What To Do After Taking Out A Heavy Makeup

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What do you do after you take off heavy makeup? 

So, you have returned from that show, event, or photoshoot you went to all glammed up. Indeed, you cannot go to bed in your makeup; it is a terrible thing to do to your facial skin; you need to take it off. 

Yes, there is that struggle. ‘I am tired; it is just a few hours; surely it won’t cause any harm.’ It would cause you harm. The first thing it could do is clog up your pores, and when your pores get clogged, acne finds its way to your face. It could also cause fine lines, and there goes your dream of becoming the next Gabrielle Union (She is aging backward).

So, yes, going to bed with heavy makeup on is top of the list of ‘Things you should never do to your face.’ 

Before moving to the things you should do after taking off heavy makeup, here are a few things you didn’t know about taking out your makeup.

Taking Out A Heavy Makeup

  • Do you know that using baby wipes to take off heavy makeup is a bad idea? Yes, the internet and ads have made it seem like they do the work, but they do not. Makeup more than stays on your face; it sinks into it. Something made for something as delicate as a baby’s but won’t do justice to cleaning your face. It would be best if you used a makeup remover or a facial cleanser. These were specially created to remove makeup, grime, and dirt, so best believe they will do a great job. 
  • You need to make sure that you are taking off heavy makeup from your hairline when taking out your makeup. You need to pack your hair up in a bun or back in a ponytail when taking out makeup so that all of that makeup can go out. 
  • If you do not have a makeup remover, you can use oils to take out your makeup, especially eye makeup. Even if you use a makeup remover and your eye and lip makeup and proving stubborn, coconut or almond oil rubbed on the face and left for a few seconds works magic. 
Now that that is done let us move on to what happens next. 

After taking out your heavy makeup, you do not just go to bed. Yes, you have properly cleaned your face, but there are other things you need to do to protect your face after taking out that heavy makeup. 

Wash your face:

For some people, after taking out their heavy makeup, it is straight to the shower before they go to bed. For others, they do not shower. However, for both sets of people, you need to wash your face. When we say wash your face, we do not mean that you should go scrubbing your face.

It may be easy to assume that there is some makeup debris stored in your face, and there may be. However, that is not enough reason to go scrubbing your face. Wash your face gently, using a small towel or a foam if the need be.

Let dry:

When you are done washing your face, you pat dry. Do not scrub dry with a towel; pat dry. Tugging at your skin with a towel has way too many disadvantages. Your face is delicate, tugging will only strain your skin, and you may end u[ with skin irritation which can lead to acne or wrinkles.

Your best option when drying your face is actually to air dry. Leave your face to dry on its own without using towels, especially at night.

Towels are for the days when you are impatient. Since you are doing this in the evening, there is no reason why you should not opt for the air-drying method. However, if you must towel dry, please pat dry. What is important is that, before you move to the next step in your after-makeup routine, you must make sure your face is completely dry. 

Use a toner:

Soak a cotton pad in toner and spread it all over your face till you are sure it has reached every spot. If there is any debris remaining at this point, they will not escape the toner. Gently use the toner all over your face. There are different kinds of toners. Some are made for skins that are not so sensitive, while there are those for sensitive skins.

If your skin is sensitive and you got a harsh toner, do not fret. Dab your cotton pad or ball in water before putting the toner on it. Since toners are generally water-based, they will be easily diluted, and then you can use it without the fear of having your face ruined. 


This is the final step. You should never go to bed without moisturizing your skin. At the point where your body is resting, your skin is rejuvenating itself; give it something to moisturize on. Your face has been exposed to makeup all day, and we know some of these products are not so tender.

You need to give your face some TLC before you retire for the night, and the best way to do that is to moisturize. Put some moisturizer on your palm and gently massage your face with the moisturizer, from hairline to ears to chin and throat. You are making sure that your face is absorbing all that moisture. 

You can either seal in with an oil or not, but this is the time to go to bed. 

You probably did not know that you needed an after makeup ritual before now, but you do. Your face is delicate, and it reacts to different chemicals in different ways. Now, you must make sure your face is not reacting to anything at all by taking care of your face after it has come in contact with these chemicals.

This is not to say that makeup products contain chemicals, but if you cannot go to bed in it, then you need to take care of your face after losing it. 

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