10 Skincare Mistakes You Could Easily Make

Skincare Mistakes
10 Skincare Mistakes You Could Easily Make 5

In taking care of your skin, there are things you are told to do and things you are expressly asked not to do. There are also products you are asked to use and products you are forbidden from using. In all of these, no one really talks about the small Skincare mistakes we make that could ruin our skins.

So, to help you have healthier skin, here are ten simple Skincare mistakes you make with your skin that could cause some skin trouble for you:

10 Skincare Mistakes You Could Easily Make

Protect Your Skin: Keep Your Phone Clean and Your Face Clear

Protect Your Skin: Keep Your Phone Clean and Your Face Clear
10 Skincare Mistakes You Could Easily Make 6

Your phone goes from your hand to your bag, to your pocket, to surfaces, to the hands of someone you gave your number to, and then finally to your face when someone calls.

Prior to the face meeting, your phone has come in contact with dirt, dust, elements, and germs. If you do not wipe your phone often, every time you put your phone to your face to say ‘hello,’ you are introducing germs to your face. As a rule of thumb, stick to headsets, handsfree, and all the other kinds; you save your skin that way.

Hands Off: Keep Your Face Clean and Acne-Free

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10 Skincare Mistakes You Could Easily Make 7

Just like your phone, your hands have been in places where your face should not be. You have touched surfaces, people, and, interestingly, your phone. If you love your face, you should make a mental note not to touch your face indiscriminately unless you wash your hands. If the reason for your hands on your face is because you have acne you are tampering with, you should know now that it would just make it worse.

Moisturizing Your Skin only at night

Moisturizing Your Skin only at night
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Yes, your skin is more prone to accepting skin-healing products at night. However, there are products that are for every hour of the day, and one of them is your moisturizer.

Your moisturizer does more than heal your skin, and it keeps your skin looking supple and fresh all day long. Ergo, after every shower or cleansing, massage a moisturizer into your skin.

Skincare Wisdom: Patience and Preparation for Healthy Skin

There is a quote with skincare ‘If it works fine, do not change it, and this is because your skin may react to a change. Secondly, give a product time when you get it unless it attacks your skin immediately, giving you acne or irritations.

Finally, if you are going to switch products, give yourself some time after your old products. No, it should not take too long, but it should take enough to prepare your skin for a change. Call it weaning.

Clean Your Tools: Prevent Skin Troubles with Regular Makeup Applicator Wash

You may say, ‘I am the only one using them; why do I need to wash them’ but have you ever heard of something called build-ups? They can do a massive number on your skin. Makeup products build up over time on applicators─brushes, foams and blenders─and become toxic. When you take that toxin-filled applicator to your face, you open your skin up to acne, eczema, irritations, and other skin troubles.

Simplicity Wins: Avoid Skin Reactions with Minimal Skincare

When it comes to skincare products, less is always more. You are in danger of creating a toxic reaction on your skin when you keep adding products on products on your skin.

Because each of them carries its own chemical properties, your face becomes a palette of chemical testing. Use only products recommended for your skin; go simple and stick to basics when in doubt.

Beauty Sleep: Your Skin’s Secret Weapon for Radiant Health

You may not know this, but your sleeping pattern will show on your skin, whether you expect it to or not. So when you are staying awake to catch up on a late-night series or something else, you are depriving your skin of important healing time.

The resultant effect of not sleeping on your skin is stress-induced acne, fine lines, crow’s feet, and dark under-eye circles. When they say ‘taking a beauty sleep,’ it is a real thing—sleeping as often as you should make you beautiful because your skin would be beautiful.

Exfoliating too much

We said you should exfoliate often; we did not say you should exfoliate always. When you exfoliate more than you are supposed to, you open your skin to infections because you break it.

Broken skin is both infection and irritation-prone. You would also end up with small scars, which may just become dark spots on your face. Exfoliating your face should be done twice a week, and the exfoliator for your body may be too hard for your facial skin, so be careful and ensure you are using only the right products.

Using your body products on your face

This is a Skincare mistake made by many people because they erroneously think both their facial skin and their body skin are the same.

Your facial skin is more delicate than the rest of the skin on your body. Your body soap should be kept away from your face, and the same applies to your lotion. The products used on the rest of your body may be too harsh for your skin, and it may irritate your skin.

Not drinking enough water:

It is doubtful that you would not always be reminded of the importance of water on your skin. The more water you take in, the more your pH stays balanced, and when your pH is balanced, your skin stays producing just the right amount of oil. When your body does not have enough water, it distorts the pH balance of your body, and your skin may just show it. Also, the water you take helps the blood carry oxygen to your skin, leaving your skin fresh and supple.

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On a lighter note, let’s add minding your business to drinking water; it works wonders.

These Skincare mistakes are rarely talked about because, let’s face it, and they are basic things we do every day. However, now that we have listed them out for you, we hope that you now pay more attention to them so that you make them less often. One more mistake you would be making with your skin is not buying skincare products from wwwmayanmagicsoaps.com.

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