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why your skin care products are not working

There are a wide range of skin care products designed for different reasons and effect on our skin. Some are designed for improvement and others for repairs of our skin beauty and texture. We have had instances where it seems our skin care products are not giving us the desired results but there are a number of reason why your skin care products are not working as expected. It could be due to;


Not Exfoliating: Exfoliation has to do with the removal of dead cells on your skin. Some of these dead cells can prevent your product from penetrating your skin thereby making your skin care product ineffective. So it advisable to consider exfoliating maybe once or twice a week to allow for easy entry of product into your skin layers.

Lack of Consistency: Some of us are looking for an overnight quick fix with our skin goals. We are quick to conclude that a product is not working after a few days or weeks of application. But if we want optimum results from our skin care product, the need for consistency cannot be overemphasized. It is ok to say if we do not use our skin care products for an extended period of time we cannot say they are not working.

Medications: Certain medication can cause some obvious changes on our skin and can have contradicting effect on our skin care products.

The way you store your skin care products: Certain products requires that they are stored specially to avoid damages to them. The manufacturers often advise on mode of storage, some either in a cool dry place or in a refrigerator for proper storage. If these products are badly stored it can affect its resultant effect if used.
Using expired product: Always check for expiry date of any skin care product purchased before use. If the said product has expired it will not work and it can even be dangerous to your skin.

Wrong combination of skin care products: There is this believe that mixing or combining skin care products will work better or give better results, but there is a risk of combining these products wrongly and can affect the results from using these mixture of products.

Mode of Application: One of the reasons why Your skin care products are not working is because we are not applying it/them properly or correctly. We need to follow through with the instructions on how to apply them for them to work as expected.

Change in weather: The weather condition can affect our skin reactions and can make our skin care products ineffective. When the weather is hot, the skin produces more heat and therefore all the body hydrating creams may not work on our skin at this period.

Quality of the ingredients: The quality of the content of our skin care product can be one of the reasons they are not working. Yes awe hear it is not in the quality but there is no negotiating with quality when it comes to a top notch skin care products as a low budget item will always play out in the quality of results.

Diet Plans: If we engage in any unhealthy dieting it can cause a change in our body hormones and in turn have a reverse effect on our skin. This skin reaction can make our skin resistance to our skin care products.

Not using the right products suitable for our skin: We have to first know our skin type and use recommended skin products that is suitable for our skin type. So if we do not use right products for our skin type it will not work as expected.

Allow your skin some little space: Sometimes your skin gets too accustomed to these skin care products that it needs some time to cool off from too many substances being applied on it. If you continue to apply of administer these products during this period, the products will not work. It is also advisable to change these products if you are not getting the desired or expected results.

In order to get the desired result from our skin care products we need to follow recommended guidelines and use them correctly.

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