6 Fruits That Are Great For Your Skin

6 Fruits for a Healthy Skin
Best Fruits for a Healthy Skin

In the quest for flawless, glowing skin most people pay more attention to the creams they apply on their skin, the scrubs they exfoliate with, and the body washes they use. Little attention is given to food or the wonder a fruity diet can do for the skin. I am going to share 6 best Fruits for a healthy skin, let checkout below.

Fruits contain ample nutrients and anti-oxidants required by the body to reduce inflammation and prevent infections. The combination of the minerals and vitamins found in fruits also helps synthesize collagen while nourishing your skin. These qualities make fruits essential additions for that vibrant, healthy skin you crave. So what are the best fruits for a healthy skin? Check out this list below!

Eat These 6 Fruits for a Healthy Skin

1. Apples

There’s a popular saying that goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctors away’. In this case, however, it is ‘an apple a day keeps the dermatologists away.’ Apples are versatile fruits with a variety of nutrients. They contain dietary fibre that aids digestion and rids the body of toxins. They also contain calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A and C. Frequent consumption of apples helps remove oxygen radicals from your body and this results in a clear, glowing skin for cold months.

To enjoy the full benefits of an apple, consume it as frequently as possible. Eat an apple a day. Add it to your pasta, salads, oatmeal, cereals and whatever other food comes to mind. You can also grate apples and apply it to your skin to make it glow. For dry skin, mix grated apple with honey and apply it on your skin.

2. Mangoes

Mangoes aren’t just tasty fruits that make our toes curl. They are also very beneficial additions to skincare. A mango contains a variety of vitamins like vitamin A, E, and C. It also contains flavonoids, beta-carotene, xanthophyll, and polyphenols. With its dietary sugar and fibre, mangoes are great for digestion and flushing toxins out of the system. In addition to these great qualities, mangoes also contain anti-inflammatory properties that prevent acne, blackheads, rashes, and other skin irritations. The healing qualities of this fruit make it great for your skincare routine. 

Mango can be ingested or applied topically. For optimum results, take mango shakes every morning or eat it as a snack. You can also make it into a pulp and apply it on your skin. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and rinse off with warm water. To soften dry skin, mix mango pulp with honey and yogurt. Apply it on your skin and leave on for fifteen minutes. Lastly, for oily skin mix mango pulp with rose water and lemon juice and apply on your skin for ten minutes. 

3. Oranges

Oranges are without a doubt one of the healthiest fruits in the world. They’re also sweet and citrusy which makes them enjoyable additions to one’s skincare routines. Oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C which is also great for the skin. The vitamin C protects the skin from oxidative damage and photodamages. Oranges also contain antioxidants that prevent DNA damage and reduce inflammation.

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To use vitamin C effectively for your skin, eat an orange a day. If you prefer juices, you can extract the juice and drink it or apply it to your desserts. Oranges can also be applied on the skin to lighten your complexion and rid the skin of pigmentation. 

4. Watermelons

If you have sensitive skin, watermelon is one of the best fruits out there for you. The fruits contain over ninety percent of water which keeps your skin hydrated. The large percentage of water also helps flush out toxins from your skin while keeping your digestive system active.

Watermelons contain vitamins A, B, and C. They are also loaded with flavonoids, carotenoids, and lycopene. The lycopene helps remove free radicals from the body and in the process, prevents skin damage. To enjoy the skincare benefits of watermelon, drink watermelon juice as frequently as possible or eat watermelons as snacks. For topical application, you can blend watermelon into a pulp, apply it on your skin and leave it on for ten minutes.

5. Papaya

Papaya isn’t a favorite of some people but if you want to have a healthy skin, it is a compromise you must be ready to make –a delicious compromise! Papayas are rich in essential vitamins like vitamin A, B, and C. They also contain a high percentage of minerals like potassium, copper, and magnesium. And that’s not all. Papayas have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that work together to cure skin infections, eczemas, and warts.

There are so many ways to use papayas for your skin. You can blend and enjoy it as a morning snack or add it to your smoothies. For topical applications, cut a papaya into small chunks and blend them. Apply it on your skin, leave it on for ten minutes and rinse with warm water. To treat dry or flaky skin, mix papaya pulp with almond oil and apply the mixture on your skin.

6. Pomegranate

If your skin looks dull due to stress or illnesses, pomegranate is the fruit you need to brighten it up. The whole of a pomegranate, including the peel and white membrane, contains antioxidants required by your skin. The antioxidants help even out your skin tone and remove pigmentation. Pomegranates also protect the skin from UV damages. Other beneficial properties that can be found in the fruit are vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals.

To enjoy the full benefits of pomegranates for your skin, eat it as a snack or mix it with your meals e.g. porridge, salad, and pudding. You can also add it to your smoothies or drink fresh pomegranate juice. Pomegranate can also be applied topically to brighten up your skin. Simply apply the juice on your skin and leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. 

Bottom Line (Amazing Fruits For A Healthy Skin)

Other amazing fruits for a healthy skin include grapes, strawberries, blackberries, kiwi and avocado. Make a habit of eating these fruits as frequently as possible and apply them topically to achieve your skincare goals!

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