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Skincare Tips To Try In Your 50’s

Everyone talks about skin care practices to practice in your 20’s or 30’s, but no one mentions how important skincare is in your 50’s. Some factors affect the skin internally and externally as we get older. When we age, the collagen in the body starts to slow down, and it’s easier to start ageing. The older we get, we need to change our lifestyle and skincare routines to help us be fit. If you have these skincare tips in check, your skin will constantly glow and look healthier.

6 Amazing Skincare Tips To Try In Your 50’s


The skin is the most significant part of the body and very visible. The body starts to lose moisture as we get older, and the body becomes dry and flaky when we don’t moisturise. When you are in your 50’s, moisturise daily using shea butter. In your younger years, it would have been no harm if you moisturised only in the morning. Now that you are older, you should moisturise in the morning and nighttime after taking a shower. Also, remember to use a moisturiser when your skin is still damp; it helps lock in the shea butter.


If you’re wondering why you need to know your skin type again, it is because it changes over time. Over the years, our skin type changes due to environmental factors or our lifestyle. Also, when wwe are older, the body starts to reduce its oil production, which makes it possible for us to avoid breakouts. The knowledge of your skin type helps you know the right products to use. You might be using the right products but for the wrong skin type, hence there will be no result. Also when you use the wrong products, it irritates the skin, makes it dry and causes more damage to it.


In your 50’s, sunscreen should be your best friend. Sun protection is necessary especially if you want your skin care routine to function correctly. The sun can cause damage to the skin and also result in skin cancer. It is okay to repeat the application of your sunscreen. Iggf you would be spending a long time outside your house and won’t be comfortable with reapplying your sunscreen, wear a protective outfit. The UV rays of the sun cause more damage to the skin than we know. Extend the application of your sunscreen to your ears and chest. Also remember that shea butter is a good sunscreen. If you have to get sunscreen, ensure it is 100% natural to avoid damaging your skin.


As we get older, we start to take on coping mechanisms due to stress from work and life. At 50, smoking is already part of some women’s lifestyle. To maintain good skin, you need to quit smoking. Smoking ages the skin prematurely. It also hurts the overall health of the body. When you smoke, there is movement around your mouth and face; this causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces the circulation of blood in the body. Remember the essence of blood circulation for the skin? It helps to keep your complexion in check; that is why when applying your skincare products, it should be done in a circular motion to increase blood flow.

Smoking also damages the teeth. It causes cancer and lung/heart diseases. To keep your beauty in check, now is the right time to quit smoking.


As we get older, our skin starts to lose its firmness. It is best to talk about practices that will make the skin sag. When you pull or tug on the skin, it stretches or sags. As you get older, learn to be more gentle on your skin. Avoid scrubbing with harsh wash clothes while taking a shower. Use only natural products while washing your face. You can look through our products and add our soap to your cart today. Be kind to your skin.


When you’re in your 50’s, life starts to happen a little bit fast. In all of this chaos, always remember to keep your stress in check. Stress leads to skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It can also make the sensitivity of the skin heightened and when this happens, your stress hormones battle with your skincare products and they do not affect the body.


When you are stressed, take a rest, have your beauty sleep. The older you get, it’s best to remember your beauty sleep. It helps to reduce stress and the effects of hormonal issues. Before you go to bed, remember to apply products to your nighttime routine.

Your body let’s you live in it for a longer duration if you take care of it properly. Know anyone who would like to still look good at 50? Could you share this with them?

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