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Face Toner and Lavender Bar: Two Must-haves for a Healthy Skin

Do you know how many skincare products are in the world? About 25thousand, currently and make no mistakes, there will be more. Skincare is constantly evolving, as humans are finding more ways to make their skin look better. Before now, lavender was a great smelling plant with many uses, but as time went on, its benefits on the skin became known to people, hence its infusion in oils, creams, and soaps. Toners, on the other hand, have been for a while. Both of these products always have and will always have tremendous benefits.

Let us look at both of them differently and the benefits they provide for the skin. 

What is a face toner?

What is a face toner?
Face Toner and Lavender Bar: Two Must-haves for a Healthy Skin 6

Meant to refresh your skin without taking off its natural nutrients and moisture, a toner is a water-based liquid that is usually infused with ingredients that may be skin soothing. 

What does a Face toner do?

 It gives you clear skin. That is the basic job of the toner. Your face is prone to having clogged pores, and there is nothing you can do to stop that from happening. Getting clogged pores is as natural as growing new nails in place of chopped ones. Your skin is constantly shedding, and these dead skins do not fall off the skin themselves; you need to wash them out. Washing them would clean, but not as deeply as you want it to be; you need extra help. Also, your skin comes in contact with dirt and dust whenever you go out. Just like the dead skin cells, these get clogged in your pores as well and need to be taken out. The job of a toner is to go deep into those pores and get out these things. From oil to dead skin, to grime and dirt, the toner takes it all out, leaving your face smooth and your pores clean.

What are the benefits of face toners?

Restoration of skin’s PH Balance: Your skin naturally has a PH of 5 or 6, which is on a scale of 0 to 14; this is what works for your face. Its contact with soap or other chemical products may have it where it is not supposed to be. Your skin’s effort to return to normal may result in the overproduction of oil. When your skin begins to produce more oil than is needed, you become prone to acne. When you use a toner, it immediately restores your skin’s PH levels, saving you that oil production. Dabbing your face with a toner soaked cotton pad will help in restoring your skin’s PH balance. 

Closing of pores: A toner works in two dimensions; while it deep cleans the pores, it also tightens them shut, making sure that the toxins and impurities out there do not find their way into the pores. 

Skin revitalization: Your skin is immediately revitalized and fresh when it comes in contact with a toner. If your face feels heavy and oily after a hard day, and you do not have the time to shower and clean your face before heading out for dinner or something, use a toner. A toner will leave your face feeling fresh and light.

Skin moisturizing: Toners are some of the best moisturizing products which exist. It takes care of dryness and returns moisture to your skin, and then goes ahead to bind the moisture to your skin.

Face Toner and Lavender Bar
Face Toner and Lavender Bar: Two Must-haves for a Healthy Skin 7

Do toners irritate the skin?

The toner’s major job is to make sure your skin is not irritated, so a toner does not irritate or induce skin-dryness. Instead, a toner deals with both of the aforementioned issues.

Without a doubt, you need a toner among your skincare products, and it is not one of the optional items. A toner is one of the must-haves, the ones you should not be able to do without. When getting a toner, you must get one of great quality because anything that goes on, your skin has to be the best. The best toner you can get is the Mayan Magic, Face Toner.

Lavender Soap bar : Harnessing the Power of Lavender Oil

Lavender Soap bar : Harnessing the Power of Lavender Oil
Face Toner and Lavender Bar: Two Must-haves for a Healthy Skin 8

Lavender soap bars are made from lavender oils, and in some cases, other beneficial oils, but the main ingredient of a lavender bar is the lavender oil. 

What are the benefits of lavender oil?

Sleep and relaxation improvement: The lavender oil is usually used in massage parlors because of its ability to induce relaxation and take away the stress. For people having trouble sleeping, it is usually recommended to add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your pillow, as this will help improve sleep. Knowing how tasking the day can be, stepping out of the house with a healthy dose of lavender oil infused in your skin is a welcome idea. 

It is anti-inflammatory: Like some other essential oils, lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which could help in dealing with acne, eczemas, and some other skin issues which result from inflammations.  

It has antioxidants: Lavender oil possesses antioxidants that deal with free radicals. This reduces your chances at cell damage, which is usually caused by these free radicals. 

It moisturizes the skin: For your skin to look and feel better, you need as much moisture as you can muster. Lavender oil is very moisturizing and keeps your skin soft and fresh. 

The benefits of lavender oil are almost limitless. It is one of nature’s blessings, and that is why you must make use of a soap made from this wonderful oil. Using the lavender bar in the morning sets you up for a very relaxing day, and in the night, a relaxing night’s rest. 

The best lavender soap you can get is our Lavender Bar from Mayan Magic.

Does lavender oil Irritate the skin?

When used without a carrier oil, the Lavender oil can greatly irritate your skin. This is why the soap is amazing because it has been infused with other carrier oils to make it miler on your skin while retaining the benefits. 

Today is that day you make a great decision for your skin and get our Mayan Magic Face Toner and Lavender Bar. Your skin deserves the best treatment; provide it today. 

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