How To Figure Out The Natural Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type

How To Figure Out The Natural Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type
How To Figure Out The Natural Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type 7

Understanding Natural Skincare Routines: More Than Just Wash and Moisturize

Before now, the only natural skincare routine you probably had was the “wash and moisturize” routine until you realized everyone had a routine but who said what you do is not a natural skincare routine in itself?

Routines do not have to comprise of 10 different procedures or expensive products. The dictionary spells it out as “a sequence of actions regularly followed” so as long as you stick to a particular skin care regimen, then that is a routine.

You do not need any validations before you see it as one.

Transitioning to Natural Skincare: Your Guide to a Healthier Glow

Transitioning to Natural Skincare: Your Guide to a Healthier Glow
How To Figure Out The Natural Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type 8

Whether you are looking to tune up your natural skincare routine or move from an artificial composition to a natural one, you’ve come to the right place.

It would be convenient to just dish out different natural products and procedures with the hopes that they would suit you but finding the right skincare routine is not as easy as that. For you to find the required skincare routine for yourself, you would have to consider your skin type first and we would help you out with that.

How to Identify Your Skin Type. Understanding the Four Basics and Beyond

How to Identify Your Skin Type. Understanding the Four Basics and Beyond
How To Figure Out The Natural Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type 9

Everyone has a skin type but unlike our fingerprints, our skin types are not necessarily unique to us. All our skin types fall into four basic categories namely dry, oily, combination and normal.

When the atmosphere is really dry, it is not uncommon to see so many people with parched skin but that doesn’t mean that their skin type is dry. To verify your skin type, get into the bathroom and take a bath. If that would be too much for you to do at the moment, then simply wash your face. After all, our whole body is covered with skin so there’s a vast area of skin to explore.

Using a clean towel, dry up the water on your skin and do not apply any moisturizer or product for an hour. After thirty minutes, observe the texture and glow of your skin. If it feels dry and hard, then you already know that you have a dry skin type. If in contrast, your skin appears oily or looks like you have a moisturizer on, it means you have an oily skin type but if some parts are quite dry save for the areas around your forehead and nose, then your skin type may be a combination of both oily and dry skin types. If your skin still looks fresh and somewhere in the middle of the oily-dry scale, then it is apparent that you have a normal skin type.

Repeat the process after one hour just to be sure about the results you got from the first observation. A dry skin type may not be able to last that long without showing cracking and becoming stiff.

Sensitive Skin Care: Extra Caution for a Delicate Touch

There is yet another skin type but this did not make it to the basic list because although it is a skin type in itself, it could also fall into any of the other categories. What we’re referring to is the sensitive skin type. Those with sensitive skin may notice that their skin is oily or dry or normal but what distinguishes them is their reaction to certain weather conditions, products, and activities. A cleanser that can be used by almost anybody may cause problems for someone with sensitive skin and as such, people with that type of skin have to be extra careful with whatever touches their skin.

What Skin Care Routine Is Right For You?

What Skin Care Routine Is Right For You?
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Now that you know your skin type, the next thing to do is pick out the routine that suits your skin but regardless of your skin type, there is a general routine that everyone has to follow or already follows and it consists of two major steps:

Exfoliate/cleanse and;

Along with these steps, you could incorporate toning and other protective measures like using sunscreens but these can only come in after you’ve cleansed. At this point, we would slide into the recommendations for a proper routine based on the skin types mentioned earlier but we would be keeping all the recommendations as close to nature as possible.

Natural Skincare Routine for Dry Skin.

Those with dry skin may find regular products of no use to them because their skin would absorb it in minutes. However, having a dry skin type does not exempt you from cleansing. Rather, it is very important you cleanse to get rid of any dead skin residue at the end of the day but considering your skin type, it is also advisable that you chose a cleanser that does not sap your skin of the little moisture left.

Based on your skin requirements, we would recommend the homemade bar as they are made up of ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter which are good moisturizers. This means that as you wash your skin, you are also quickly replacing the lost moisture with some healthy ingredients so what excuse does your skin have to not glow?

As per moisturizers, anything with high oil content like the aforementioned ingredients or other essential oils would do. Knowing this, you could whip up your own recipe that would be well-suited to your skin type.

Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Skincare Routine for Oily Skin
How To Figure Out The Natural Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type 11

For people with a skin type that readily produces oil, anything with high oil content is a no-no as you do not want to look like someone who had a bath in a pan of oil.

When it comes to cleansing, you may have to take a little longer than others due to the need to unclog your pores and absorb the unnecessary oils dripping from your face (not literally). These cleansers could be water-based or contain some alcohol content but nothing too extreme.

Skincare experts recommend using a moisturizer that can easily be absorbed by your skin so, in other words, it has to be light. This, however, does not erase the need for essential vitamins and other nutrients for balanced and healthy skin.

Skin Care Routine for Normal and Combined Skin Types

Skin Care Routine for Normal and Combined Skin Types
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These skin types are not too distant from each other in terms of appearance so what works for one may work for the other as well.

For cleansing, you could make use of any regular cleansing agent with natural ingredients since your skin has no problem absorbing or retaining moisture. Any good soap, cleanser or wash liquid should do just fine but if you notice that it dries out your skin, then you may want to change it. If you don’t mind being a little extra, you could add other natural ingredients like aloe Vera or honey or even use them alone.

The same thing applies to moisturizers. You don’t have to do lengthy research to find what would suit your skin and if you do not have any issues with the moisturizer you use currently, you could as well continue with it.
Skin Care Routine for Sensitive Skin.

As we mentioned earlier, sensitive skin may be dry, oily or appear balanced so the first step is to identify which of these categories your sensitive skin conforms to. Afterward, make a list of what you think or know your skin reacts negatively to not leaving out any ingredient or product.

Once you have done these, you can proceed to look up balms ad lotions that do not contain any of the items on your list. On the other hand, you could prepare your own lotion bar and put in only what you know would be beneficial to your skin.

Exfoliation is also good but it should not be done every day especially if you have a dry skin type but if you must, then opt for mild exfoliators and scrubs. Additionally, toners are good but not mandatory so you are under no obligation to get one unless you want to.

In the absence of any of the products or ingredients mentioned in this article, you could check out your local store for alternatives that fall within your skin requirements and as a bonus tip, be sure to stick to your Natural Skincare routine. That’s what makes it a routine.

Thank you for reading! If you’d like 7 more amazing ways having great skin can make you feel, then follow that link. Also check out this article on Skin care tips for the new year. Feeling the winter chill? Check out these tips to keep your skin glowing this winter. Be sure to check out the rest of Mayan Magic Soaps, we have a ton of resources for you.

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