Two Amazing Skincare Products You Can’t Do Without In 2020

Amazing Skincare Products
Two Amazing Skincare Products You Can’t Do Without In 2020 4

Well, you may be able to do without these two amazing skincare products but there’s a whole lot you would be missing out on by not having them.

It’s highly likely that you are a skincare enthusiast or just someone who pays close attention to their skin so you should have seen and even tried a couple of skincare products on the shelves already. Now, here comes another skincare blogger talking about amazing skincare products you can’t do without, leaving you wondering and making wild guesses.

You more than likely wouldn’t guess Mimosa Hostilis. Never heard of it? Not to worry. We will cover that below along with a product that already has it in there for you.

2 Amazing Skincare Products For You

Mimosa Hostilis : Nature’s Skincare Secret

Mimosa Hostilis
Two Amazing Skincare Products You Can’t Do Without In 2020 5

With all the amazing benefits the mimosa tree has to offer, we wonder why it took so long for it to gain a large audience in the skincare industry. Thankfully, it has now and we are not sleeping on it.

Mimosa hostilis is a tree indigenous to Southern Mexico and some parts of Brazil but thanks to the various means of transportation, you can place an order for the plant from anywhere in the world and have it delivered at a fee. Although every part of the tree is useful, the major area used in the skincare industry is the root bark hence the name, MHRB.

The healing property of the tree was first explored decades ago after an explosion in Mexico that took hundreds of lives and left thousands scalded. Members of the Red Cross treated the burns with the root bark and the recovery recorded was unprecedented. Following the incident, the mimosa root bark became the go-to first aid for treating burns in particular.

Alongside its healing properties, mimosa hostilis is known to boost the production of collagen – the protein that gives out skin that elastic feel. So, an increase in collagen production means an increase in skin elasticity and glow plus your skin would not only look good but feel good. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Thirdly, the root bark has been confirmed to slow down aging by people who have used it time and time again. This is no surprise as the bark contains generous amounts of xylose – one of the many different flavonoids present in the root bark. Flavonoids are compounds that prevent the production of free radicals that damage skin cells.

For the sake of space and time, we would only mention one more benefit amongst many others and that is its ability to take care of wrinkles. This is also a function of the flavonoids contained in the root bark. To make it more economical and easier to use, the root bark is processed into creams containing other ingredients.

Salt and Earth: Natural Cleansing for Healthy Skin

Salt and Earth: Natural Cleansing for Healthy Skin
Two Amazing Skincare Products You Can’t Do Without In 2020 6

Wipes are known to be good cleaning agents and they truly are but some have also been known to cause breakouts on the face which is explainable. Most of the wipes you find in malls are conventional wipes and what they do is sap all the moisture from your face leaving it bare and prone to germs. So, what was supposed to protect your face ends up taking away the natural shield. How ironic.

It was for this reason that face wipes were introduced to the skincare industry. Like the conventional wipes, they cleanse the face but their cleansing effect comes with safe limits. However, not all face wipes are good for your face as they could also cause breakouts.

So what exactly doesn’t cause breakouts? A Natural Toner and Cleanser for Healthy Skin

Salt and Earth is a soapless cleanser. Besides being just a cleanser, the Salt and Earth is a toner. Yep. You heard that right. The mimosa hostilis root bark is a strong natural toner. With just enough moisturizer to balance the skin back out.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t take away the need for a proper wash. The Salt and Earth soapless cleanser does well in wiping off dirt and makeup from clogging the pores but it doesn’t replace the cleansing effect of some good soap and clean water. Extremely effective at making blackheads vanish, however. Use this product at the end of your day as part of your nightly routine, but only a couple of times a week.

To use Salt and Earth just pinch off a small amount into the palm of your hand. Wet your fingers on your other hand and massage warm water in until you get the consistency you desire. Then rub all over your face and rinse with warm water. Followed by a splash of cold water to close the pores.

There you have it – two skincare products you shouldn’t end this year without. Both are non-soaps and easily accessible so you have no excuse to not get them before the first quarter of the year runs out.

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If you would not be able to maximize the unprocessed root bark, you could search for other skincare products that incorporate the root bark in their recipe. That way, you would be saving time and the energy that would have otherwise been spent compounding. All the products in Ixchel’s Essence contain MHRB.

Thank you for reading!

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