How To Get Started With Skin Minimalism

Lately, it’s quite hard to miss the fact that skincare has taken a major shift from “the more the better” to “less is more”. Skin minimalism is now a growing trend that so many beauty experts swear by because it prioritizes simplicity and self-love.

Dark Spots and Sun Spots, How To Get Started With Skin Minimalism
How To Get Started With Skin Minimalism 2

If you’ve been keeping up with social media skincare trends, especially on Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest, then you’ve most likely come across skin minimalism aka skinmalism. The days of 12-step skincare routines or full-coverage makeup tutorials are slowly slipping away and to be honest, we’re here for it! We’re glad to see that so many celebrities and influencers are promoting sustainability in skincare by using fewer products which translates to saving more and falling in love with your skin all over again despite some imperfections.

Getting involved in skin minimalism is more than just following a trend. Skinmalism is letting you know that you don’t need to bore a hole in your bank account just to get 20 different high-rated skin care products or that without caking up your face you’ll look odd.

Does skinmalism look like something you’d be interested in? Then stick around as we let you in on how to get started with skin minimalism.

5 Skin minimalism Rules To You Get Started

1. Simplify Your Routine: Opt for a Multi-Benefit Facial Cleanser

Let’s start with this; do you really need 3 different cleansers? If you answered no, then we’re off to a good start. Cleansing is the first step in every skincare routine to get rid of all the dirt and debris that clogs your pores. That’s its basic purpose and of course, you need a hydrating cleanser that deep cleans and also leaves your face feeling smooth and refreshed.

That being said, to become a skinmalist, all you need to do is to get a facial cleanser that has all the benefits (and more) listed above that suits your skin type. Using one good cleanser instead of 3 also saves your face from getting stripped of natural oils which in turn can cause breakouts.

2. Say Yes To Multipurpose Products

When we say multipurpose products, we’re talking about products that have multiple benefits for your skin. A very good example would be vitamin C which does wonders for your skin. So instead of getting a vitamin C serum, you can get a moisturizer that’s rich in vitamin C.

Another great example would be getting a cleanser that doesn’t just deep clean but also tones and balances your skin’s oils. Exfoliating also has a lot of pros so you can opt for a soapless cleanser with salicylic acid which would also double as a liquid exfoliator.

3. Simplify Your Routine: Invest in High-Quality Products

Investing in high-quality skincare products is another way to reduce the number of products you have to a few that have so many effective and skin-nourishing properties.

Having a basic skincare routine with a few products that serve their purpose maximally is what skin minimalism is all about. Less is more when you can make smart use of just a few products and end up seeing amazing results on your skin.

In addition, when you get high-quality skincare essentials, you’d be inclined to use them to the very last drop just because you know how much you spent on them. This in turn promotes sustainability instead of having so many products that end up getting expired because you forgot they even existed.

4. Simplify Your Routine: Moisturize And Protect

Skin minimalism emphasizes simplicity and straight-to-the-point routines. Right after you’re done cleansing your face, some skin care influencers would follow with 6 steps that you can totally do without.

A basic skincare routine involves cleansing, moisturizing, and then protecting your skin. To achieve this, try getting yourself products that are packed with so many nutrients that meet the needs of your entire face.

For sunscreen, get a broad-spectrum SPF 50 that can protect your face and entire body from UV rays instead of getting 2 SPF for different parts of your body.  

5. Simplify Your Routine: No More Hoarding Products

Skin minimalism is really trying to put an end to people getting products that just take up space on shelves and end up not being used for months. When you direct your time and money to getting essential skin care products, it makes your routines so much easier.

If you get a product just for trial and your face says no, try it out on your body, and if it works great! However, if your body also rejects it, give it out; there has to be someone in your close circle that it would work on. This puts an end to wastage and hoarding in your home.

Skin Minimalism Prep For A “No Makeup Look”

Now that we’ve covered skinmalism tips, let’s have a quick look at minimalist makeup. Have you ever wondered how some ladies effortlessly achieve this “no makeup” glowy look? Well, it’s really not as complex as you think.

The secret to achieving a natural yet flawless makeup look is by using just a few highly effective products. The basic steps for achieving this look focus on your skin, eyebrows, lashes, and lips.

Skin prep: To prep your skin, you need an illuminating moisturizer that ensures your face feels hydrated and ready for the other products. Massage that into your skin for a few seconds and you’ll see the instant glow.

You can then opt for a lightweight foundation and concealer with SPF properties because you need extra protection.

Brows and lashes: Get your favorite brow gel to shape your brows and a lengthening mascara for your eyes to look more defined.
Highlighter: A liquid  highlighter would come in handy to give you that luminous glow.
Blush: Using a blush just adds some soft color to your face so you don’t need a lot.
Lips: A tinted lip oil or tinted lip balm gives your lips a perfect subtle finish.

The minimalist approach to skincare and makeup shows women all over the world that no matter your skin type, you can use fewer products in ways that will have more impact on your entire look. We hope you’ll love skin minimalism as much as we do and we can’t wait to see you glow effortlessly.

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