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Uncategorized / May 5, 2021

It’s sad how you wait until your 20’s for a clear skin and every day; you wake up to a new acne spot or break out on your face. Post adolescent acne can be annoying or frustrating, we have been there so we understand too. Adult acne has you trying a lot of new routines. Most people have these breakouts in their early 30’s and 40’s too! It might also be the reason why you get grumpy in the morning. With this post, all of that is about to come to an end.

What is adult acne?

Acne is a skin disease most people battle with during puberty. It is mostly seen on females and this might be due to products. 85% of women have adult acne while the 15% of men have the same skin disease.  Adult acne is caused by hormonal imbalance and an excessive secretion of oil. Sometimes it covers about three-fourths of the face. There are severe cases of adult acne. These types of adult acne come with irritations, bumps, redness and cysts. Adult acne if not treated properly can leave the skin with spots and dark spots that will stay a long time.

What causes adult acne?

There are a lot of factors that cause the adult acne, most times it’s not your fault so it’s time to stop the blame game. A lot of things can trigger excessive oil production on the skin which causes breakouts. Sometimes an adult acne is genetic while other times it is affected by our environment. The human body hormone fluctuates sometimes, this makes it easy for someone to your age to have a glowing skin while you don’t. The hormonal imbalance on the body happens to women during pregnancy, periods, breastfeeding and post patron. It leaves you with painful acne or sometimes a swelling on your face that causes cysts.

Did you know that emotional stress can also cause breakouts on the face? Having anxiety, fear, work stress or even when you feel pressured has the adrenal glands create more stress hormones. The production of cortisol or the stress hormone on the body can cause an imbalance in the skin, which leads to a breakout. Physical stress can also be a significant factor in why you have adult acne. When you are dehydrated, lack sleep, or in an environment when the weather affects your body, it can lead to adult acne. Air pollution is also a significant factor when it comes to the increase of adult acne

Birth control pills can cause adult acne. Medications you take in your 20’s or early 30’s can have you break out. Most adults take antidepressants, epilepsy treatments and contraceptives, and this causes breakouts. Also, some contraceptives are used to treat adult acne, but it depends on the formula used to make these drugs. Even though not yet medically approved, your diet might be the reason for your adult acne. Whatever factor causes it; there is a solution!

Ways to treat adult acne

To get rid of adult acne, you need some skin care products and adjust to your lifestyle.


   Every night, while you get your beauty sleep, there is a secretion of oil going on. Also, your body sheds off dead cells. All of this accumulated dirt can lead to a breakout on your skin. It would help if you washed your pillowcase and bed sheets once a week to get rid of this dirt that clogs your skin.


   Most times, using an acne wash helps your face stay away from breakouts. During the day, your face comes in contact with bacteria and dirt in the air that leaves your skin clogged. At night your skin is busy with the secretion of oil and if you sweat, there is an accumulation of dirt. When your pores are clogged, it makes it hard for other products needed to treat. Wash your face with warm water, it helps your pores open up. Rinse off your cleanser correctly before using any other product.


  One thing that is hard to do is avoiding the face. You look in the mirror and you fight the urge to pop a pimple, if you need your adult acne to go away then you have to keep your hands away from your face. There is dirt and bacteria in your hand; when you touch your face, you move the groundfrom your hand to your face. Wash your hands regularly. If you need to apply makeup or moisturiser with your hands, always make sure it is washed properly.


  Some products that strip your face of it’s natural oil can be the reason for adult acne. You need to check labels and ingredients before using any product on your face. Add the Kaolin clay bar clay face bar to your skin care routine as it helps with breakout and works on all skin types. The ingredients include coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil and kaolin clay and soothing and can help you get rid of adult acne.


  All body butters can help reduce your breakout and adult acne but we can vouch any day on how much effect the shea butter has on your skin. Shea butter is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce the swelling caused by deep cysts. You can make a shea butter mask by adding grapeseed oil or honey and slowly apply to your face. It moisturises the skin why making it smoother.

Every skin type reacts differently to products used on it. Always remember to run a patch test before using a product.

Adult acne does not last forever. It’s time to stop hating your skin and start treating it with love and care. Remember, the attention you give to your skin determines the type of result you get. Also, remember that consistency is critical. Make better skin choices. Here’s to you loving your skin more and being patient with the change!