Basic Hygiene Rules for a Healthier Skin

basic hygiene rules

Having great skin goes beyond using the right products and the right skin care regimen. There is also the part of what you eat, drink, and your basic hygiene when it comes to having healthy skin. It may sound weird, but if your basic hygiene has an issue, it does not matter how many products you pour into your skin; you will keep having issues. Your skin is an organ, like the rest of your vital organs, which can be affected by your day-to-day basic hygiene methods.

Here are some hygiene rules for a healthier skin:

1. Wash your hands before you apply any product on your skin: You have probably not been told this before, but before you start applying products on your skin, especially your face, you need to wash your hands. Your hands carry germs from all the places they have been; to save your skin from absorbing these germs and reacting to them, wash your hands thoroughly.
2. Keep your hands off your face: This would not be the first time you have heard this, but here is a reminder Your hands should not be anywhere near your face. Apart from sending germs into your skin pores, your nose, eyes, and mouth are on your face. These are gateways into your body, and your hands can feed them germs that could make you very sick.
3. Different towels for different purposes: It should be seen as taboo to use the same towel for your body, feet, privates, and face. The towel used on your body or your privates should never find its way to your face under any circumstances. Your face should have a small white, soft towel. White because the moment you notice even a speck of dirt, it goes straight in the washer, so this means you must have more than one. Soft because your facial skin is delicate and could be hurt by a harder towel. The towel for your face does not have to be big; a small fluffy towel is just great.
4. Sun Dry towels every after every use: Whenever you are done using a towel for your skin, please take it out to where the sun could touch it. Do not spread it in a room where it could gather mold as a result of the dampness. Let the sun dry off the dampness from the towel before you use it again. If you find out that your towel is still damp before your next use, please use a fresh one while you let that one dry properly.
5. Wash your towel weekly: Your towels should be washed every week, and no one should have just one towel. After every use, your towel gathers molds, dead skin cells, and residue soap sometimes. Now, imagine that this continues every day for one week. Isn’t that towel due for washing? Why are you still using it when it could very well now be transferring all of these things which have no business on your skin back to your skin. Please send your towel to the laundry and replace it with a fresh one every weekend.
6. Change foams and sponges every two months: If you are one of the people who use sponges or foams to lather, there is only so much you can do with water when cleaning them after a long while. After a few months, preferably two months, please change your sponges or foams and get rid of the old ones.
7. Airdry sponges and foams after use: It might be impossible to get your sponge or foams to dry before the next use. However, you should make a conscious effort to make this happen by taking your foams and sponges out to where air or, better yet, the sun could dry them out.
8. Change sheets every weekend: Your sheets gather dust, dirt, toxins from the air, heat from your skin, and a lot of other things that would become too much in one week. So, every one week, wash the old sheets and replace them with fresher ones. Dirty sheets can do a lot of damage to your skin. You may not notice the damage on time because it is often a slow and steady process.
9. Change your pillowcases every three days: Your face is too delicate to remain on a pillowcase that has collected drools, skincare products residue, heat, dead skin cells, and hair products residue. Every three days, wash your pillowcases and replace them with fresher ones to give your face a fighting chance against acne and eczema.
10. Wash your makeup brushes and applicators every weekend: You are supposed to wash your makeup applicators after every use, but seeing as some people use their makeup kits almost every day, let us settle for weekends. Every weekend, air out your makeup bag, clean your tools, wash your brushes and applicators. If you do not do this, the buildup on the buses has the capacity to ruin your skin.
11. Wash your skin when you get home: This could be in the form of showers or long baths, but please, when you come in from a tiring day, wash the day off your skin. Do not let the sweat of the day rest on your skin for too long. If you are too busy to shower and have to dash out again, please use a facial cleanser to clean the day off your face.

Final thoughts about Basic Hygiene

Your skin needs care, some tender loving, and major attention. Instead of buying tons of products to solve skin issues, why not change your hygiene game and see what changes with your skin? First of all, get the hygiene part out of the way and see what else can be done to make your skin look better. These hygiene tips listed above seem like they are too much to do, but when you start seeing the effects on your skin, you would be thankful for them.

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