10 Skincare Commandments for Glowing and Healthy Skin

Skincare Commandments
10 Skincare Commandments for Glowing and Healthy Skin 2

How many rules do you have guiding your skincare routine? It’s easy for us to get overwhelmed by the endless list of skincare rules and regulations. Skincare doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We have created a list of commandments to guide you towards having a glowing and healthy skin. Ready?

10 Skincare Commandments for Glowing and Healthy Skin

1. Thou shall always wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most important skincare products. Not only does it protect you from the sun, it also ensures your skin is free from dark spots. The only time of the day that’s okay not to wear sunscreens is at night. Wear your sunscreen when you’re indoor, on a walk or sitting at the beach. The sun is very damaging for the skin and can make you age faster. If you need an excellent result from the everyday sunscreen, add it to your shea butter.

2. Thou shall not pop pimples and blemishes

When you pop pimples, you leave your skin with dark spots and scars. Sometimes popping pimples can cause cyst acne which requires medical attention to be taken care of. By popping pimples and blemishes, not only do you leave spots, you also damage your skin. Most times, instead of extracting pimples, we push the content back into our skin and this causes inflammation. Popping pimples might feel good but trust us when we say it’s best to leave it alone! When you touch your pimple, it destroys the natural healing process. So repeat after us, thou shall not pop pimples and blemishes. Stick to it too.

3. Neck Care Essentials: Extend Skincare Routine for Plump, Healthy Skin

It is easy to apply skincare products and forget the neck. The neck is the one part of the body that shows aging quickly. Next time you wear sunscreen or moisturizer, always pay attention to your neck. It is essential to extend all skin care products to the neck and this includes during exfoliation. The neck has very fragile and sensitive skin. Neck care is as important as face, hand and feet care. Wrinkles begin to appear on the neck when you don’t pay attention to it. By taking your neck care serious, it will keep looking plump, glowing and healthy. So when next you’re doing your skin care routine, always work your hands down your neck.

4. Thou shall always remove thy makeup

When you wear makeup to sleep, it causes damage to your skin. You should always make sure you remove makeup when it’s time for bed. The best way to remove your network and still have a glowing and healthy skin is by using shea butter and cotton pad. Unlike the baby wipes, the shea butter and cotton does not cause friction on the skin. When you remove makeup, it’s easier for your skin to breathe. It does not clog the skin and it makes it very healthy. When you apply a skincare product with makeup on, it only creates a barrier from absorption. So it is best to remove your makeup before going to bed for healthier skin.

5. Do not eat processed or junk food

What we eat makes up for how our skin looks on the outside. By eating processed food or junk, our skin won’t be healthy or even glow. Processed food can cause our skin to break out. Eating healthier and balanced food is better for your skin. Ensure you take the right amount of vegetables and fruits especially for their nutritional values. When you cut down on sugar, you will notice how clear your skin will become. Tomatoes, spinach, nuts, berries and legumes are healthier meal options for a healthy and glowing skin.

6. Thou shall get enough sleep

Did you know that lack of sleep makes your skin look dull? The rest you get at night is called beauty sleep for a reason! You need about 9 hours of sleep at night for a healthier skin. When you sleep, a lot of things happen in the body. Your skin cells regenerate and give way for a healthier and glowing skin. Also when you get enough sleep, there is blood circulation which results in a brighter and more toned skin complexion.

7. Thou shall exfoliate weekly

How often do you exfoliate? What products do you exfoliate with? To get the best skin result, always exfoliate with oat powder. It helps your skin get rid of dead skin cells. When this happens, it is easier for other skincare products to be absorbed by the skin. As we get older, the skin stops it’s natural exfoliation process. It is best to exfoliate at most twice a week. Always remember to moisturise the skin after exfoliation.

8. Thou shall always use the right products

You only cause damage to your skin when you use the wrong products. Check through our products for the best natural products for all skin types. Before you’re a product, ensure you know your skin type. Read through our blog to know the right product for your skin. If a product is expired, please get rid of it and replace it with a better product.

9. Thou shall keep th skin hydrated

Drinking water is one of the best ways to keep your skin hydrated. When you stay hydrated, you flush out the toxins from the body. By drinking the right amount of water and using a good moisturiser, you keep your skin looking hydrated on the outside.

10. Thou shall stay loyal to a working routine

Give every new routine you try at most two weeks before concluding they don’t work. If you find a routine that works for you, learn to stick to it. Only switch up your skincare routine if your dermatologist recommends it. If you change your products a lot of times, it has a negative impact on your skin. It takes time to see results when you start a skincare routine so remember to stay consistent.

Make a note of these commandments and keep them close to your skincare drawer or mirror.

How many of these commandments have you been following? Share this with someone today

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