Salt Bar soap

Salt bar soap is one of nature’s gifts to humans. Have you ever imagined soaking yourself in the ocean just to get a feel of all the goodness the sea has to offer? Well, that is not exactly what using the salt bar soap feels like; it’s more! It’s the perfect bar for a self-care or home spa treatment. It properly exfoliates the skin; the results are also a short period. If you need a combination of hydration and exfoliation in a bar, you need the salt bar soap. Salt bar soap, also known as spa soap, is suitable for personal use and is the perfect dose of magnesium, zinc, calcium and other minerals for your skin. It is healthy on the skin either as a morning or nighttime routine.

At Mayan Magic Soaps, our salt bar contains oils for moisture and antibacterial properties. It has natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, MHRB and Epsom salt. The Epsom salt adds magnesium to the skin, which helps with the regeneration of skin cells and absorption of calcium.

Epsom salt helps loosen blackheads from the skin while profoundly exfoliating it to remove dead skin cells. Using Epsom salt alone is harsh for some skin types. We have mixed our salt bar with other natural ingredients to make it mild on the skin.


1. SALT BAR SOAP is rich in magnesium.

The salt bar is rich in minerals, but there is more magnesium in it. Magnesium helps in skin rejuvenation and repair, and it helps fight acne and other inflammations. It boosts the surface of the skin and keeps our collagen levels high. When there is no trace of magnesium in your meal, it causes the skin to look shrunken and unhealthy. The salt bar supplies the outer surface of the skin with the magnesium it lacks on the inside.

2. SALT BAR SOAP exfoliates the skin.

The salt bar deep cleanses the skin and helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Suppose you are not comfortable using the salt bar directly on your skin; it’s okay to use it on a washcloth. The Epsom salt rubs off on the washcloth and exfoliates the skin. Exfoliation gives the skin a radiant glow and makes you look youthful. It also increases blood circulation and balances the ton/complexion of the skin. It should be done two to three times a week, depending on your skin type. You can use the salt bar soap before shaving the sensitive parts of your body like the legs, chest, neck and arms. The soap has a good lather and moisturiser for the skin while getting rid of dead skin cells.

3. SALT BAR SOAP is detoxifying

Salt bars draw out the impurities from the skin. When you visit the spa, a detoxing skin routine gets added; this procedure gets replaced with your salt bar in the convenience of your home. The salt bar does not dry the skin out during the detoxifying process. It has a natural moisturiser with the ingredients (canola oil, olive oil and coconut oil). If you decide to use the salt bar today, have no fears, as it won’t dry your skin out.

4. SALT BAR SOAP is a good treatment for skin conditions.

The salt bar soap helps in the treatment of some skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The salt bar soap contains minerals like sulfur, potassium, calcium and magnesium.  The soap calms skin conditions, and the presence of Epsom salt helps reduce the itchiness and dryness. The Epsom salt in the salt bar soap draws out infections from the body and makes the skin softer and smoother. It is best to consult your doctor before using the salt bar soap when severe skin conditions.

5. SALT BAR SOAP helps balance natural oils.

The salt bar soap naturally contains fatty acid that helps balance the natural oil of the skin. It ensures that the skin is neither too dry nor stripped. The salt bar soap serves as a moisturiser, but it’s best to moisturise your skin after use.

The salt bar soap is equivalent to a smooth and gentle rock with lots of benefits. It is mild to the skin and perfect for all weather. We love reviews too! Shop the salt bar off our cart today.

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