Benefits Of Coconut On The Skin

Benefits Of Coconut On The Skin, Coconut products
Coconut products As Skincare

What comes to your mind when you think of coconuts? Surreal sandy Caribbean beaches, shiny Rastafarian men, a healthy sun tan, and a yummy sippy coconut in one’s hand. Sometimes, we remember bounty chocolate bar, coconut cakes, and all other yummy gooey goodness that comes from coconut and its flavour. Lucky for us, coconut not only takes care of our stomach, it also nourishes our outside.

Often, we see commercials, strictly made for coconut oil and its benefits. What we might not know is that, the oil, milk, and other coconut extracts are often added to other natural products to make scrubs, body bars, and even face masks.

What Does Coconut Do For The Skin?

Just like it has many edible products and benefits, coconut also performs excellent duties for the skin, and some of them include;

1. Moisturization: Intense studies have revealed that coconut products applied on the skin tend to improve skin hydration, and help fight acute or chronic dryness of the skin. Not only does it hydrate the skin, it takes care of skin conditions that result from skin dryness; especially eczema.
2. Treatment of Acne: Acnes are uncomfortable, itchy, painful, and they certainly do not look good on the face. Coconut possesses qualities that combat inflammatory conditions, due to its antibacterial components. Acne is an inflammatory skin condition, and lauric acid; the main fatty acid in coconut, treats it without hassles.
3. Skin Glow and Shine: In all honesty, those models in commercials, and celebrities in music videos apply oil and sheen to their skin, to make them glow for the camera, but the average person can achieve this as a constant state when they use coconut products on their skin. The oil and milk from coconut are excellent natural glow makers, and they are perfect for anyone that intends to achieve this.
4. Prevents Premature Ageing and Wrinkles: There’s nothing more irritating than looking ten times your age, especially when you see older people looking way younger than you. Organic coconut products have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are known for stabilizing the free radicals in the body system. These antioxidants in coconut tend to help the skin retain collagen, which prevents early ageing and premature wrinkles.
5. Smoothens The Skin and Prevents Cracking: Constant application of coconut products to the skin, ensures that the appearance of the skin remains fresh, healthy, and smooth. With the antioxidants it possesses, thanks to the immense quantity of vitamin E, it prevents cracking on the skin, especially around the soles of the feet, during humid and hot weather conditions.
6. Improves Healing of Wounds: If there is any form of injury on the skin, from cuts, abrasions, or punctures, the antibacterial content of coconut protects those areas from microbial infections, while the rejuvenating component of coconut helps the body to repair damaged cells around the areas affected.
7. Constant Tan: If you are a fan of looking tan all year round, without having to bake in the sun like an Easter pudding, using coconut products, will allow the oil to seep into your skin, and prolong the onset of a moderate tan on your skin.

Who Can Use Coconut Products?

The answer is everyone. Well, anyone who is not allergic to coconut and its extracts. Additionally, people with oily skin may want to avoid using coconut oil directly on their skin, while people with sensitive skin should limit their use of rough scrubs.

This is why our Coconut Lime Body Bar is the perfect fit for everyone. It is smooth, soft, and the oil content is not over the top. Made from a blend of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Coconut essential Oil and Lime Essential Oil, with a fruity scented twist; this bar will give you all the benefits of its ingredient, with none of its disadvantages.

Anyone looking for the benefits of coconut products is welcome to use our Coconut Lime Body Bar, because it comes from an array of natural ingredients and natural processing, all attributed to products from Mayan Magic Soaps. The smoothness of the bar will glide over your skin, making it a tailored fit for people with sensitive skin. The fruity scent will leave your body feeling fresh and well-scented all day long. The oil will keep you glowing, hydrated, and healthy for a long time to come.

Our ingredients are not harsh, so they will not harm your skin the long run. Besides, because it is organic and 100% natural, you will not have to battle the side effects of prolonged use of chemicals. Naturally, they advise you to use face wash or face gel on your face, because of the harshness of soaps, but our Coconut Lime Body Bar is very gentle, and you don’t have to worry about using it on your face. Your wellbeing is our priority, and you can feel this in all our products, including this body bar.

How To Use The Coconut Lime Body Bar

1. Ensure your hands are clean before starting.
2. Wet your face and other parts of the body you want to use it on.
3. Work the bar into a nice lather with your hands.
4. Apply the lather on your skin, and gently massage it into your skin with a soft circular motion.
5. Do this till all parts are evenly covered.
6. If you want, you may leave it on your face until you are ready to shower it off. If in the shower, use a soft washcloth to wash off the lather.
7. After each use, keep the body bar dry and away from water. This will help it stay firm and make it last longer.

Our Coconut Lime Body Bar is the soap for sensitive skin, soap for dry skin, soap for oily skin, and soap for an acne-prone skin. Since all the ingredients are natural, it is eco-friendly, and it prevents wastage. Our packaging also comes in degradable and recyclable materials, making you a friendly environmental user.

With just $11, you can get your own Coconut Lime Body Bar from Try us today and realize that you’ve got nothing to lose, but absolutely everything to gain.


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