Natural Tips to Get rid of Blemished skin

Skin blemish can leave you with a mood swing. Even though it’s not life-threatening, it can be not very pleasant. In some women, skin blemishes can lead to lower self-confidence. These blemishes can go away overnight, while others take a week or more. There are different types of skin blemishes. Before we get into the natural tips to get rid of blemished skin, let’s first understand what it is and why it happens.

Natural Tips to Get rid of Blemished skin
Natural Tips to Get rid of Blemished skin 2

What is a blemished skin

If you have sensitive skin, there are chances that you will have blemished skin. When the skin produces excess oil, it will result in acne and blackheads. Blemished skin is genetic. It can also be a result of stress and hormonal imbalance. If you fall into this category, there is no need to panic. There are tips to restore your skin’s natural balance and avoid these blemishes.

A blemished skin has large pores, and the T-zone is always shiny. It is prone to developing impurities. Certain medications are responsible for blemishes on the skin. Junk food and other unhealthy diets are significant causes of blemished skin.

Acne is a type of blemished skin. It happens when bacteria, dirt or oil block a hair follicle on the skin.

Skin rash, which happens when the weather is hot or humid, is responsible for blemished skin. The blemish from skin rash makes your skin change colour and texture.

Most people panic when they realise they have age spots. The reason is that it’s also called liver spots. Age spots are skin blemishes that happen when constantly exposed to the sun. They appear on spots that experience excessive production of melanin.

Melasma also happens when there is an excess production of melanin. It leaves dark patches on the skin and can be fixed with topical treatments. Melasma is a type of skin blemish from exposure to the sun, hormonal abnormalities or pregnancy.

When you notice a discolouration in the skin, it’s from a skin condition known as a blemish.

Tips to get rid of blemished skin

1. Cocoa butter is essential for removing dark spots on the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and has suitable properties for skin lightening. Cocoa Butter clogs the skin, so it’s best to focus on the defective part of your skin. Cocoa butter will fade acne marks and leave your face feeling smooth and soft. Apply directly to affected areas. You will begin to see results in two weeks if you’re consistent.

2. Yes, hot showers can dry up your skin, but they also will help you get rid of blemishes. The heat from the shower opens your pores and makes it easy for your blemish treatment to work. By taking a long shower, you get rid of sweat and excess oil, which are the leading causes of blemishes on the skin.

3. Exercising regularly will help get rid of or avoid skin blemishes. When you sweat, your blood circulates in the body. Blood circulation is essential for a lighter or even complexion. Exercising gives you oxygenated blood, which is also suitable for a healthy glow.

4. When you pop pimples, you create room for dark spots on your face. It is better to let your pimples dry off naturally. By popping pimples, you give access to more bacteria in your skin. It leads to blemished skin and also leaves you with acne scars.

5. It is best to stick to an acne-fighting diet. Add more fruits and vegetables to your meal. Avoid sugar and processed food as they can lead to blemished skin.

6. Your sunscreen should be your best friend. We often have blemished skin because of excessive exposure to the sun. Constantly reapply your sunscreen and make sure you use sunscreen even when you’re indoors.

7. Increase your water intake and avoid alcohol. Your body needs lots of water as dry skin can lead to skin blemishes. Alcohol contributes to acne breakout. You can infuse fruits into your water to make it a more exciting habit.

Get your beauty sleep and be consistent with your skincare routine. If your skin blemish doesn’t get better after two weeks, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist.

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