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Mango Butter

Before now, shea butter was used strictly to cure skin damage and mango butter mostly for its medicinal values. Even Cleopatra used body butter (shea butter); this is to show that this natural product has been in existence for a long time. Body butter is added to many natural skincare products body butter is perfect for locking in moisture. It leaves the skin soft and firm. It is the best option for dry skin. The body butter is made from natural products and can also be added to your DIY skincare products. The body butter is different from a body lotion.

The body butter is heavier and does not absorb as easily as a body lotion. It is advised to use your body butter when the body is still damp. Body butter comes in mango, Shea, kokum, cocoa, and other natural products. Each body butter has what makes it different from the other; in this article, the focus is on mango butter and shea butter.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is edible, but our focus today is on its importance to the skin. Shea butter is one of the most popular body butter. Shea butter comes from Africa and is used in DIY skincare products because of its different qualities. All body butter moisturizes, but the cetyl ester found in shea butter helps to properly lock-in moisture. Shea butter melts quickly, and it can be applied directly to the skin without mixing any other oil or product. Shea butter works for all skin types.

It has anti-inflammatory qualities and can be used to treat rashes; this shows that it does not cause any harm or redness to the skin. Shea butter is rich in vitamin A, E, and F, enhancing the skin’s growth. If you need body butter that will soften, soothe and smooth your skin, you should add shea butter to your routine. It can substitute as a make-up remover. It contains fatty acid and a range of antioxidants that improve skin health and leaves you moisturized. It does not cause allergies and has consistency.


The Winter season leaves us with dry skin and cracked lips, and this is where mango butter plays a major role. It is light on the skin and had an absorption quality. Mango butter is everyone’s go-to when it comes to the removal of scars and stretch marks. It lessens the scar tissue and promotes healing in the body. Mango butter is great for the hair and skin. It is made by compressing a de-shelled mango fruit, and the mango seed oil is what makes the mango butter. Naturally, mangoes are rich in nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, B6, C, and E. It has a subtle aroma and is a good antioxidant. Mango butter, just like cocoa and shea butter, is light and easy to absorb.

It comes in whipped cream and regular body butter. Mango butter does not clog the skin and is perfect for people with acne-prone skin. Did you know that mango butter is one of the important ingredients used to treat sunburn? When added with aloe vera and other essential oils, the sunburn will be gone in no time. Mango butter is mostly used in soaps, lotions, and cosmetic products.

As humans, we struggle with dry skin for different reasons. It is mostly caused by irritation, and using body butter protects the tiny fissure in the skin. When the skin is moisturized, it forms a protective measure against skin damages.


Mango butter can last longer at room temperature than shea butter. The mango butter is lighter than shea butter. When someone uses shea butter on their skin, it is easier to tell due to the smokey and nutty smell it has. Mango butter barely has a smell and is mostly unscented. Mango butter is harder than shea butter, and that is why it’s best to use it with a carrier oil or essential oil. If you are allergic to mango, there are chances that the body will react to you. It is best to use shea butter as it is neutral and does not cause allergies.


The butter to use depends on your preference. Shea butter is as good on the skin as mango butter is. They are both good for conditioning your hair. The natural body butter is subtle on your skin, and this is why choosing between shea butter and mango butter might be hard. They both don’t clog the skin, so you should not worry about a skin breakout or worsen acne. Mango butter is milder because and has less scent; that is why it is mostly preferred.

If you need a hydrating moisturizer that will nourish and soften your body, it will be hard to pick as both the mango butter and shea butter share the same quality. Some people believe that shea butter darkens the skin and mango butter lightens, this also depends on how natural the product you bought is. Some brands add ingredients into their shea butter with darkening properties; this is why you should add our all-natural shea butter and mango butter into your cart.


Shea butter and mango butter reduces wrinkles and fine lines in the face. Add one of the two to your skincare routine today. They also work on chapped lips, getting rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenating them. They can also be substituted for sunscreen as they protect ultraviolet rays of the sun from the skin. Skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis can be treated with the constant use of either shea butter or mango butter. They remove impurities from the body due to their detoxifying qualities.

Deciding what to choose from our store between the shea butter and mango butter is a matter of choice as they both play the same role on the skin. Shea butter is the king of body batters while mango is referred to as the king of fruits. Which would you rather pamper your skin with?

At Mayan Magic Soaps, we believe in the power of nature to heal and nourish the skin. That’s why we use only the finest, all-natural ingredients in our products, including the highly sought-after mimosa hostilis.

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