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Lavender does more than boost your mood on days when you feel sad; it is also famous for healing the skin. Lavender is mainly associated with relaxing as it’s found in humidifiers and diffusers. It contains antioxidants that the skin needs to stay healthy and glowing. It reduces inflammation on the skin and serves as a detoxifier for the skin. You need a product with lavender as an ingredient to add to your skincare routine; we will suggest the Mayan Lavender bar as it cleans and calms the body. Here are reasons why lavender is suitable for your skin.

1. LAVENDER is perfect for sensitive skin

  These days, it is hard to find products that work for people with sensitive skin. Most of the old soaphas harsh chemicals that can cause redness to the skin. Using a product made with lavender calms the skin. Lavender soothes the skin and reduces redness and irritation. If you have sensitive skin, the next time you purchase skincare products, go for something with lavender as a significant ingredient. Lavender is generally considered safe for all skin types.

2. Lavender gets rid of acne

 Acne makes the skin look rough. Before dealing with clearing the spots that appear, it’s best to treat what causes acne. Bacteria and clogged pores cause acne. During an acne breakout, the best solution is to use lavender. Lavender reduces inflammation and kills the acne-causing bacteria found in the body while unclogging the pores. It is best to use a product that contains lavender but if you decide to use the lavender oil, always mix it with a carrier oil. Apply this mix on your face using a cotton ball twice daily on the exact spot where the acne has appeared. During shower time, smear your lavender bar soap around your face and let it sit in for a bit. Rinse off with warm water and moisturize.

3. LAVENDER reduces dark spots

 Lavender helps with skin lightening. Most natural products that reduce inflammation also play a significant role in lightening the skin. Lavender fixes the discoloration of the skin. If you struggle with dark spots on your skin, it’s time to add a lavender bar or oil to your skincare routine. It also reduces redness on the skin. Lavender helps take care of hyperpigmentation on the skin.

4. LAVENDER is anti-aging

  Looking younger never goes out of style. Lavender is the natural ingredient that keeps the wrinkles and fine lines in check. Lavender contains antioxidants that help to get rid of the free radicals that cause aging in humans. When using lavender on your face, always extend it to the neck as aging is most visible there. You can mix drops of lavender oil with coconut oil and use it as a moisturizer on your skin. When using the lavender bar soap, lather it correctly on the body and enjoy your shower time. Always remember to moisturize the skin.

5. LAVENDER speeds healing

  Lavender is popularly known for ages as a healing ingredient. It helps promote the healing tissues in the body. If you’re trying to heal scars or a wound, smear a little bit of lavender oil all over your body and watch it do its magic. Also, using a lavender bar keeps your skin healed at all times.

6. Lavender is a mood booster

   As humans, we get easily stressed out. It’s either the daily work at the office or having to be a stay-at-home mum to your amazing kids. It can also be stress from schoolwork or having multiple projects to carry out. Lavender is the perfect mood booster. Not only does it set the mood right, but it also relieves you of stress and calms the mind. When you have a stressful day or week, have your bath with your lavender bar and let the fragrance lighten your mood. Lavender works its way into the nerves and causes a soothing effect. Lavender improves the spirit of every healthy individual. Keep a diffuser with drops of lavender oil around the house, and have a fantastic week.

7. LAVENDER treated skin blemishes

  If you have a skin condition ranging from eczema to psoriasis, lavender helps to ease the inflammation caused by them. You can add a drop of lavender to your body butter or moisturizer and use it on the skin. You can also use the lavender directly on the affected areas and watch it clear up in a few weeks. If you have super sensitive skin, mix your lavender oil with a carrier oil or stick to our lavender bar.

8. LAVENDER : Aromatherapy & Stress relief

   Lavender is used primarily on nighttime skincareproducts; this is because of how it helps induce quality sleep. One of the best ways to care for your skin is by having a proper sleep. Lavender-infusedproducts help relax the muscles, calm the nervesand put you in a better place for rest. Lavender generally relaxes the body.

9. LAVENDER serves as a moisturizer

  Suppose you have dry skin and struggle with finding the moisturizer that works best; alwayslook out for products that contain lavender. Lavender balances the pH level of the dehydratedskin. It also helps to control the production of oil on the skin. Most moisturizers leave the skin looking greasy and oily, not lavender, making the skin glowing and healthy. Lavender leaves the skin radiating and less flaky. If you have dry skin, add lavender oil to your skincare routine.

When using the lavender essential oil, always mix it with a carrier oil or to your body butter; this is because it might be too concentrated, and your skin will react to it.

Lavender is one of the best essential oils and ingredients for your skincare routine. It does not include fragrance as the smell is natural, even in beauty products. Our lavender soap is made from natural ingredients like coconut oil, mica powder, canola oil, and lavender oils.

Give your body and face the treat it deserves today; keep your skin glowing and healthy by adding lavender to your skincare routine.

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