How To Retain Skin Moisture During Summer

How To Retain Skin Moisture During Summer
Skin Moisture During Summer

What better time to care for your skin than now? During the summer, the weather is hot primarily or humid—the change in weather affects our skin. While you are busy dipping yourself in the pool or making runs at the beach, your skin will experience changes. It’s either dehydration or an acne breakout. The hot weather makes our body lose water two times more than a regular day.

The change in weather can cause skin irritation. Due to the hot weather, we tend to sweat more. While all of this is happening, we will produce more oil, and the skin will experience speedier skin cell production.

Moisture is essential to the skin for various reasons. It prevents the skin from drying out. When our skin is stripped of its natural oil, it can have oily skin. When the skin is moisturised, it forms a protective layer. A moisturiser allows our skin to experience cell regeneration. It lets the skin know it’s time to build new cells. When the skin does not have enough moisture, we will experience a tear every time we move. Therefore to promote elasticity of the skin during the summer, you need to retain your skin moisture.

Here are ways to retain skin moisture during the summer.

Summer Moisture Must-Have: The Toning Power for Hydrated Skin

1. It would help if you had a toner to lock the moisture into the skin. A toner is essential in your skincare routine because it closes the pores and reduces impurities from penetrating the skin. When you soak yourself in the pool this summer, a toner protects your skin. The toner keeps away the effects of chlorine and minerals present in the water. A natural based toner is what you need this summer. It can also double up as a moisturiser and give your skin extra moisture retention.

Serum Magic: Lightweight Nourishment for Your Summer Skincare

2. A serum will not only pamper your skin but also retain moisture. It soothes the skin’s sensitivity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A serum is lightweight, and you will barely notice its presence on your skin. It is safe to say your serum is a lightweight moisturiser with a natural active concentration. Serums are nourishing and have antioxidants to protect your skin from damage. A serum will help retain your skin moisture this summer and provide natural nourishment. Add a serum to your cart today.

Sunscreen Secrets: Retaining Moisture While Shielding Your Skin

3. A sunscreen might leave a white cast, but it also will keep your skin moisture in check. Sunscreen serves as a protective layer between our skin and the sun. When our skin is constantly exposed to the sun, not only will we have sunburn but also become at risk for cancer. During the summer, it is best to use aloe vera-based sunscreen. It has health benefits and will also act as a blend for other natural products in your routine. For the summer, reach out for sunscreen with very high SPF. Make sure you reapply your sunscreen as it will help to retain moisture.

Let Your Skin Breathe: Makeup Tips for Retaining Summer Moisture

4. To retain moisture, it is advisable to let your skin breathe. Go easy on the make-up during this season. When you’re indoors, clean off your makeup with cotton wool and shea butter. Using a face wipe might damage your skin barrier. This is because of the friction between the skin and the wipes. Let your skin stay in its natural state, and it’s one of the easiest ways to let it breathe. Also, stay away from products with harsh chemicals. When you wear make-up for long hours, your skin will be forced to produce more oil. It is due to the presence of a foreign body for long hours.

Double Cleanse, Double Hydration: Keeping Your Skin Moisturized in Summer

5. Make sure you double cleanse. You can help your skin retain moisture by keeping it clean. When we are outside, our skin is exposed to pollutants. It causes impurities and can lead to an acne breakout. Make sure your hand isn’t on your face. Avoid popping pimples. When you’re sweating, try to take a shower and damp with a clean cotton towel.

Remember, the best way to retain moisture on the skin is by using a moisturizer. Always carry a tube of moisturiser and sunscreen with you this summer.

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