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washing your face

To most people, washing the face does not go beyond splashing a little water. The older we get, the more exposed to things we become, which might damage the skin. The skin becomes sensitive to products and might even react to them. As much as morning and nighttime routines are a thing, face washing routines also exist. There are many things to consider while washing your face to achieve healthier skin. The skin type does not determine how often you clean or wash your face to achieve glowing and healthier skin. The tips curated in this article will guide you and enhance the health of your facial skin.

Why washing the face is important

Washing your face keeps it clean and gives it a healthy glow. Our faces come in contact with bacteria and germs every day; most times, it’s the effect of resting our palms on the face. Other times, it’s the old skin cells that cover our faces and can lead to skin conditions if not washed or appropriately exfoliated.  Daily washing of the face helps to get rid of these impurities. It boosts hydration of the skin and lets the skin retain the products used on it. By washing the face, we unclog pores and avoid the risk of getting acne.    Also, when the face is dirty, it causes itchiness, and scratching your face will lead to injuries that can cause infection.

An adequately washed skin lets products and treatments work perfectly. Here is how to wash your face correctly:

Tips For Washing Your Face for Healthy Skin

1. Wash your face twice a day

Washing your face in the morning is an easy activity because taking a morning shower is essential. During the day, we engage ourselves in activities that make us sweat. Also, the body produces natural oils that can lead to acne and other skin irritations. When we sleep at night, we do a lot of turning, and the oil from our hair, from the skin, and even saliva gets to the face. By washing your face twice a day, you reduce the risk of many underlying skin conditions. Use a different cleanser in the morning from that which you use at night because of the ingredients found in each product. Washing the face twice a day with the right products will give you a glowing and healthy skin. Try not to use harsh products on the face as it can cause drying.

2. Use the right water temperature

Hot water can shrink the skin and also damage it. The skin is mostly sensitive to weather conditions and temperatures. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oil barrier. The regular use of hot water on the skin can make it itchy and flaky over time. If you have a dry or sensitive skin, it is best to use cold water when washing your face. The best type of water to use for your face is lukewarm water. The skin dries out easily, use the right products and also warm water.

3. Do not scrub the face harshly

The amount of time spent in scrubbing or lathring the face with soap does not determine how clean the face gets. Its okay to use an exfoliating scrub but be sure to be gentle about it. Wet your face before using a scrub on it. Wash the T-zone and U-zone as it is easy for those places to be ignored. It is best to lather soap in your hand and apply on the face. The skin found on the face is delicate and needs gentle care.

4. Use a make up remover

After a long day of wearing makeup, it’s advisable to use a make-up remover before a cleanser. It makes the cleansing and face washing process easier. Always use a face wipe that is soft and easy on the skin. A makeup cleanser should not be the entire cleansing routine; use a gentle face cleanser to keep your face clean and healthy.

5. Choose a cleanser over soap

Most times soaps are drying on the skin. It is best to use a cleanser gel or a foaming gel, depending on skin type. If you must use bar soap, ensure to use something gentle with a balanced pH for your skin.

6. Use a neat face towel

Skin care and wash routines do not matter if you use a dirty towel to clean. It’s like doing laundry and dropping the clothes on the floor. Wash your face towels as soon as possible. The neater the face towel is, the easier it is for your skin to appear healthy. Pat drying your face with a soft towel is suitable for your delicate skin. Dry your face towels outside to avoid bacteria breeding on them. When you wash the face towel, take it to sun dry.

7. Add a toner to your routine

After washing your face correctly, it is best to use a toner. Toners remove the underlying dirt and dead skin cells that the cleanser doesn’t take out properly.

8. Moisturize your skin

The quickest way to get your skin healthy, hydrated an glowing is by using a moisturizers. When you do not moisturize the skin after washing, it ends up being itchy and flaky. Use a gentle moisturizer and always reach out for what suits your skin tone. When you are unsure of a moisturizer to use, it’s best to use ashea butter.

9. Do not over wash

It is essential to wash the skin but limiting the number of times you wash also does the trick. If you have an oily skin, it is okay to wash at least three times in a day. Wash your face with the right products and avoid scrubbing too much. After a long day of sweating, you can take a break to the bathroom to wash your face. Not only is it refreshing, but it also keeps the skin healthy.

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Washing the skin helps products in your skincare routine get into the pores. Always use your fingertips while applying a cleanser or a moisturizer. Be gentle on your facial skin; it is one of the most delicate parts of the body.

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