10 Areas You Neglect During Your Skincare Routine

10 Areas You Neglect During Your Skincare Routine
Skin Areas You Neglect

Glowing and healthy skin goes beyond the face alone. The face is our main focus when we do our skincare routine, hence, the glow. We focus on our face during our morning and nighttime routine, forgetting to show the same attention to other body parts. These neglected parts either have a rough texture or do not match with other parts of our body. Being able to give the same attention to other parts of our body will ensure glowing and healthy skin. Here is a guide for parts of your body to stop neglecting during your skincare routine.

10 Skin Areas You Neglect During Skincare Routine

1.       Neck Care 101: Extend Your Skincare Routine for a Youthful Look

Every skincare guide will tell you to extend the products you use on your face to your neck. The skin on the neck is prone to wrinkles and fine lines. It is one part of the body where the signs of aging become apparent. The aging on the neck is mainly caused by genetics and gravity, but you can prevent it by applying your skincare products to that area. When you exfoliate or moisturize your skin, ensure you extend it to your neck.  Also, moisturize and use a sunscreen around your neck area.

2.       Décolletage Care: Don’t Forget to Moisturize and Protect

We mostly ignore our décolletage, which is the area below our collarbone. When putting on clothes, we leave this part of the body open. It can easily get damaged by the sun’s UV rays, and it’s best to extend your moisturizer and sunscreen to that area. Most people experience acne in that area; the easiest way to take care of your décolletage is moisturizing. Choose a soothing cleanser or wash and pay attention to that area. Also, during the summer and when the weather is hot, make sure to use sunscreen on your décolletage.

3.       Hand Care: Hydrate and Protect for Youthful Hands

The hand has fewer sebaceous glands, and it’s easier to dry out. Most times, the only time our hands get any moisturizer is when we use it to work products into our body. The hand gets dry and cracked, too, when we ignore it. The hand is another part of the body that shows signs of aging. We constantly have our hands exposed to the sun and other environmental factors. Shea butter and kokum butter are perfect hand creams that can keep your hand hydrated. When next you practice your skincare routine, ensure to moisturize your hand.  Keep your hands protected.

4.       Elbow TLC: Exfoliate and Moisturize for Healthy Skin

Did you know that you can exfoliate your elbow? The elbow has thick layers of dead cells, and it’s vital to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your elbow. The elbow also has dry patches and leaves you at the risk of certain skin conditions. Every day we lean our elbows on dirty surfaces without cleansing them properly during our skincare routine.  When the elbow is dark and dry, you’re experiencing hyperpigmentation. Exfoliate your elbow and get rid of flaky skin cells, and moisturize.

5.      Knee Care: Hydrate, Exfoliate, and Protect for Radiant Skin

Like the elbow, the skin around the knee is primarily dry and dark. Most times, the darkness on the knee is because of activities we did as kids. Hot water is one of the causes of dark skin, and to avoid darkness around the knee, have more warm baths. Also, extend your sunscreen to your knee on days your knees will be open or exposed due to your outfit for the day. Exfoliate your knee to get rid of dead cells. The skin around the knee can also be dry and appear dull. Ensure to use a moisturizer. It is best to wear outfits that are comfortable around the knee area.

6.       Belly Button Care: Clean, Protect, and Prevent Infections

The belly button is mainly neglected because we believe moisturizing our stomach fixes the job. The belly button gets dirty too! The belly button collects dirt, and it’s a good spot for bacteria to breed. Use a cotton wool ball and clean your belly button; you will notice it has a foul odor, which can cause infections. There is no need to get scared; you can prevent this by cleaning the belly button the right way. Use a q-tip with any of our soap bars (mild), dip it in, and swab the belly button. Repeat this with a dry q-tip and use a moisturizer when you’re done. Doing this two to three times a week protects yourself from bacteria and infections.

7.       Back of the Ear Care: Clean, Exfoliate, and Prevent Acne

You might remember to clean and moisturize your ear, but how often do you clean behind your ears? When we sweat on our hair, it drips down the back of our ears. If you have sensitive skin, you can stop the back of your ear from smelling by washing it with soap. Also, exfoliate behind your ears every week to eliminate any smell. Acne and cyst can happen behind the ear, and keeping it clean is one of the easiest ways to prevent these things.

8.      Bikini Area Care: Exfoliate, Moisturize, and Prevent Ingrown Hair

The only time this part of the body gets any attention is before or during summer. Most people are prone to razor burn around the bikini area.  To keep the bikini area healthy, you will need a mild exfoliator, especially after hair removal. Ensure to moisturizer, and you can use a non-alcohol toner to prevent the appearance of ingrown hair. It is best not to shave on dry skin and always keep this area of your body clean.

9.       Back Care Tip: Proper Cleansing, Moisturizing, and Comfortable Attire

Most times, we forget to scrub our backs properly while taking a shower. Understandably, reaching the back might be difficult, which is one of the leading causes of discoloration and blackheads on the back. People also get acne on their back because the pore on the skin is clogged. Always cleanse the back with a soft sponge, moisturize, and wear comfortable clothes.

10.   Nail Care: Clean, Moisturize, Avoid Scratching

Be sure to prevent the growth of bacteria on your nail by keeping them clean. The fingernail is made of protein layers, and it can experience discoloration. Use moisturizers on your nail and avoid using them to scratch surfaces.

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