasons why you should have a charcoal mask, it’s essential to understand exactly what it is.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Many people often confuse regular charcoal for the one included in different beauty products. However, there’s a huge distinction between both options. To produce activated charcoal, regular charcoal will be put through high heat which will then produce a fine black powder. Activated charcoal powder is fine, porous, and very absorbent, which is one of the attributes that makes it perfect for various skincare issues.

Activated charcoal is usually included in many beauty products such as soaps, cleansers, lotions, toothpaste, etc. However, it has become very popular in most face masks, and as such has many people wondering what they stand to gain from using charcoal face masks. If you fall within this category and would like to know what the benefits of charcoal face masks are, then keep reading.

Below are some of the major benefits of adding charcoal masks to your skincare regimen;

Benefits of Adding Charcoal Masks

Charcoal Mask Removes Toxins

One of the most popular benefits of activated charcoal is its ability to cleanse deeply. Every day you are exposed to different toxins such as dust, bacteria, and different particles. This can cause your skin to be dull, dark, and uneven, which will eventually lead your skin to be uneven and unattractive.

Activated charcoal masks act as a detox for your skin, as it helps remove contaminants from your face. The activated charcoal present in face masks acts as a magnet and absorbs all the toxins and bacteria present in your face. By removing the toxins and impurities from your face, you will have clearer skin and an even complexion.

Charcoal Mask Helps Acne

Acne is easily one of the major skin concerns for many teens and adults. This skin condition usually occurs as a result of clogged pores thanks to the mixture of dirt, oil, and bacteria. This leaves painful and red swelling that irritates the skin and leads to scarring.

Activated charcoal has amazing antibacterial properties that not only rid your face of bacteria but also prevent the spread of acne. By including an activated charcoal mask in your skincare regimen, you will have clearer and smoother skin.

Charcoal Mask Lightly Exfoliates The Skin

Charcoal Mask Lightly Exfoliates The Skin
Here's Why You Need a Charcoal Mask in Your Skincare Regimen 4

Exfoliating the skin is an important part of keeping your skin healthy. It’s great for improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, skin complexion, unclogs your pores and helps products penetrate deeper. Despite the amazing benefits of exfoliating, many people are skeptical about exfoliating their skin. This is usually a result of having sensitive skin and other skin issues.

Fortunately, using an activated charcoal mask makes it easy to exfoliate your skin without worrying about any physical damage. Activated charcoal has a gritty but soft texture which makes it a natural exfoliant. It gets rid of dead skin cells and helps maintain a healthy moisturized glow.

Charcoal Mask Helps with Minimizing Pores

The size of your pores can affect how healthy your skin is and how susceptible your skin is to toxins. Large pores can cause your pores to get clogged with different types of impurities, which can subsequently lead to blackheads or whiteheads. However, the opposite will have a better effect on your skin.

Activated charcoal masks can absorb oil and help in unclogging your pores. The cleaner your pores are, the more they naturally shrink and prevent more toxins from clogging them. Hence, giving you healthier skin void of any impurities and any skin issues.

Charcoal Mask Alleviates Different Skin Conditions

Your face is exposed to so many impurities, harmful sun rays, and so many other toxins that can cause multiple skin conditions. There are so many skin issues that you can be dealing with such as acne, eczema, irritation, etc. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory benefits of activated charcoal, you can get rid of different skin issues.

Activated charcoal is also great for soothing the skin and improving its texture. Hence, making it perfect for all types of skin, whether its oily, normal, or a mixture. Activated charcoal masks also help with insect bites by removing the toxins and soothing the infected area.

Charcoal Mask is Effective for Sensitive Skin

Charcoal Mask is Effective for Sensitive Skin
Here's Why You Need a Charcoal Mask in Your Skincare Regimen 5

Another interesting benefit of using activated charcoal masks is that it is great for all types of skin and complexion. If you deal with sensitive skin, then you can tell how difficult it is to stick to a product. It could be a result of fragrance, alcohol, or other different components.

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Activated charcoal masks are usually odorless and do not contain any components that can be potentially harmful to your skin. Beauty components like alcohol, fragrances, sulfates, and harsh exfoliants are all bad for sensitive skin. And fortunately, they are not present in most charcoal masks. However, it’s always important to pay attention to the components in every product you decide to purchase for your skincare regimen.

Activated charcoal masks are an important ingredient for every skincare regimen, regardless of age and the type of skin. With incredible benefits such as being a mild exfoliant, treating and preventing skin conditions, as well as, improving the overall appearance of your skin, you have so much to gain. It’s also important to use a good moisturizer after using activated charcoal masks or cleansers because it can strip the skin of moisture.


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