10 Skincare Resolution To Make In 2023

10 Skincare Resolution To Make In 2023
Skincare Resolution To Make In 2023

Do you have your resolution for 2023 ready? It’s about to be the new year in a few days. It’s that time of the year when people meet their goals and resolutions. Here at Mayan Magic Soaps, our resolutions for 2023 begins with our skin. The right way to start the year is by having a guide for healthy and glowing skin. In today’s article, we will share some skin care resolutions you need to make your skin look and feel better. You can write these goals down, print them out or keep them in a place where you will always see them!

10 Skincare Resolution To Make In 2023

1. Know your skin type: The first step to glowing skin is identifying your skin type. There are four main skin types. When you know if your skin is dry or sensitive, or oily, you will make a better and easier decision by using products that work for your skin type. There is an article on our page to help you know your skin type. If you have an existing skin condition, determining your skin type will reduce any flares or triggers. Did you know that even people with normal skin also use skincare products? No matter how amazing your skin naturally looks, you still need to know your skin type and get products to make it even better!
2. Create a skincare routine: The new year is the best time to step back and review things in your life, right? This also applies to your skincare routine. Identify the right step to ensure your skin is glowing and healthy. Here is the correct order to use your skincare products: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen. The trick to know is that you go from the light products to the thick ones. Always ensure to apply your sunscreen or sunblock last.
3. Use your sunscreen daily: The only time you shouldn’t be wearing sunscreen is at night. Even when you are indoors during the daytime, it is advisable to use sunscreen. This is because the sun that gets into your home from the window or door can also cause damage to the skin. When the skin is exposed to the sun without any sunscreen, it can cause skin cancer, fine lines, wrinkles and sunburn. Human skin is very delicate, and one of the best ways to give protection is by applying and reapplying your sunscreen.
4. Make a check of ingredients: Certain ingredients can either be harsh to the skin or leave you with skin concerns. While it is easy to reach out for products with beautiful packaging, it is best to check for the ingredients first. Determine what works for your skin and incorporate it into your routine. For example, if you have dry or sensitive skin, you don’t need a product that contains alcohol or benzoyl peroxide. These are drying ingredients that can irritate the skin and also cause acne breakouts.
5. Check expiry dates: At the back of most skin care products, there is an expiry date. Sometimes you have to get rid of a product 6 to 12 months after you open it. Though using an expired skincare product might not harm you, it will become ineffective and have no results on the skin. If a product has 6m or 12m at the back, it means the product is suitable for use for the first 6 and 12 months after opening. It is also safe to know that expired skin care products can cause skin reactions.
6. Exfoliate the right way: Exfoliating twice a week is right unless you have sensitive skin. For people with sensitive skin, it’s best to use oat powder and also exfoliate once a week. We need to exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin cells and make way for healthier and glowing skin. By ove-exfoliating, you will leave your face with redness, hyperpigmentation and inflammation. The right way to exfoliate is by applying your exfoliating product gently in a circular motion. Do this for about 40 seconds and was off with lukewarm water. Exfoliation needs to be done gently to get that healthy glow your skin deserves. When you’re done exfoliating, you can go ahead with other skincare routines.
7. Avoid sleeping with make up: We all agree that there are days when we are so tired it’s difficult to take the make-up out. Sleeping with your makeup on will only clog your pores. Makeup products, dirt, oil and other environmental pollutants remain on the skin and find a way to lock into the pores. It leads to acne breakouts and a reduction in skin’s collagen. It is best to use a cotton ball and shea butterto clean your face if you’re too tired to use a cleanser.
8. Visit a licensed dermatologist: Yes, a trip to the dermatologist or esthetician can cost a fortune, but sometimes it’s what your skin needs. You don’t have to jump on every skincare trend; however, you can ask the dermatologist questions concerning your skin and get the proper treatment for any concern or condition.
9. Exercise your skin: By exercising the body, you also offer benefits to your skin! When your body moves, it circulates blood to the skin, leaving you with an even skin tone. You can also try face exercises to help get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.
10. Avoid some DIY tips: Did you know that face masks made from food ingredients can introduce harmful bacteria to the skin? You are not a scientist, so experimenting on your skin will only cause harm to you. It is best to choose a mask from our products as they will be safe on your skin. Using a DIY sugar or unpolished scrub can cause friction and cuts to your skin. It will lead to bacteria and inflammation.

In 2023, decide to drink more water and eat healthier meals that will give you a glowing skin. Be patientwyour products, as consistency is the key to a natural glowing and healthy skin!

Happy Holidays!

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