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Uncategorized / March 24, 2021


Butters gotten from plants and trees are making a huge wave in the cosmetic industry. They are an essential ingredient in products for the skin, lips, elbows, feet, and other parts of the body which dry and crack easily. Kokum butter isn’t as popular as other members of the butter family which are shea butter, mango butter, cocoa, and avocado butter. They share the same similarity of rejuvenating dead skin cells and are perfect for almost all skin types. Body butter is good for all weathers because of how natural it is. Each body butter has an advantage over the other and today’s article will let you in on all the goodness that kokum butter is.




The kokum tree is mostly found in the tropical regions of India. The products gotten from the kokum tree can be edible and the oil is used for cooking. The kokum tree also has medicinal values but the focus of this article is on the cosmetic and skin values of the kokum butter. Did you know kokum butter is used in making chocolate? 


Kokum tree is rich in stearic acid which is saturated fat that is considered safe and mild on the skin. Stearic acid helps to remove dirt and bacteria from the surface of the skin and this is why kokum butter is good at rejuvenating dead skin cells. The presence of this fat in the kokum butter makes it stay comfortably at room temperature. Even though the kokum butter has a hard-looking surface (sometimes powdery), it melts upon contact with the body. Always remember to use your body butter on damp skin. Kokum butter is the perfect alternative for cocoa butter and shea butter. It is purely vegan and 100% cruelty-free. 




If you need soft and smooth skin, then you should add body butter to your routine. It also helps in the growth of your hair and has a shelf life of up to two years. Here are the benefits of kokum butter in your skincare routine: 


  1. IT MOISTURIZES THE SKIN: No words are enough to explain how good kokum butter is on the skin. It is a potent emollient which means it is a recommended moisturizing agent for the skin. Kokum butter can be used externally for any part of the skin and unlike mango or shea butter, it’s very light on the skin. Use our kokum butter on your lips, elbow, knee, and the scalp of your hair. It is good for every skin type and it’s highly recommended for people with sensitive skin. 




 If part of your goal is to look a few years younger than your actual age, then you should join the kokum butter wagon. The content of the kokum butter reduces fine lines, wrinkles and diminishes elasticity on your skin. It smoothens the skin and also leaves it looking soft. Due to the potent emollient of kokum butter, it is very anti-aging.



  Kokum butter does not clog the pores which means it is non-comedogenic. When moisture is restored to the skin, it’s hard for breakouts to happen. Kokum butter has a moisture-retaining agent which helps prevent pimples and acne on the skin. It can also be used to restore dry and irritated skin. You can use kokum butter when taking out your makeup. It can also substitute for a heavier lotion which sometimes leads to acne and breakouts. Kokum butter can also help clear dark spots on your skin. 



  Triglycerides are known to reduce water loss on the skin surface. When not in kokum butter, triglycerides can be the combination of coconut oil and glycerine which gives products an oily texture. Kokum butter is a good skin hydrant and the constant use of it leaves your skin feeling silky. When a product contains triglycerides, it means it is antibacterial and also anti-inflammatory. You can use kokum butter to soothe bites and itches. It can also be used in the production of other cosmetic products like soap and moisturizers due to the presence of fatty acid. Triglycerides are good for all skin types as it promotes hydration and the soft appearance of the skin. 



 If you are tired of having your feet and lips crack, then you should always use kokum butter on them. Fissures make thick layers of dead skin build upon the sole of your feet. It can also be caused by dryness on the skin. With the constant use of kokum butter, your skin will regain its smoothness. Kokum butter can be used as a lip balm too. Most times fissures can be painful because the cracks can cause bleeding. Use kokum butter on the cracked parts of your feet when the body is still damp and watch how your feet will regain their smoothness in no time. 



What is body butter if it doesn’t have vitamin E in it? Kokum butter helps promote the skin against free radicals while also helping cell functioning. Every day we come across things that are harmful to our skin and with the use of kokum butter, it is okay to say that your skin is safe from harmful toxins. 


Kokum butter helps the skin stay flexible and elastic. It also has more emollient properties than other body butter. So many cosmetic brands swear by the goodness of kokum butter and it is an essential ingredient used in lip balms, soaps, moisturizes, homemade salves and more. You can add kokum butter to your body lotion. 


Kokum butter is fragrance-free and has a shelf life of about two years. Always keep your kokum butter container at room temperature. 


Did you know you can make an exfoliating scrub from kokum butter? It cannot be used alone as an exfoliating scrub so add a few drops of other exfoliating oils and use them on your skin every day. 


Add the kokum butter to your cart today and enjoy a soft and smooth skin all year long.