7 Skincare Traps To Avoid

We all want healthy and glowing skin. When it comes to how our skin looks, the routine is usually exhausting. Skincare can be complicated, and there are always ongoing trends on the internet. What we have failed to realise is that most of these trends are traps. There are certain skincare traps to avoid if you want better skin. In your skincare, certain things are a priority compared to others. While it is easy to drown in the noise and have a splurge on product purchases, here are seven skincare traps to avoid.

7 Skincare Traps To Avoid
7 Skincare Traps To Avoid 2

7 Skincare Traps To Avoid

1. Toner: A Vital Step for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin Care Routine

The big question is, do you need toner in your skincare routine? Toner is essential for people with different skin types, but it is primarily for people with oily and acne-prone skin. A toner gives an extra cleanse to your skin. It minimises the pores and reduces oil production on the skin. A toner is an essential part of your skincare routine as it gives healthy and glowing skin. A toner opens your pores for the nutrients from other products in your skincare routine. Use a toner in your morning and nighttime skincare routine. Also, remember that the toner is not a replacement for moisturiser or sunscreen. They add different benefits to your skin.

2. Eating sugar, processed food and drinking less water

Apart from using the right products for your skin, what you eat also plays a role in the appearance of your skin.  Eating unhealthy and processed food leads to an acne breakout. The skin is easily triggered by refined carbohydrates and fat. Fast food can also lead to redness and irritation in the skin. The same symptoms can occur to the skin when you drink less water. When we drink at least two litres of water a day, it helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. Drinking water reduces wrinkles and leaves you with smooth and healthy skin. Did you know that water makes your face glow? This is your sign to switch your juice packs, wine and alcohol with more water. Water has essential nutrients that replenish and help in skin cell regeneration.

3. Unlock the Benefits: Proper Moisturizer Application for Radiant Skin

There is a rule to apply your moisturiser to enjoy its benefits. First, remember that everyone needs a moisturiser. When you don’t apply a moisturiser, your skin will become oily. This is because the moisturiser reduces the skin’s production of sebum. When you apply a moisturiser, it helps your skin retain its natural moisture. It is best to apply your moisturiser when the skin is damp. Apply in upward strokes. It reduces the chances of having saggy skin, fine lines or wrinkles. It makes your skin absorb the product properly while also defying gravity. Make sure your moisturiser spreads to every part of your face. Apply your moisturiser in the morning and nighttime routine for maximum results.

4. Smart Skincare Choices: Tailoring Products to Your Skin’s Needs

Before you purchase a product, always be sure of your skin type. Be sure products are graded according to skin types and not tone or colour. It is easy to try a product because everyone is using it, but this is a skincare trap to avoid. Always run a patch test before using a product. Make sure the ingredients are safe for your skin type. Some products are based on age; if you notice you are starting to lose collage, go for an age-resistance product. Also, check the shelf life of products before using them. If a product causes irritation or damages to your skin, it is advisable to discontinue use. We recommend you use natural products.

5. Sunscreen Essentials: Protect Your Skin Daily for a Healthy Glow

People have different reasons why they don’t use sunscreen. Some fear it will make their skin oily, while others are worried it will cause breakouts. Sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage (sunburn and skin cancer). Find a mineral or gel-based sunscreen suitable for your skin type and use it daily. The sunscreen comes last in your skincare routine.

6. Lukewarm Baths: Unlocking Pores and Preserving Skin’s Natural Moisture

When you soak yourself in a hot bath, you strip your skin of its natural oil. It is best to use lukewarm water as it helps open the pores and allows nutrients from your products to lock in correctly.

7. Drying out oily skin

If anyone offers to help you dry out oily skin, it is advisable to decline this offer. Washing your face with harsh products will lead to oily skin. It is advisable always to use a lightweight moisturiser to help your skin retain its balance. Avoid products with alcohol or sulfates. Not only will they irritate the skin, but they will also increase the production of oil.

It is best to visit a dermatologist before getting involved in trendy skincare routines. You can also read through our articles to understand your skin better.

What skincare trap will you be avoiding?

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