Strictly Facial Skin Routines

Facial Skin Routines
Strictly Facial Skin Routines 2

When people order skincare items, many often make the mistake of getting the same skincare items for the face and body. In the same manner, people often think that the same routine that works for the rest of their bodies works for their faces. First, you could not be more wrong about your facial skin routine if you think what works for your body will work for your face.

The second thing you are wrong about is probably thinking you will get away with it because you won’t. Using skin products meant for your body on your face can cause a host of problems ranging from acne to spotting and skin irritations.

Nevertheless, it does not make sense to point out a problem without a solution, so here is a Facial skin routine strictly for your face.

Facial Skin Routine

Wash your face just twice a day

Unless you have been where there is a lot of dust and grime, wash your face just twice a day. If you have dry skin, stick to just once and use non-alcoholic cleansers for the other times. When washing your face, stick to mild face soaps, do not use your body soap on your face.

Do not scrub your face when washing; use your palm and gently massage your face when washing. When cleaning off the water, make use of a smaller towel, not the one you use on your body. Finally, tap dry your face instead of wringing the towel across your face for effect.

Tone after every wash

When you have washed or cleansed your face, the next step should be to use a toner. Apart from evening your skin tone and getting into the deep of your pores, toners have a more important job on your face.

After washing your face, the pH of your facial skin loses balance; the toner’s job is to balance that pH immediately. When your pH stays unbalanced, the skin fights to balance it on its own and, in the process, may cause an imbalance which could increase oil production and result in acne.

Follow through with a serum

Your face does not necessarily have to be going through a serious condition for you to use a serum. Serums address different basic skin issues like dryness, spotting, sunburns, and even something like you ‘just want your skin to glow brighter.’

For instance, the vitamin C serum gives your face a glow and has antioxidant properties, which slows down aging. There is also the hyaluronic serum which increases the production of moisture on your skin, making you look fresher. Serums need to be as near your face as possible because of the delicate work they do, so immediately you use the toner, and it dries up, follow it with a serum.

Apply Treatments for Skin Conditions After Serum Application

This step is optional as not all of us have skin conditions. However, if you have been dealing with a skin condition like acne and the likes after you apply the serum is when you apply the treatments.


Add your moisturizer

Your face moisturizer comes in at this point to both moisturize your skin and seal in the products you have used. Everything you have used so far is not a moisturizer and will all dry up, along with your skin, if you do not add a moisturizer.

Never Step Out Without Sunscreen, Regardless of the Season

Finally, it is a mistake to go out without sunscreen. Do not make that mistake, either in the summer, spring, fall, or winter. Always protect your face from the elements.

Now you know how to take proper care of your facial skin, stick to the routine. Your face is delicate and should be treated with such care. Follow these routines, use the same products for long unless they do not work anymore, keep your hands off your face, and you would be just fine.

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