Let’s Talk About Moonbow : Gentle Skincare for Every Type, Pure Results

Let’s Talk About Moonbow
Let’s Talk About Moonbow : Gentle Skincare for Every Type, Pure Results 3

Good skin is possible without breaking the bank, and we are here to prove that to you. Your search for a soapless cleanser that works effectively in curbing skin irritations while leaving your skin looking its best ends here. Moonbow is a product dedicated to giving you that amazing skin that you deserve without stress. We are a brand whose story started in the quest for a skincare product that actually works. Our skin is a very sensitive part of the body and deserves all the care it can get. This is why we have created Moonbow that focuses on achieving this without any chemicals.

A lot of our products are made with ultra-fine colloidal oatmealwhich is super gentle on the face. The ingredients are combined uniquely with cleansing properties. It is no wonder that this quick scrub has become one of our favorites. After each use, it leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. We are aware of the variety of skin types available around the world.

From dry skin to sensitive skin, Moonbow is an all-round skincare product. You can get rid of unnecessary irritations on your skin with Moonbow in just a few uses. This product is so gentle on the skin that it is not exclusive to any gender or age group. Anyone can use it and it will leave amazing results. There is no doubt that you would love how Moonbow makes your skin feel.

Why is Moonbow different?

  • Moonbow has the lavenderscented and unscented option, which is unique to this product. Its soothing quality means that you are at liberty to pick any of the options and it will still work great
  • Would you like Moonbow in a jar or package? The package option is for those who would rather not spend extra on getting a jar as they already have one. Well, whichever your choice, this is available for all our esteemed customers.
  • We understand the importance of using only natural ingredients in our products. While a lot of skincare companies mix in some chemicals that could cause permanent long-term damage to your tender skin, we only make use of ingredients gifted to us by nature. These offer a unique soothing blend that you can’t find in any product that is not Moonbow.

How to Use Moonbow?

Using Moonbow is as easy as ABC. Simply place a little amount of Moonbow on your hand and mix in a bit of water to turn it into a paste. When it is thick to your taste, massage it gently into your skin to cleanse it thoroughly. When you are done, rinse it off properly with water. You can use Moonbow on any part of your body to have soft skin everywhere.

Cruelty-Free Commitment: Quality Without Compromise

Cruelty-Free Commitment: Quality Without Compromise
Let’s Talk About Moonbow : Gentle Skincare for Every Type, Pure Results 4

 We are firmly against testing our finished products on animals and do not purchase our ingredients from suppliers who do. Our values are set in such a way that we show respect for all creatures, big and small. Because we understand that we can’t put a price on quality, we have made sure that Moonbow is as affordable as possible without compromising quality in any way.

Moonbow’s Skin Magic: Natural Ingredients, Radiant Results

The glycerin in Moonbow works effectively in absorbing water from the air in an effort to moisturize the skin. The active ingredient in glycerin gets rid of dry and dull patches on your skin, turning it into soft, hydrated, and supple skin that you love. All of our glycerin is vegetable based.

Kaolin clay, on the other hand, has been around for a very long time. It works by absorbing excess oil from the skin. This means that you can get rid of breakouts before they even begin. Colloidal oatmeal is fortified to get rid of skin irritations, scaly skin and also skin burns. Its use cuts across a wide range of skin solutions.

Mimosa hostilis is in here doing its work as with all of our products. The MHRB is known to boost the production of collagen – the protein that gives out skin that elastic feel. So, an increase in collagen production means an increase in skin elasticity and glow plus your skin would not only look good, but feel good too. With the power of their individual properties, a combination of these ingredients provides the masterclass effects in Moonbow that we know and love. Pamper your skin with Moonbow and glow all day, every day. You deserve to shine.

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Ingredients: Kaolin clay, MHRB, colloidal oatmeal, and glycerin.

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