Every drop of water we take goes into the skin. Hydration happens both ways in the skin; most times, it occurs directly on the surface, and other times, it comes from what we eat or drink. The same can be said about skin dehydration. The skin can lose its moisture when we take overly hot showers or eat salty food. Our lifestyle is one of the factors that affect the skin the most. Healthy habits play a massive number in how dehydrated or hydrated the skin is. Drinking a few litres of water a day can keep the skin hydrated, but there’s a lot more you can do to make sure your skin has enough moisture and doesn’t dry up. Here are ways to hydrate your skin naturally:

8 Ways To Keep The Skin Hydrated

1. AVOID HOT SHOWERS : Benefits of Lukewarm Water for Skin

The pores in the body react to the kind of water we use on it. Hot showers dry the skin. It damages the skin layer, which helps to keep moisture locked in. Excessive use of hot water affects the keratinocytes in the body located on the outer part of the skin. The skin has natural protection, but the constant use of hot showers is destructive. When we take a hot shower, it strips the body of its natural oil, which affects the body. It causes skin conditions, dehydration and weakens the complexion of the skin. Having a hot shower or soaking yourself for long in a hot bath can also cause wrinkles on the skin.

Instead of having a hot shower, set your heater to a lukewarm temperature or rinse off with cold water after a bath. It helps the skin stay hydrated. Also, avoid staying in the shower for too long.

2. The Pitfalls of Over-Cleansing: Protect Your Skin’s Natural Balance

The Pitfalls of Over-Cleansing: Protect Your Skin's Natural Balance

Your favourite skincare therapist must have told you that cleansing is essential; what she must have forgotten to say to you is that over-cleansing is terrible for you. Cleansing is a necessary step in your daily skincare routine. Cleansing takes the dirt and impurities away from the skin. When the skin is over cleansed, it strips the body of its natural oil. This leads to dryness and dehydration of the skin.

3. MOISTURISE : The Key to Healthy and Youthful Skin

Moisturising keeps the skin clear and aids hydration. When you apply a moisturiser to your skin, always make sure it is damp. A damp skin makes it easier for moisture to be locked in on the skin. It helps the skin stay young. Always extend your moisturiser to the neck as it reduces wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines. It is best to go for a natural moisturiser and be sure of your skin type before using it. A moisturiser pampers the skin and reduces the excessive production of oil. When the skin is adequately moisturised, you protect yourself against ain’t and other skim conditions.

4. Revitalize Your Skin: The Art of Gentle Exfoliation and Nourishment

The best way to exfoliate the skin is by using natural like our Mayan Oat Flour Powder once a week. Exfoliating helps the pores of the skin open up for other skincare products to get in. It gets rid of dead skin cells clogging the skin. When the dead cells are off the skin, your moisturiser works better. Remember to be easy on the skin while exfoliating and use a moisturiser.

5. Hydrate Your Skin: The Power of Water for a Healthy Glow

Hydrate Your Skin

It is general knowledge that water helps to hydrate the skin. The skin stores water and, when taken in excess, can cause bloating. Yet, drinking water is the easiest way to keep the skin hydrated and glowing. It balances the pH level of the skin and flushes out toxins. When there are barely any toxins in the body, it improves the skin’s health inside and out. Water also reduces sagging and wrinkling of the facial skin. An old skincare hack for preventing pimples and acne is drinking water. It helps to unclog the pore and reduce the elasticity of the skin. If you need hydrated skin, grab a glass of water while reading this. To keep the skin hydrated, you need about 5 to 8 glasses of water every day.

6. Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin: The Impact of Diet on Your Complexion

What we eat is as essential to the skin as what we drink. When we eat the wrong things (salty food, sugary food, carbonated water), it destroys the liver and makes it send out lots of toxins. The liver, through the elimination of these toxins causes dryness and redness to the skin, it also affects the general health of the skin.

Food rich in water helps to hydrate the skin. Add vegetables to your daily meal. Take more fruits as the vitamins found in it helps the skin maintain its texture. Add more lemons and oranges to your daily routine as it also improves the overall  health of your body. Remember, you are what you eat.

7. Embrace Natural Body Butters for Glowing, Hydrated Skin

Most times we are stuck on the right lotion or cream for our body. Body butters unlike other products are natural and have no effect as long as you’re sure of your skin type. Most body butters like shea butter serve as sunscreen that protects and maintains moisture on the skin. Body butters are rich in saturated fatty acid which keeps the skin hydrated. They also have anti-aging and help to get rid of dark spots. Body butters (mango) are rich in antioxidants and make the skin glow. Replace your lotion and creams with either shea, kokum, avocado or mango butter today.

8. Gentle Skincare Products for Ultimate Hydration

Gentle Skincare Products for Ultimate Hydration

We provide you with an endless list of skin care products that make your skin hydrated. Our products do not strip the skin of its natural oils. Each product on the catalogue is made from natural products that are mild on the skin. As long as you are intentional about your skin care products and routines and know what to use, you have your skincare hydration game in check. Understand your skin type before you use a product. Read through articles on our blog to know the right products.

Always seek natural remedies for your skin, the results are faster and there are no after effects. What skin hydration tip will you be trying today?

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