Your teenage years can be a lot. With all the drama from life and trying to keep good grades, you still struggle with an endless surge of hormones. These hormones give you lots of breakouts, and that’s one added battle to all your teenage struggles. In our opinion, nothing is exciting about breakouts and skin conditions. Going through teenage is almost impossible without these breakouts. They come as natural as anything you can think of, irrespective of your skin type. There are easy skin care tips to keep your skin balanced before the resumption of school. Before you start out these routines, remember to be patient with your new journey. Also, consistency yields the desired results. Now take a few deep breaths in, and let us give you the valuable guide for your skincare routine.



No matter how exhausted you are, it is best not to go to bed while wearing makeup. We all have our lazy days when following the whole skincare routine can be a struggle. Always have cotton wool balls and shea butter at the side of your bed. Dab the cotton balls into the shea butter container and clean your face. It is gentle on the skin and also keeps it moisturized. If there is no shea butter in reach, use a pre-moistened wipe and clean off the makeup. When there is a buildup of dirt and oil on the skin from makeup, it causes an acne breakout.

As you take care of your face, remember to set out a day in the week when you will wash all your makeup brushes. Using a makeup brush for too long without washing it builds up dirt. Apply makeup in your shade, starting from the foundation to powder. Make it a fun activity, have your best friends come over for the weekend, and wash your makeup brushes together.

2. Effective Skin Cleansing: Tips for a Healthy, Glowing Complexion

The best way to cleanse your skin is with a gentle product. Cleanse your face properly twice daily, in the morning and at night. Always remember to cleanse with your fingertips and in a circular form. Cleansing in a circular form helps with blood circulation on the face. When blood circulates freely on the skin, it makes the skin glow and stays hydrated. It also reduces the excessive production of oil which causes acne breakout. Cleansing helps you get rid of the buildup of dirt like sweat, oil, and dirt from the skin.


One of your best friends will tell you that moisturizing makes the skin stay oily. Not only is that a myth, but there is also no scientific backup for it. Moisturizing the skin keeps it healthier and reduces the excessive production of oil. When the skin is not moisturized, it becomes dehydrated. The dehydration forces the skin to produce its own oil in excess, and it is one of the leading causes of a breakout. If you need flawless skin as a teenager, then moisturize twice a day or immediately after using a cleanser or toner. Please choose any of our body butters (kokum, avocado, shea) on your skin. The body butter is natural and has no adverse effect on the skin.


As teenagers, it is easy to have skincare conditions and ignore them. Your skin gets clogged more because of the activities you take part in. It can be from the oil in the hair or other products we use. Also, scrubbing the skin for a long time can cause skin conditions or irritations, resulting in an acne breakout. When you start to notice a strange reaction, show it to your parents or contact your doctor. Treating these skincare conditions yourself can cause further damage and a massive outbreak of acne. If the rash looks strange to you, do not scratch or pull on it. Let an older person know.

5. Hydration for Teens: The Secret to Clear, Healthy Skin

The teenage parties are almost endless; the same goes for the supply of sugary and unhealthy drinks. You need to take more water and stay hydrated as it increases the skin’s elasticity. When the skin is adequately hydrated, it remains moisturized for a longer time. A hydrated skin stands a lower risk of acne breakout than dehydrated skin. If you struggle with drinking water alone, add fruits like cucumber, lemon, and apples into it.

6. Teen Skincare: Embrace Sunscreen for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Once it’s time to go outdoors, use sunscreen. Always remember to go for a water-based sunscreen and reapply as often as possible. As a teenager, sunscreen is your best friend. In the list of your favourite things to do as a teenager, ensure that using sunscreen makes the list.

7. Teen Skincare: Choose Nutrient-Rich Foods for Clear, Radiant Skin

It is easy to grab a toast from the breakfast table while rushing to meet the school bus. Quick meals and junk food can cause an acne breakout. By eating healthy food, you nourish the body and provide it with essential nutrients for the skin. Eat a balanced diet and make sure it contains an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. As a teenager, avoid food you are allergic to matter how good tasting it is.


It is easy for us to read our faces on our hands. The hand comes in contact with different things as we go ahead with our daily activities. Avoid touching your face and if you have to, wash your hands properly.

Popping of pimples on the face feels exciting right? It also causes dark spots on the face and can lead to a widespread infection of the skin.

Wash your bed sheets at least once in two weeks. Use lukewarm water while taking a shower. It helps to loosen the skin and remove oil from the surface too. Use the right products and stay consistent with any skin care routine you decide to follow consistently. Live a healthy lifestyle and embrace your journey. What works for your friend does not necessarily have to work for you. As your skin types are different, the saw with the results you get from your procedure.

Be patient with your skincare journey and enjoy every bit of teenage life; just like acne, it doesn’t last forever!

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