7 Amazing Skin Changes You Will Notice When You Go Natural

Skincare: 7 Amazing Skin Changes You Will Notice When You Go Natural
Amazing Skin Changes You Will Notice

Since the inception of cosmetics and beauty products to date, a lot of skin care products are manufactured with chemicals that studies have found to be harmful to human skin and human health in general. While it is unarguably true that these chemical-based skincare products can be effective and efficient in fulfilling the purposes they have been manufactured to achieve, most of these chemical-based skin care products actually do more harm than the supposed good that they are presumed to do.

For instance, there are so many so-called “brightening creams and soaps that a lot of women (and some men) apply on their skin, and while it looks like these skincare products are working, they are actually exposing the users to harmful diseases (such as skin cancer and chronic headachesand skin problems (such as breakouts, redness, acne, eczema, and skin irritation) that might not show up today, but rear their ugly faces in the nearest future!!!

And this brings the question of “What is now the point of investing so much in chemical-based skincare products when the side effects are much more than the benefits?”

There is actually no point!!!

And this is why you should boycott chemical-based skincare products, to save your skin and entire body from irreparable damage.

What is the Alternative to Chemical-based Skincare Products?

This question in the sub-heading above is probably the question a lot of you are asking yourselves right now.

And there might be some of you who are actually experiencing the negative effects of these chemical-based skin care products already, and you are wondering where to go from here!

The only way forward for you is to switch to skincare products that are manufactured with natural skincare ingredients only, the likes of Vitamin C, E, and A, Lactic acid, Collagen, and Retinol.

Why Should I Switch to Organic Skincare?

The number one reason you should conveniently make the switch from chemical-based skin care products to natural/organic skin care products is that the latter are made from natural and organic ingredients that are healthy for your skin and body!

Still not convinced? Take a seat, cross your feet, and enjoy reading the amazing changes that your skin would go through when you become “TeamNatural”.

Skin Changes That You Will Notice When You Go Natural.

Your skin will become supple and plump

One constant side effect of chemical-based products is that they make the skin experience dehydration, thereby making the skin look dry, wrinkled, and shriveled, which is something you will stop experiencing when you start using natural skincare products which contain antioxidants such as Retinol and Vitamin C which aids the skin to be hydrated, plump, and supple.

Your skin will repair itself

When you apply chemical-based skincare products on your skin for too long, your skin will become too frail and fragile to repair itself quickly whenever the needs arise.

And this is as a result of the toxic chemicals that have tampered with the skin’s immune system and made it unable to undergo the necessary repairs as at when due.

But this is not the case when you start applying natural skincare products, as these products contain ingredients that will help your skin undergo the needed repairs effortlessly without external interference.

Your skin will smell nice

One of the key pointers that show that the skin is in trouble for those who use chemical-based skincare products is that there will be a toxic smell oozing from them.

A lot of persons don’t know that the reason they smell horribly is as a result of the chemical-based products they apply on their skin!

And to make matters worse, you’d see them going to purchase chemical-based cologne and deodorants which is just going to make everything worse!

This is another reason why you need to switch to natural products so that your skin will start to smell nice!

Your skin will be irritation-free

Itchy, scaly, and reddish skin conditions are some of the side effects of chemical-based skincare products, and all these will become a thing of the past when you switch to natural skincare products, as your skin will stop experiencing these embarrassing skin irritations that come with toxic products.

Your skin will look younger and glowy

One other change you will notice on your skin is that your skin will begin to look younger, like a newborn’s skin, as against premature aging that is a characteristic of chemical-based skincare products.

When you start to apply natural skincare products, your skin begins to look younger than your age, and this is courtesy of some natural skincare ingredients such as coffee oil andhyaluronic acid which are responsible for making the skin look and feel younger than your age.

The inner part of your skin will be toxic-free

One truth that a lot of skincare product users don’t know is that some particles from whatever skincare product you apply on your skin actually seep into your skin, i.e. they enter into your body!

Hmm hmm, your eyes are wide opened and your jaws are dropped now, right?

But it is the truth!

Now imagine how many toxic particles have found their ways into your body from these chemical-based skincare products, and how much damage they have caused and are still causing in your body!

A lot of you don’t can’t even bear to think or imagine it.

But imagine if what you have been applying to your skin are natural skincare products, the particles that will seep into your body are natural and healthy particles that will not only benefit your skin but will be beneficial to your entire body!

Your skin will become a cynosure of all eyes

This might come out as being vain, but come on, you know it is the truth!!

When you start experiencing the benefits of natural skincare products on your skin, your skin will look so attractive that people will be tempted to ask you for your skin care regimen.

Not only that, you will find out that when you apply beauty products on your facial skin, the glow, freshness, and beauty will be obvious now that your skin has glammed up and experienced a makeover!!!

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Now that you are deciding to switch from chemical-based skincare products to natural products, you should be aware that there are so many products out there labelled “natural” or “organic”, but are actually made from chemicals.

So, to get the real natural skincare products, you need to consult a certified and professional dermatologist who will put you through on the types/brands of skincare products that are purely organic.

Or you can research certified brands that manufacture strictly natural skincare products.

Wishing you a wonderful switch from toxic skincare products to healthy and natural products.

Have fun exploring the TeamNatural world!!!

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