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Why your skin needs kokum butter

Uncategorized / May 15, 2022

Kokum butter is one of the best body butter for all skin types. It is easy to overlook other body butter because of the hype around shea butter. Here is one secret we have for you, kokum butterhas the right amount of skincare benefits for your skin! If you want to know if kokum butter is suitable for your skin, then keep reading this article.


Kokum butter is a body butter with a light consistency. Kokum butter comes from the kokum tree. The tree which is in the Western Ghats of India produces the seeds that are used in making kokum butter. It has a pale yellow appearance, and even though kokum butter looks flaky, it has a lot of benefits to offer your skin


Skin benefits of kokum butter


1. It is suitable for skin cell regeneration


Kokum butter is perfect for the regeneration of skin cells of the body. Before the degeneration of skin cells begins, kokum butter helps you fight them. It contains emollient properties. Emollients are excellent for your skin because it softens your skin and makes it appear and stay healthy. When products penetrate the skin, their results are more visible than products that are too heavy to penetrate the skin.


2. Kokum butter contains Vitamin E


Vitamin E is essential for the body. It reduces inflammation and reduces the damages caused by UV rays in the body. It also nourishes the body while protecting it. Kokum butter contains a rich amount of Vitamin E and it also protects the skin from free radicals. Vitamin E protects the skin from environmental toxins; imagine what skin wonders you will again by using kokum butter and sunscreen? It is safe to say that kokum butter keeps your skin healthy.


3. Kokum butter reduces signs of aging


There are different reasons why our skin starts to age rapidly. Well no need to panic as kokum butter, like other body butters reduce the signs of aging. It restores the elasticity of your skin and fights against dehydration. While regenerating your skin cells, kokum butter helps to get rid of visible fine lines and wrinkles.  It also reduces discoloration and gives your skin a balanced and even tone. With kokum butter, you are sure the collagen in your body is in constant regeneration.


4. Kokum is excellent in fighting acne


.There is a misconception about body butters and one of them is that they increase acne. Not kokum butter or any other body butter we know! Kokum butter is a light moisturiser that balances your skin. It does not clog the pores therefore it cannot cause acne. People with sensitive skin or acne prone skin can use kokum butter with no panics. Remember that the skin breakouts and leads to acne when your pores get clogged. Kokum butter is anti-bacterial. It also helps to clear the scar caused by blemishes or acne breakout. Substitute your moisturiser for kokum butter and let it fix your acne breakout.


5. Kokum butter contains fatty acid


Fatty acid is essential for your skin because it repairs damages on your skin barrier. If you have recently used a skincare product that caused damage to your skin, the fatty acid in kokum butter will help your skin to heal. The high concentration of kokum butter allows it to have emulsion stability.


Kokum butter is fragrance free and is the perfect moisturizer to add to your skin care routine. It is best to store your kokum butter in a warm room.


Kokum butter is what your skin needs to stay moisturized and reduce signs of aging.


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