Good Skin care
Good Skin Care

There are so many brands of skin care products in the market now that it is the most competitive it has ever been. This is due to an increase in demand thanks to vanity, occupation, or needing to solve some skin issues. Because the market is so condensed, several product companies are following some at least unethical production processes.

This is in a bid to save money and sell for cheaper prices, however, most of these skincare brands do more damage than they fix. Today, we’re going to discuss the most important features of a top-notch product, they are;


1. GOOD SKIN CARE PRODUCT contains L-Ascorbic acid

Various chemicals are bad got your skin but the L-ascorbic acid isn’t one of them. This is because just like retinol, this acid is derived from vitamins and it is hugely recommended by most dermatologists to buy products containing this ingredient. Extracted from Vitamin C, this ingredient produces plenty of helpful benefits just like the Vitamin A derivative, retinol.

It works as an antioxidant which was found by scientists to reverse the effects of aging and exposure to the sun on your skin. This feature isn’t contained in most brands but its collagen synthesis feature heals scars and wrinkles makes searching for it worth it.

2. GOOD SKIN CARE PRODUCT is animal-cruelty free

For years most consumers of skincare products have been unaware of the inhumane testing procedures performed on animals. But luckily, several companies have begun to slowly drift away from these kinds of cruel means of testing products. There are however some companies (a sadly large amount) that are still practicing and these brands need to be avoided at all costs.

A good number of skincare brands now utilize more advanced testing techniques when creating their products, they are the ones you should look out for. You can check for this feature by simply surveying the container/label, all companies are required to point this practice out.

3. GOOD SKIN CARE PRODUCT: No use of artificial ingredients

If any beauty product utilizes artificial ingredients also known as ‘additives’, then that manufacturing company doesn’t deserve your hard-earned money. This is because they either don’t care about your physical well being or they haven’t come up with a safe, effective formula. There are several additives contained in skincare brands like foaming agents, chemical preservatives, and artificial fragrances & colorants.

Extensive studies have shown that these ingredients sometimes cause unwanted side effects. These include; rashes, hives, and other allergic reactions that could have been easily avoided. Ensure to check the labels for used ingredients, and always go for all-natural beauty products, these are good for your skin and health.

4. GOOD SKIN CARE PRODUCT has to be Doctor tested and recommended

Any product that you buy off a counter whether beauty and skin-care related or otherwise, always look for products trusted by doctors. You may be thinking that this goes without saying, but you’ll be surprised by how many people don’t take this precautionary measure. An endorsement by professional epidermists working under the Food and drug administration is a must-have.


This recommendation implies that the brand is deemed safe for use externally and internally. While FDA unapproved products may be safe, purchasing that product is rolling the dice. Always check for FDA approval before buying a beauty product to be on the safe side, to avoid unnecessary risks.

5. GOOD SKIN CARE PRODUCT: should contain Retinol

Just like the L-ascorbic acid, Retinol is a good ingredient to be included in your preferred brand’s formula. This is an all-natural ingredient that is derived from Vitamin A and is can be found in most anti-aging beauty products you find over the counter.

According to research, it has been shown to have a molecular structure that lets it easily enter the skin’s lower layers. During this insertion, it increases skin hydration thus curing wrinkles, pigmentation, and other skin issues. So when shopping for skincare brands, products containing this ingredient should be top of your list.


Skincare products if chosen wisely can be a life-changer as they could transform your everyday experience. Picking a good moisturizer or face cleanser that boasts the features above will improve your skin tone, flexibility, and nourishment. This would lead to you being more attractive and you may also get more compliments. So, when picking a beauty product consider the ingredients and production process before price, this is life-saving advice.

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