How To Visibly Repair Damaged Skin Naturally

What is the best way to know you have damaged skin? Your skin becomes itchy, flaky and there are other visible symptoms like wrinkles and acne breakout. There are different factors responsible for skin damage. It can either be an environmental factor, your lifestyle or the skincare products you use. However, having a damaged skin is nothing to panic or worry about. In today’s article, we will be discussing the natural remedies for damaged skin. It goes beyond changing your skincare products.

How To Visibly Repair Damaged Skin Naturally
How To Visibly Repair Damaged Skin Naturally 2

The sun is one of the things responsible for damaged skin. The UV rays of the sun reduces and slows down the collagen production of the skin. Not only is the barrier damaged, it also takes away the youthful glow from the skin. The air is filled with various pollutants which are dangerous for the skin. Free radicals are mostly trapped in the air and it damages the skin. These free radicals can be from cigarette smoke or other environmental hazards. When you use a skincare product that contains alcohol or sulfates, it will cause damage in your skin barrier. Other times, your dieting is responsible for damaged skin. The regular consumption of caffeine and alcohol makes the skin dehydrated. It

Here are the best tips to visibly repair damaged skin naturally.

1. Sunscreen: It is no secret the many benefits sunscreen offers to the skin. Sunscreen helps to protect the skin from the damages of the sun. By consistently using sunscreen, you avoid having sunburn. Sunscreen does not only protect your skin from the sun, it also helps to repair damaged skin barrier. It prevents premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles. It is always advisable to reapply sunscreen. The only time not to wear sunscreen is during your night time routine. Sunscreen serves a protection against other threats directed at the immune system. It also protects the skin from skin cancer. Remember, the sunscreen comes last in your skincare routine.
2. Use aloe vera: Aloe vera helps to moisturise the skin and also repair damage. Aloe vera is one of the best natural ingredients for any skin type. Before you apply aloe vera to your skin, or mix in your body lotion, conduct  a patch test to ensure your skin is not allergic. You can either scrape off the aloe vera gel directly from the plant or buy the 100% aloe vera gel in a bottle from any beauty store. However, your damaged skin will get more benefits from a natural aloe vera plant. Scrape off the gel and apply on the skin in the evening. It is best to apply this on your body in the evening because that is when the body goes into repair mode. Use the aloe vera gel before your serum or moisturiser.
3. Shea Butter: One of the key products that moisturiser the skin and helps to fix damages in the skin barrier is shea butter. It serves as an emollient, repairing, softening and hydrating the skin. It contains fatty acid which is great for skin cell regeneration. You can use shea body as a moisturiser or get a bar soap that contains shea butter. It also reduces the damages that are caused when the skin is damaged. Add shea butter to your cart today to help repair any form of skin damage.
4. Vitamin C (antioxidant): It can either be a serum or any skincare product that contains vitamin C. Unlike other antioxidants, vitamin C works well for various skin types. It helps to restore damages on the skin. Vitamin C exfoliates and naturally moisturizes the skin. It is advisable for people with dry skin to consistently use Vitamin C to fix damaged skin. It will also help to get rid of dark spots and give extra strength to our skin barrier. Also ensure you have a diet full of vitamin C as this will help to repair your skin on the inside.
5. Exercise: By exercising your skin, you protect the skin barrier and repair damaged skin. Exercising increases the blood flow in the body. While you jog, run, lift weights or participate in any activity that helps to the circulate blood in the body, you also supply healthy nutrients necessarskin cell regeneration. Always wear workout friendly clothes and don’t forget to wash your face after exercising.
6. Exfoliate more: Damaged skin is not a good reason to avoid skin exfoliation. Rather, exfoliating the skin is one of the best ways to fix your skin barrier, especially when done right. It is advisable to avoid chemical exfoliants as most of them contain harsh ingredients. By using oat powder to exfoliate, you remove excess skin cells and clean out your pores. Exfoliate twice a week, also remember that the number of times you exfoliate depends on your skin type.
7. Stay Hydrated: What comes to mind when you hear the word “skin hydration”? It does not only mean you have to drink glasses of water. You can keep your skin hydrated by using the right skin care product. By drinking water and using the right skincare products, you keep the skin hydrated.
8. Avoid hot showers: Standing under the shower or soaking yourself in the hot tub worsens the skin health. It strips the body of its natural oils and leads to a damaged skin barrier. Take your shower with lukewarm water and always ensure you slather moisturiser while the body is still damp.
9. Get enough sleep: While you enjoy your sleep at night, the body goes into repair mode. The sin cells regenerate and there is a production of collagens when we sleep. When we sleep, the body goes through the peak of a repair process known as cell mitosis. Having a better sleeping routine will help your skin look better.
10. Seek professional help: If your skin damage symptoms get worse, it is advisable to see a dermatologist. It is better to seek professional help than try procedures that will only leave your skin extra damaged.

Remember to be kind to your skin and patient with your journey. Share this post with someone today.

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