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Lotions and lotion bars work as moisturizers, and they are excellent no matter the form they come in. They keep the skin smooth and silky. Moisturizing your skin keeps it healthy and glowing at all times. The best times to use a moisturizer are during the summer, winter, or when you’re indoors. Moisturizers should be your best friend if you have dry or itchy skin. Moisturizers help your skin prevent dryness as it replaces the moisture in your skin. However, picking between a lotion bar and lotion can be confusing half the time. This article helps to make the decision better for you. Let’s understand the difference between these two moisturizers before choosing which is better for your skin.

What are lotions? The Benefits of Lotions for Soft, Smooth Skin

Lotions come in different forms. As much as there are full-body lotions, it is easier to find hand and foot lotions separately on the cometic section of the mall. Lotions have high water content. Lotions come from mixing water and a few droplets of oil. They are lightweight and non-greasy on the skin. The skin quickly absorbs lotions due to how light it feels. It’s a better option than creams. If you have dry skin, you should know how essential lotions are as a moisturizer. Lotions help you pamper your skin without having to break the bank. It keeps the skin hydrated and can be applied all over the body.

It is easier to use a lotion after shower time.  The body’s dampness helps you lock in moisture—lotions help replenish the rough and chapped areas of your body. Most times, people love lotions because of how they smell. Lotions come in various scents and textures. However, some skin types are sensitive to fragrance, and lotions might not be an excellent pick for these people.

Due to how lightweight lotions are, they are perfect for summertime. The skin gets easily hydrated during the summertime due to the air’s humidity. Most lotions come with SPF, which makes it an easy pick.

Benefits of lotions

It helps to retain moisture
It hydrates the skin and keeps it glowing
It helps with anti-aging
It prevents wrinkles and fine lines
It fixes rough patches and softens the skin
It relaxes the skin and can be for massages 

Discover the Benefits of Lotion Bars: Natural, Long-Lasting Moisture

If your lotion ever gets congealed, it is safe to call it a lotion bar, right? A lotion bar is simply a solid block of lotion from quick-absorbing body butter and essential oils.  It serves as a suitable replacement for lotions. Lotion bars melt when it comes in contact with body heat. It has less water than the regular lotion. It is best to use after you take a shower. Lotion bars come in a reusable container. Lotion bars come in options and body butter varieties.  At Mayan Magic, our lotion bars are made with beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and are infused with MHRB. Lotion bars are always natural and leave the skin smooth and soft after use. It is very moisturizing. The good thing with the lotion bar is how water-based it is.

Lotion bars melt when rubbed on the body. It doesn’t require re-application like lotion in a container will. It works best for people with dry skin- Lotion bars are less greasy than regular lotion. They form an excellent protective barrier for the skin. It fixes skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Lotion bars act faster on the body. A small lotion bar can last about two weeks if stored properly. It has a shelf life of almost a year. If kept at the wrong room temperature, it might experience ingredient separation. Lotion bars are good on the skin for all seasons.

It is safe to call lotion bars chapsticks for the body. Lotion bars are very portable, and the beeswax gives it a high melting point. The fragrance found in lotion bars is safe for the body. They don’t come with preservatives which makes them safe for all skin types. Because of how concentrated lotion bars are, they are long-lasting. The only downside to lotion bars is that they melt on the palm while you try to get it over your body.

Lotion bar benefits

It is super convenient and portable
It hydrates the skin and does not need re-application
It stays solid at room temperature
It relieves symptoms of skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis
It is for all body parts
It is best for people with dry skin and cracked skin

Eco-Friendly Skincare: Lotion Bar vs. Lotion – Which Is Better?

If you are minimalist and love eco-friendly skincare products, you need to go for the lotion bar at all times. The lotion bar and lotion perform almost the same function to our skin. The only difference is that lotion bars are made with more natural products than lotion. The significant components of lotion bars are essential oils and body butter. In addition, it is easier to use lotion bars immediately after shower time. This is because it’s best to keep your lotion bar within reach in the bathroom. Using the lotion bar immediately after shower time creates a space for better absorption because the pores are open. As a result, the skin locks in moisture and keeps the skin protected all day long.

Lotion bars have more oil which makes them non-greasy. It also does not contain much water. It is easier to use a lotion bar as all you need to get it warm in the hands. Lotion bars are very health conscious as they do not contain any chemicals. Lotion bars are made from a unique formula. It is easier to purchase your lotion bar from our online store.

Purchasing a lotion over the counter can be tasking because you will have many ingredients to check. Also, lotion bars are paraben-free. It is best to use ingredients you are sure of on your skin.

Keep your skin soft, glowing, and hydrated with a lotion bar today.

What would you instead use? A lotion bar or a bottle of lotion?

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