Eight Secrets On Moisturizing The Oily Skin

One of the biggest struggles for people with oily skin is maintaining moisture balance. Oily skin has larger pores than other skin types. If you have oily skin, you are more prone to blackheads and blemishes than people with other skin types. It is easy to avoid moisturizers due to fear. People with oily skin believe that moisturizing will only increase the oiliness of their skin. Guess what? It is one of the biggest skincare myths that need to be debunked. Moisturizing the oily skin will not increase its shine; instead, it will help your skin produce less natural oil. When you stay away from moisturizing, it reduces hydration on your skin, and you start to age faster. If you have heard recently that people with oily skin age backward, it is only because they moisturize their skin.

moisturizing the oily skin
Eight Secrets On Moisturizing The Oily Skin 2

Benefits of moisturizing the oily skin

Before we get into the secrets to moisturizing the skin correctly, here are some of the benefits of oily skin. Moisturizing the skin helps to remove excess oil. It hydrates the skin and gives it a healthy and natural glow. A moisturizer will help reduce the chances of acne breakout on your skin.

Here are secrets to moisturizing your oily skin to give a healthy and glowing result.

Less is More: Simplifying Oily Skin Care

1. Less is more: With oily skin, it is best to use less skin care products. Most people are guilty of piling skincare products on their skin and it leaves the skin greasy. It is best to use less products on your skin and also avoid products with chemicals as they are striping. When the skin gets stripped of its natural oil, it becomes more oily. Pick one non comedogenic moisturiser that works for your skin and stick to it.

Lightweight Moisturizers: Shea Butter’s Magic

2. Light weight is the key: The best advice you can give anyone with oily skin is to use a lightweight moisturiser. Shea butter, amongst other body butter is the right moisturizer for people with oily skin. Not only is it light weight, it has no comedogenic ratio and does not clog the skin. Since people with oily skin are prone to acne, shea butter helps to reduce breakouts and tackle other skin care issues. Generally, body butter is emollient and light in texture which makes it perfect for moisturizing the skin. One of the key lightweight moisturizers for people with oily skin is shea butter. Add one to your cart today.

Hydration Hacks: Water for Glowing Skin

3. Drink lots of water: It is best to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized from the inside out. By drinking water, you moisten your skin. Have you noticed that people with glowing skin are always hydrated? It is because when they drink lots of water, the brain lets the sebaceous gland know that it doesn’t have to produce lots of oil. When the skin is dehydrated, it has to produce more oil and this is worse for people with oily skin. It is best to drink lots of water to moisten your skin. Water also flushes out toxins and prevents acne breakout. Get a water bottle and keep yourself hydrated at all times. An average woman needs about 3 liters of water for a healthier and glowing skin.

Gentle Exfoliation: Oat Powder and Charcoal Cleansers

4. Exfoliate: It is one of the oldest tricks in the book. When you exfoliate your skin, you get rid of dirt build up in the skin surface. By gently exfoliating your skin with oat powder or an exfoliating cleanser that has charcoal as an ingredient, you help your skin to get rid of excess oil. Exfoliation also breaks impurities out of the skin and leaves you with a healthier skin. It is safe to know that when you scrub hard on your skin during exfoliation, it dries out natural oil.

Toner Tales: Moisturizing with Pore Care

5. Add a toner to your stash: Did you know that a toner can play the role of a moisturiser most of the time? Toners help to shrink or close the pores on the skin. When the skin has less pores, it produces less oil and retains moisture from products. It also prevents the skin from getting disturbed by environmental hazards that are harsh on the skin. A toner refreshes the skin and aids in moistening. Toner helps your skin to retain moisture and this is perfect for people with oily skin. If you have extremely oily skin, it’s okay to replace your moisturiser with a toner sometimes. Use a toner in your morning and nighttime routine for better moisture retention.

Avoiding Oily Skin Products: A Balanced Approach

6. Avoid products for oily skin: You read it right! Most skin care brands lie to their users and claim their products will get rid of your oily skin. The truth is that most of these products will only dry the skin of it’s natural oil and moisture. Stripping skin of it’s natural oil is a wrong way to get rid of oily skin. When you use some products for oily skin it puts the sebaceous gland in an overdrive. These products mostly contain alcohol and other ingredients that serve only a short term goal for the skin. Go through our products for what works best with your oily skin. Our products are natural and contain no alcohol or harsh chemicals.

Diet Matters: Tips for Oily Skin Nutrition

7. You may need a diet switch up: It is advisable for people with oily skin to avoid refined carbs and dairy. Your skin needs the right diet to stay moist and allow your products to work. Ensure your food has the right balance of meals. When your food contains a lot of sugar, oil production becomes higher and this can lead to acne breakout.

Clay Mask Delight: Balancing Oily Skin Moisture

8. Clay mask is your best friend: Another easy way to help your oily skin retain its moisture is by using a clay mask. It contains natural ingredients to reduce excessive oil production. Use the clay mask once a week to retain moisture on your skin.

What skincare hacks work for your oily skin? Could you share some of them with us? Also, remember to share this article with someone today!

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