The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Oily Skin

There are different skin types, and oily skin is one of the most difficult to handle. Most people have normal skin, and due to lifestyle or environmental changes, they develop oily skin.

Oily skin happens when there’s excessive sebum production in the skin. Sebum production takes place in the sebaceous gland. One of the benefits of sebum is that it helps to keep the skin moisturiser. However, excessive production of oil will clog your pores. Hormonal change, stress, genetics and also lifestyle change can trigger sebum production.

The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Oily Skin
The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Oily Skin 2

When the pores get clogged, it’s easy to have a breakout on your skin. With this well-curated guide, you will be able to fight the effects of oily skin.

The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Oily Skin

Dual Cleanse for Oily Skin: Hydrate, Eliminate Excess Oil

1. Always double cleanse: Most skincare experts will advise that you wash your face. Washing the face isn’t enough to get rid of oily skin. Also, when you wash your face with the wrong product, you strip your skin of its natural oil. The skin will be forced to retain its moisture and this leads to even more oily skin. When you double cleanse with a gentle soap or facial cleanser, it will help fight oily skin. Double cleansing removes excess oil from the skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and helps to maintain the natural oil.

Clay Masks for Oily Skin: Absorb Oil, Reveal Brighter Skin

2. Use a clay mask: Clay masks are crucial when you have oily skin. It absorbs the excessive oil the skin produces. Please choose one of our clay masks and apply it at least twice a week. Clay masks exfoliate the skin and help to make it brighter. It removes the impurities that clog the pores due to excess sebum production. It pulls out grease from the skin and helps to hydrate the skin. Remember that a clay mask gets off with warm water, unlike a peel mask. When you take out your clay mask, don’t forget to moisturise your skin.

Oatmeal Magic: Exfoliate, Control Oil, Boost Skin Health

3. Oatmeal: Oatmeal helps to absorb excess oil from the skin. It unclogs the pores by being an exfoliant and getting rid of dead skin cells. It would help if you used oatmeal as a face mask to remove excess oil on the skin. For a suitable oatmeal mask for oily skin, you must add honey. Allow the oatmeal and honey paste seat on your face for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. If you are consistent with this routine, your skin will produce less oil. Add our natural oatmeal to your cart today.

Beware of Drying Toners: Choose Hydrating Options

4. Avoid drying toners: Your toner is meant to be hydrating; why would anyone need a drying toner? Avoid toners that are alcohol-based or contain drying agents like Apple cider vinegar. The drying toner will drain your skin of its natural oil. A toner is essential to help balance your complexion. It also allows other products in your skincare routine to penetrate easily. Before using a toner, it is advisable to wash your face with a mild cleanser. Use a cotton pad and rub your toner around your face.

Moisturize Always: Essential for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

5. Always moisturise: There is a myth that people with oily skin shouldn’t moisturise. If this has been a rule you follow, it’s time to change. When you moisturise, you give your skin an additional protective layer. Even if you have oily or acne-prone skin, you need to moisturise. They help to hold water in your skin while keeping the skin hydrated. When you use body butteras a moisturiser, it provides an emollient for your skin. It is best to apply a moisturiser when your skin is still damp. It will help to trap water on your skin.

Sunscreen Shield: Defense Against Breakouts and Sun Damage

6. Always wear sunscreen: A sunscreen will not make your face extra greasy. However, it will reduce acne breakout while protecting you from the sun. If you have very oily skin, it is advisable to go for an oil-free sunscreen. Sunscreen has moisturising bases and will not strip your skin of its natural oil.

These tips will help you naturally fight oily skin. Be kind to your skin, and also remember that results come from consistency. Browse through our natural products and add them to your cart.

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