Easy MHRB Soap Recipe

Easy MHRB Soap Recipe
Easy MHRB Soap Recipe
  1. MHRB Powder – 20g
  2. Coconut Oil     – 100g
  3. Olive Oil           – 150g
  4. Canola Oil        – 20g
  5. Shea Butter     – 100g
  6. Beeswax           – 50g
  7. Lye                    – 57g
  8. Water                – 159g

This is going to be the quick and easy version for those of you in a hurry. Some obligatory safety tips: Lye is caustic so make sure to wear all safety protection. When you mix lye and water it will give off fumes that you absolutely do not want to breathe in. It could kill you. So be safe. Also, keep some white vinegar handy in case you get anything on you. It will neutralize the burn. Water will make it worse. This is not a craft activity for children.

Easy MHRB Soap Recipe

Ok so if I haven’t scared you off let’s get to the step by step:

Gathering Ingredients and Equipment

Get big steel bowl(never aluminium with lye!) with all of your oils going in a double boiler. You don’t have a double boiler? Of course you don’t, nobody does. You just put that metal bowl right inside a pot of boiling water. The point is not to apply direct heat to the oil. Stir this gently until everything is melted and blended together.

While that is working, measure out your water and then your lye. Remember, safety safety! Pour the water into a steel bowl. You can use glass, but lye can cut through glass so best to avoid it if possible. HPDE2 jugs can hold sodium hydroxide for a good while before they break down. SLOWLY add the lye to your water and stir as you go. It is going to get very very hot, be prepared. And make double sure not to breath in the fumes. After you see all the lye is dissolved, let it sit until it gets down to about 100°F. Then stir in your mimosa hostilis root bark powder. Be sure to use powdered MHRB. Shredded and chipped will be more difficult to work with.

Mixing Oils and Lye Solution

Mixing Oils and Lye Solution
Easy MHRB Soap Recipe 5

Once your bowl of oils is also down to 100°F, you can begin the next step. You want to go ahead and start mixing your oils pretty well. With the stick mixer. If you don’t have one and want to do it by hand then good luck with that. It’s not impossible, but just trust me you REALLY want a stick mixer. Slowly add in your water/lye solution. Keep stirring until it gets to trace. Which means that if you pick up some of it and drizzle it on the surface, it will stay on top for a good bit. Not immediately sinking into the rest of the mix.

Creating the Soap Mixture

Creating the Soap Mixture
Easy MHRB Soap Recipe 6

Now you can add fragrances if you would like. Then give it another good mix  and pour it into your mold. If you don’t have a soap mold then you can use any small box or whatever. Just line it with parchment paper first. Let it sit for a couple of days and then you can cut it. It will need 4 weeks to fully cure. So set it somewhere cool and dry to let it do its thing.

Safety and Additional Tips

There you have it, your own homemade MHRB Soap made from scratch! Who is better than you? Please remember to be safe. This recipe will make about 600g of soap. Don’t want that much soap? Just cut the recipe in half, but run it through a lye calculator to be absolutely sure about your lye and water measurements.

Don’t have all of the ingredients? You can check out our DIY collection. No time for that? Not a problem. All you need to make soap is water, lye, and an oil.

Different oils do different things. For example: Coconut oil lathers and cleans very well, but can leave the skin or hair dry in soap. Olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer, but doesn’t make the most bubbles. So people think it doesn’t clean that well, but it does. With just those two, which you can find in any grocery store or walmart, you can make great soap.

So whatever you have to work with or whatever you want to try instead, just run it through the lye calc first and then you will be good to go. We have an excellent write up on the Benefits of Mimosa Hostilis.

Be sure to check that out to learn all you need to know about the potential of this tree. If you’ve fallen in love with the colors and want to try your hand at dyeing, we have a how to for MHRB dye. If you’d like to aggressively combat aging then you can make a face mask with MHRB. We have a recipe for you in that link.

Easy MHRB Soap Recipe
Easy MHRB Soap Recipe 7

Thank you very much for checking out our easy MHRB soap recipe! If you have any questions just ask. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter down below and follow us on social media to get exclusive deals and find out about new products first!

If you have a tree close by that you think is Tezecohuite, please check out our How to Identify Mimosa Hostilis good first.

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