Lip Exfoliation: A Vital Step in Your Skincare Routine

You can exfoliate your lips! Did that sound weird? We bet it did, but listen, that is just one out of the many skin care procedures that are available in this world that you have not heard about.

Lip exfoliation is as old as skincare, and many people have been indulging in the practice for decades, so if you were thinking it is a new thing, know now that it isn’t. As you grow older, cells die and regenerate in your body, especially your skin. You already know by now that your skin needs extra help from you to get rid of the dead skin cells and dirt hanging onto the pores; well, so does your lip.

How To Exfoliate Your Way To Flake Free Lips
Lip Exfoliation: A Vital Step in Your Skincare Routine 2

When we take care of our skin, especially our facial skin, we wrongfully ignore our lips. They are there, waiting to be taken care of, drying out, and gathering dead skin cells, and we do not pay enough attention to them. The thing most of us do when it comes to lip care is slapping on a lip balm when it feels chapped and leaving it at that, but that is not all that needs to be done. You need to give your lips the same exfoliating attention you give your face, and we are going to teach you how.

Preparing for Lip Exfoliation: The First Step

First, wet your lips with warm water.

Just like your face, you cannot exfoliate your lips when they are dry. Take some warm water, and spread generously over your upper and lower lip, making sure that every part of the lips and around it is wet.

Applying Lip Exfoliant: A Delicate Touch

Gently, using your index finger, apply the exfoliant all over your lips. Make sure you are applying a thin coat because your lips are delicate and do not need heavy exfoliants. Once is all you need to spread the exfoliant on your lips.

Effective Lip Scrubbing Techniques for Softer Lips

There are four things you could use for the scrubbing process: your finger, a cotton swab, a small towel, and a soft toothbrush. Whatever you are using, the process is the same. After applying the thin layer of exfoliant on your lips, start moving whatever exfoliator you choose in a circular motion from one end to the other till you have gotten every part. Do not ferociously move from the left to right unless you are trying to end up sore after the process. The goal of the exfoliation is to end up with a flake-free lip, not a wounded one.

Gentle Lip Care Post-Exfoliation: Rinse and Dry

After scrubbing, wash your lips with warm water and dry with a soft towel. Do not wring the towel all over your lips; tap dry your lips instead. Your lips are currently tender as a result of the processes they just went through, be soft on them.

Nourishing Your Lips After Exfoliation: The Final Step

After exfoliating and drying your lips, apply a moisturizing balm immediately. It could either be a healing balm or just a nutrient-filled moisturizing balm, but apply something on your lips. You could avoid menthol-based lip balms because they may make you uncomfortable because of the sensation on your slightly sore lips. The moisturizers would keep your lips fresh, and they would also make your lips look better.

Post-Exfoliation Caution: Protecting Your Lip Health

This is going to sound weird, but keep your lips out of your mouth. It may sound hard, but please, keep your teeth and tongue away from your lips please until at least 24 hours after your exfoliation. When you go suckling or nibbling on a recently exfoliated lip, you put yourself at risk of infection. You may also hate to hear this, but any kissing that does not stop at pecks should be avoided for 24 hours too. Don’t worry; an exfoliation done perfectly is beneficial to both you and your partner.

DIY Lip Exfoliants and Lip Care: A Recipe for Beautiful Lips

There are off the shelf lip exfoliants which you could get; however, you could make yours using sugar and honey, or cinnamon and coconut or olive oil. If you do not have any of these, you can simply apply a lip balm and use a towel on your lips for the job.

In conclusion, your lips should not be excluded from your skincare routine, and neither should your eyes, but that is a conversation for another day. Your lips deserve to look succulent, soft and fresh, instead of looking like winter came and found your lips a worthy resting place.

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