Does Drinking Water Hydrate The Skin?

skin hydration
skin hydration

Water is essential to humans. It serves several benefits to our health. Hydration is one word associated with water, especially during skin care. Most people believe drinking water can give you glowing and youthful skin. Others believe water-based skin care products are enough to keep your skin hydrated. The main question is, does drinking water hydrate the skin enough? How many cups of water does the average human need for hydrated skin? What exactly is skin hydration? We will answer these questions in this article while also sharing the benefits of water to the skin.

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What is skin hydration?

Hydration is the ability of our skin to absorb moisture from the air. The skin needs the presence of water to make it possible to absorb moisture and other nutrients. There are several ways to hydrate the skin besides drinking water. Some of them include

Sleeping for about 9 hours
Eating a healthy and balanced diet
Using gentle skincare products, especially a mild cleanser
Limiting your intake of coffee and alcohol
Avoiding smoking

These tips help to improve the skin’s hydration. The hydration level of the skin takes about 24 hours to increase. The easiest ways to improve the skin’s hydration are by drinking water, applying a moisturiser and avoiding products that break the skin barrier.

How much water do I need to drink for skin hydration?

Water is essential for skin rehydration. Skincare experts say it takes about 16 glasses of water to aid skin hydration. One thing to note is that drinking lots of water does not mean you will have a youthful glow. Drinking water is good for overall human health, and the skin is not left out. It helps the body to function correctly.

Debunking some myths about drinking water and skin hydration

Drinking water alone will not give you dewy or glass skin. However, it is excellent for flushing toxins and helps the skin stay hydrated. Drinking water does not have anti-ageing benefits for the skin. It is usual for our skin to lose collagen and elasticity as we get older. The breakdown of elastin in the body is responsible for fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin. You will need a collagen supplement or a water-based moisturiser to help with anti-ageing. Drinking water does not make you look younger as you age. Using natural skin care products is best to reduce the skin’s thinning ability.

No scientific research or evidence fully states drinking water alone is good for skin hydration. Drinking water helps to increase the thickness of the skin. Drinking glasses of water, as earlier said, aids skin hydration. When you drink less water, there are higher chances of the skin becoming dehydrated. It is also best to know that dry and dehydrated skin are different. Using the right skin care products and moisturisers is what improves skin hydration.

Our skin can quickly become dehydrated when the weather is hot. It is one of the times water aids in skin health. Drinking water during periods of high temperature is beneficial to the skin.

Benefits of drinking water for the skin

1. It boosts skin glow. Drinking water helps with blood circulation in the body. When the blood circulates properly, the skin glows and has an even tone. An increased blood flow also gives a lighter tone to the body. So, while using the right products for your skin, remember to drink lots of water to boost skin glow.
2. Drinking water helps to flush toxins and impurities from the skin. It also reduces the appearance of acne and pimples. Our skin secretes a lot of oil, irrespective of our skin type. By drinking water, you shrink and unclog the skin pores.
3. Drinking water soothes skin conditions. A skin condition like eczema leaves the skin flaky. Though drinking water does not cure eczema, it helps to strengthen the skin barrier. It helps to reduce the discomfort of skin conditions.
4. Water helps to reduce the annoying sting of sunburn. Water helps to speed up the healing process of sunburn. It is advisable always to use sunscreen and stay hydrated while outside.

Always ensure you drink the right amount of water while using natural skin care products to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

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