Why Bar Soap Over Bottled Soap?

Bar Soap Over Bottled Soap
Why Bar Soap Over Bottled Soap? 2

How many bottles are there in your bathroom? You can start counting from shampoo,
conditioner and even liquid soap. You know all these bottles are, non-degradable plastic, right?
You can reduce your plastic consumption by choosing bar soaps instead of liquid soap. In
addition, you can also choose to use shampoo bars now and maybe in the future we will also find
bar conditioners and other things in bars too.

Wait, we just mentioned shampoo right? Yes, there are now shampoos that come in bar form,
just like soap. This new variant of shampoo is considered the best version compared to
traditional liquid shampoo.

So, how is this version of the shampoo better than the traditional one? In this article, we will
show you the benefits of using shampoo bars.

Shifting to Shampoo Bars: A Plastic-Free Solution for Clean Hair and a Cleaner Planet

Refilling shampoo isn’t an ultimate solution. Refilling bottles of shampoo is another way to reduce the use of plastic bottles. However, most of the time, refill packs are also plastic. With shampoo bars, it is different because most products do not come in plastic.

The water bodies and their creatures are threatened Every year, 9 million tonnes of plastic end up in our ocean and, by 2050, scientists predict that the amount of plastic will exceed the amount of fish in the oceans. Therefore, we must reduce our plastic consumption immediately.

Plastic debris threatens the creatures of the oceans by strangling them or turning into
microplastics and penetrating their systems. The researchers discovered that there are already a
large number of ocean creatures that carry microplastics in their bodies.

The advantage of shampoo bars

Shampoo bars are usually wrapped in recycled paper or paper boxes. There are shampoo
products that could now save the planet from 6 million plastic bottles per year.
The bottom line: Using the shampoo bar means you are saying no to the use of plastics. It also
means you are protecting the environment and water bodies (including the water creatures) that
are being polluted by Plastics.

Travel-Friendly Shampoo Bars: Your Convenient and Mess-Free Hair Care Companion

Shampoo bars are more mobile
In solid form, it will also be easier for you to take shampoo on a trip. The shampoo bars will not
spill over other things and it will not give you the responsibility to take care of the used plastic
bottle that the traditional shampoo bottles come in.

Travel Hassle-Free with Shampoo Bars: TSA-Approved and Stress-Free Flights

As stated above, shampoo bars are not only easier to transport when travelling, but they will also
become a bonus. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents will not count shampoo
bars as an additional liquid that exceed your 3.4 ounces limit.

The use of shampoo bars will make your flights more enjoyable because it has reduced the liquid
limit of the shampoo. It is no longer necessary to open your suitcase at the airport after a long
and exhausting flight, as long as you do not bring another type of liquid that exceeds the limit.

Shampoo Bars: Travel-Friendly, Space-Saving, and Double the Fragrance Magic

If this does not suit you as a reason to switch to shampoo bars, try replacing your liquid shampoo
once with the bar shampoo and after reopening the suitcase you will see the magic.
You will realize the shampoo bars will give your clothes a fragrant aroma, which will make them
smell good. In this way, the shampoo bars will not only make your hair smell good, but it will
also give your clothes twice the good smell you can get with the same effort.

The bottom line: Shampoo bars are travel-friendly because you find it easy to move them in your
bags without taking space. It also offers added benefit by making your bag and clothes smell nice

Shampoo Bars vs. Liquid Shampoos: Water Content Revealed

Liquid shampoos are mostly made up of water
Most shampoos you will find in the market contain almost 80% water, while packaging products
contain around 95% water. That’s why they come in thick liquid form. On the other hand,
shampoo bars come in solid form, which means they contain less water than their liquid

Concentrated Shampoo Bars: Less Water, More Benefits

The shampoo bars are actually a very concentrated formula and a lot less water. That’s the
reason why when you use shampoo bars, you will notice that you only consume a little to get the
same or even better result compared to your original liquid shampoo.

Shampoo bars last longer

The less water also accounts for the reason why when you use shampoo bars, you realize they
last longer than your usual liquid shampoo. A medium shampoo bar lasts more than three bottles
of liquid shampoo if used properly.

You save more with shampoo bars

Another advantage is the shampoo bars will save a lot of money you are supposed to spend on
gas if you will be going to the store to get shampoo. In addition, you can avoid using many
plastic containers that come with liquid shampoos.

The bottom line: Shampoo bars are concentrated and contain little amount of water. This makes
it more effective and also help you reduce the cost of transport to get liquid shampoos.

Shampoo bars are cruelty-free

You protect the earth and feel better

This is one of the benefits of shampoos bars that will not affect you directly but make you feel
better because you are indirectly making the environment a better place. Most shampoo bars are
made by companies that support movements to protect this earth. It is not surprising that many
shampoo bar products state that they are cruelty-free and made with natural ingredients.

Liquid shampoo destroy the environment

The most common liquid shampoo products are chemicals that can destroy the natural
environment. But all-natural shampoo bars are made from essential oils to provide benefits,
scents and other natural ingredients.

Most shampoos do not contain "cruel" palm oil, which is strongly linked to deforestation and
killing of animals. Therefore, choosing shampoo bars can lead you to a better life if it helps
preserve nature.

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No more plastics, chemicals and dangerous preservatives, animals are not injured, even most
shampoo manufacturers pay part of their profits to preserve nature. Choosing the right product
instead of littering the environment with chemicals and preservatives you can help preserve the
environment. I am sure this does make saving the earth very easy.

You can use them for your pets

As an added benefit, instead of harming nature, you can use this shampoo to spoil your pets.
Created from natural ingredients, the use of shampoo bars to wash your pets does not only clean
them but does not expose them to harmful chemicals either.

The bottom line: Environmentally Friendly Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars are not harmful to animals or the environment because they are
made from essential oils.

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