Oily Acne Prone Skin: Treatment And Prevention

Oily Acne Prone Skin
Oily Acne Prone Skin

Oily skin is one of the most common skin types out there and it brings a whole lot of self-consciousness to people who have it. A lot of people would even tag oily skin as a bad skin type because of the hassle that comes with managing it. For instance, when applying makeup on oily skin, it tends to move out of place and end up looking cakey and greasy.

That being said, one skin issue that’s closely associated with oily skin is acne and oily skin is often referred to as acne-prone. Acne breakouts are more common in this particular skin type because of the increased production of sebum. Sebum is present in the pores and they help to provide moisture to your hair and skin. However, when too much sebum is produced, it will cause your skin to look oily and it also clogs your pores making the acne bacteria thrive thereby causing breakouts.

For every skin concern, there are ways to treat them as long as you understand the root causes. Now let’s have a look at some at-home treatments you can do to manage oily acne-prone skin and later on we’ll look at some preventive measures you can adopt in your daily life.

Home Treatment For Acne Prone Skin

There’s really no instant solution to putting an end to oily skin however, you can manage it and find that in good time, it’s not as severe and troubling. Adopting certain formulas, ingredients, and routines can help you treat your oily acne-prone skin.

1. Always Go For Water-Based Products

If you’ve previously ignored the formulas used on your skincare products, it’s time for a change. Basically, some products are formulated to be oil-based or water-based. and depending on your skin type, it might do more harm than good. Oily skin doesn’t need more oil added but it requires moisture too like any other skin type.

Unlike oil-based products, water-based products are more lightweight and they absorb into your skin well without feeling too heavy. Keep in mind that we’re not just talking about your moisturizers, eye cream, and so on; your makeup products and even SPF need to be put into consideration too. Oil-free products will help to reduce the chances of getting your pores clogged which is a major cause of breakouts.

2. Stay Consistent With Your Skincare Routine

When it comes to your skincare routine as someone with oily skin, you need to find what makes your skin thrive and stick with it. It might be tempting to keep trying new routines because you’re not seeing quick results, however, doing this can further damage your skin and even slow down the progress.

For oily skin, the first step you should take in your daily routine is to double cleanse day and night with a foaming cleanser. Your skin produces too much sebum and it clogs your pores so you’ll need to cleanse properly to clear out any impurities and excess sebum. Gentle foaming face soaps like the Mayan Magic Face Soap can help to deep clean your skin and still leave it feeling moisturized.

3. Check Out Ingredients Before Using

Another important habit you need to adopt is going through the ingredients listed on the products. This is because some ingredients can help to manage oil production, reduce the size of your pores, and fight acne.

Two ingredients that you should look out for are Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid. These are great chemical exfoliants that can manage oily skin and help to fight acne-causing bacteria. It’s advisable to avoid using physical exfoliants because they can be too harsh, making your skin feel irritated and even causing tiny tears on your skin.

Secondly, you should consider getting products with topical retinoids, topical 2% niacinamide. and so on. These ingredients used correctly can help to limit sebum production and also reduce their levels. Remember to seek professional advice before including any of these ingredients in your routine because some of them should not be used at the same time whilst others should be used for a short period.

4. Alcohol-Free Toner: Essential for Balanced, Refreshed Skin

We have to mention that using an astringent like toners without any alcohol content can help to remove any remnant impurities after cleansing. This is because alcohol strips the moisture out of your face so go for a toner with properties that can tighten your pores, smoothen and balance your skin’s pH level like the Mayan Magic Toner.

5. Include Face Masks Occasionally

Lastly, face masks are quite overlooked and are left out of many skin care regimens. Facial masks with certain ingredients can help to soothe your skin, reduce sebum production, fight acne, smoothen, and cleanse the skin. You could opt for honey, oatmeal, or clay masks like the Mayan Magic Charcoal Mask and ensure you only use them occasionally.

3 Ways To Prevent Acne Breakout On Oily Skin

Before we move on, it’s necessary to mention that oily skin, usually caused by hormones or genetics, can be hard to treat but it’s not impossible. Just like we mentioned earlier, a simple and consistent routine will help to manage and even reduce it in the long run.

1. Don’t Sleep With Makeup On

After a long day at work or school, it’s so tempting to just fall asleep without cleaning off your makeup and cleansing your face. This can cause acne breakouts that’ll be a hassle to treat so try to cleanse your face both morning and night.

2. Hands Off! Why Avoiding Face Touching is Crucial for Skin Health

You must have heard this before and wonder if it matters. Well, it does matter because there are bacteria everywhere and your hands are usually the first point of contact. Touching your face with those hands will do more harm than good so try to avoid it.

3. Diet Tips for Hormonal Acne: Embrace Fruits and Veggies

Lastly, your diet can help when there’s a high level of sebum production as a result of hormonal changes. Try to include fruits and vegetables in your diet to cleanse your skin from within.

We hope you take these tips into practice and remember that your skin is not bad; it’s beautiful the way it is. Every skin type has its downsides so keep loving yours and treat it right.

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